11 Genius Alternative Gift Ideas

March 15, 2019

Everyone LOVES receiving gifts. If that gift is a thoughtful one, even better!

BUT wait — what if they’re really hard to buy stuff for!

Or worse STILL, what if you’re short on cash or they have pretty much everything they need and want already? What on Earth can you get them then?

Well, read on because I’ve got some suggestions for you…

Do Something for Them

We all have so much STUFF these days!

If they don’t want any more stuff, or they’re hard to buy for, ask them if they need something to be done around their home.

You could ask them if they need some flatpack furniture setting up or if they need to give their kitchen a deep clean, or their home might need hoovering from top to bottom.

Or maybe they’d like to plant some flowers in their garden but they just never seem to have the time to get round to doing it. 

Whatever it is, it’s going to save you some money and they’ll be genuinely grateful and thrilled to have something done without any effort on their part – and for free!

Buy Them a Course

The Internet has a course or program for literally anything and everything these days.

Whatever they’re into, if you think they’d like to learn more about it, buy them a short online course on the subject so they can expand their knowledge on the subject.

Loads of people adore gardening so maybe buy them an advanced gardening course. Or maybe they’d like to know how to start using essential oils, how to find fossils, how to make their own herb garden, or home made soaps, and so on.

It also doesn’t have to be an online course. There are plenty of workshops around that they can attend. Maybe they can’t swim or they’d like to learn how to make more vegetarian meals.

Whatever it is you think they’d be interested in, there’ll be a course or workshop for it online or offline.

Ask Them If They Have an Amazon Wish List

If they don’t, ask them if they would consider making one.

You can then choose a gift to buy for them from the list for every special occasion going forward.

It’ll be something that they’re familiar with and actually, WANT to own, yet they won’t know what it is until they unwrap it!

Spray Paint Something from Goodwill

Or the dollar store.

Or something that you want to give to goodwill.

Almost everything looks better spray painted!

Make a Homemade Essential Oils Tincture

If they’re having issues with sleeping, make a small, diluted tincture of lavender and chamomile essential oil and water. You can play around with a few different oils, especially ones you know they might like to create something unique, yet useful.

Plant a Tree in Their Name

If they’re concerned about our planet’s environment, or if they just love nature, you could plant a tree in their name as a gift.

It’ll likely live on for years if not decades and beyond so this would be a gift with a lot of mileage – and you’ll be helping our environment in a very effective way at the same time.

Make a Donation to a Charity on Their Behalf

Many people really love animals. Others feel strongly about the many issues people living in the Third world face. Make a donation to whichever charity you think or know they would like to support.

Frame Their Favourite Quote

Do they have a favorite quote or saying at all?

If they do, why not commission someone on Fiverr.com to create a graphic with it that can be printed?

Print it out at and frame it and then wrap it up and watch their surprise and delight when they’re opening it!

Framed text can look stunning and beautifully minimalistic when hung up so it should add a thoughtful, touching, and fun addition to their home.

Buy Them a Reiki Healing Session

Many people claim they have benefitted physically, emotionally and mentally as a result of having a Reiki session. They can also just be deeply relaxing to experience. Find a reputable, local Reiki healer and buy them a session.

Get Them a Trial Gym Membership

If they’ve been talking about joining the gym but they haven’t actually signed up yet, this could be the push of inspiration they need to get going and sign up.

If you can’t find a gym local to them which offers trial memberships, you might find one which offers a rolling contract, meaning they can sign up for just one month and if they’d like to remain with the gym, they just need to continue paying their membership.

Give Them a Foot Massage

You’ll have to know them pretty well in order for this one not to be weird!

BUT if you’re looking to give this gift to your partner, however, then it’s going to be absolutely perfect!

If you take your time and make it as relaxing as possible with the addition of some beautifully fragranced oils, you’ll have a winning gift on your hands (literally!).

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