333 meaning money

333 Meaning: Money

August 13, 2020

333 meaning: money, wealth and abundance — Does seeing 333 hold any meaning in relation to money? If you’re seeing 333 and you have concerns about money, or you’d simply like more of it in your life, you are being guided by your Angels to actualize your monetary dreams.

The best things in life are indeed free but there’s no doubt about it — money is a vital ingredient for healthy, happy, easy and fun living. 

You can’t have a home without it, you can’t eat without it, some people sadly consider themselves poor prospects without it, and wonderful life experiences and Earthly pleasures such as holidays and often can’t happen easily (or at all) without it. 

I’m not sure if you’re presently in dire need of some cash, or if you’d simply like to have more wealth and abundance in your life. Either way, this article has been written with the intention of helping you to identify the meaning of seeing 333 in relation to money.

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repeating number 3 and financial success

Let’s take a look at what energies the energy of the number 3 resonates with: 

  • Divinity
  • Divine assistance
  • Faith
  • The Holy Trinity (Father, Son, Holy Spirit also interpreted as Mind, Body, and Soul) 
  • Extra sensory (psychic) abilities 
  • Higher wisdom
  • Spirituality
  • Spiritual expasnion 
  • Principles of increase
  • Growth and increase
  • Generosity 
  • Abundance 
  • Freedom
  • Creativity
  • Financial freedom

From the above, we can safely deduce that the number 3 is a great indication that prosperity is on its way to you. 

It is fundamentally a creative energy that is linked to divine guidance and assistance. And when it is doubled, tripled or quadrupled, its energy is amplified. 

One or more of the suggestions below may resonate with you.

Your prayers have been received 

Many people pray to receive more abundance in their lives. Above everything, seeing 333 under any circumstances will mean that the Angels and Ascended Masters (such as Jesus and Buddha) are helping you to create whatever it is you envisage in your life. 

Any prayers or intentions you have put out into the Universe  have been heard by those in the divine realms and divine assistance has been granted. You will be helped but always remember to help yourself by working diligently and being kind to yourself and others also.

Money may come via a creative endeavour 

making money from a business start up

There are SO many different and wonderful ways we can all create more wealth in our lives. And the Internet is making that easier and easier by the day. You may feel inspired to create (or build a current) creative business that will take off and create great abundance in your life. 

Perhaps you find yourself curious about starting an Etsy store selling printables or jewellery creations. Maybe you have an idea for a physical product to sell on Instagram and Amazon. Or perhaps you’d like to start an eBay shop selling various items you’ve made.

If you don’t fancy the idea of selling online, you might like to start a creative business offline such as a hairdressing salon, nail salon or clothing store.

Take inspired action to receive wealth

The subconscious mind can be programmed to be in alignment with wealth and abundance. This can be done by identifying, clearing and replacing limiting beliefs around money; your attitude towards it, your thoughts around it, the making and accumulation of it, keeping it and the flow of it through your life and so on. 

Once it’s in alignment with money and it believes that money flows to and through you easily and effortlessly, it will because the subconscious mind is the mind that generates your reality.

To program the subconscious mind to receive wealth, you can undergo hypnosis or listen to subliminal recordings while sleeping at night. You have to be asleep so the conscious mind is switched off and allows the information from the recordings to penetrate in the subconscious mind. 

You can find plenty of subliminal recordings for wealth on YouTube. Some YouTube recordings will be higher in quality than others. Read through the comments and look at the like to dislike ratios to spot the best ones. You can also check out one of my favorite recordings here.

If you’d like to read more about the power of the subconscious mind and how it can change your reality, I would recommend reading Harry Carpenter’s book, The Genie Within as an introduction. It’s currently (August 2020) free to read on Kindle.

Don’t think of wealth as being unobtainable

If you regard money as being out our of your reach, it always will be. Get into alignment with the energy of wealth by feeling wealthy and thinking wealthy thoughts. 

A good way to do this is to focus on things that make you feel wealthy and feel what it would be like to buy whatever you fancy, whenever you fancy it. You don’t actually need to buy anything, just feel as if you can. 

It also helps to keep company with people who are abundant and who don’t (at least, constantly) complain about money or struggle with it, if possible. 

Money may come in unexpected ways

wealthy woman with beautiful expensive home

Money may come to you in an unexpected ways such as via a cash windfall in a lottery or via an unexpected inheritance from a distant relative or friend. 

You could be inspired to start any number of lucrative and interesting businesses or be offered a high paying job our of the blue. 

There are so many ways the energy of money can come into our lives. We can only think of a certain amount of ways as humans but in truth, Creation and the subconscious mind know of an infinite number of ways to bring wealth to those who desire it.

Financial abundance appears easily when you’re happy

When we’re feeling uplifted and carefree, everything we want can come to us easier and faster. It’s the energetic resistance that keeps what we desire to experience away from us because we truly can have whatever we desire. 

If we feel like we really want something, we can go after it and get it, but it’s always best to do this with the energy of being certain that whatever it is we desire is as good as being already ours. That way, we’re working towards a goal with joy and certainty and avoiding adding any negative energies such as far and doubt to the manifestation. 

Your angels are comforting you by letting you know that you CAN have it. Be happy, confident and calm about the energy of wealth. Rest assured it will come to you in divine right timing.

Low self confidence can create blockages

In Spirit, we can instantly create anything we desire with thought alone and in the physical world, it isn’t all that different. The only major difference is the timing factor. We can’t create instantly here for many reasons but mainly for our own learning and safety.

Imagine if we could create whatever we wanted instantly by thinking it? As wonderful as that might sound, it may also be terrible and potentially dangerous! You could be walking down the street and think of a car crash and then suddenly find yourself in a collision.

Everything we desire can happen here in the physical but it will only happen at the right time. So rest assured and be confident that it can and will happen. I know it can be a struggle to believe a situation of financial hardship can ever change but your angels and guides are always with you and they simply ask that you stay assured and keep your faith.

Unblock and balance your solar plexus chakra

great financial assets

Money and abundance relates to the solar plexus chakra (the yellow chakra). If we have blockages in this chakra in particular, you’re highly likely to be creating resist to the attraction and generation of money. 

Balance and clear this chakra to allow better life experiences and greater abundance into your life. This can be done through Yoga, Reiki, EFT, prayer, and many other energy healing modalities. A diet rich in fruit, vegetables that is low in animal products can help to clear and balance your chakras also.

Alter your physical surroundings

This may be hard to understand and I would have scoffed at this suggestion some years back in my small bedroom with peeling woodchip wallpaper but you you might feel wealthier if you change your physical surroundings.

Even small changes such as painting the walls of your home a fresh, bright new color, deep cleaning and updating some of your furnishings can help you to feel like things are changing for the better in your life and like you’re receiving more abundance in present moment.

Remember that the only moment the subconscious mind is aware of is the present moment. It has no idea that the past and future exist. And since it creates your reality, anything that helps to trick it into thinking you’re wealthy right now will help to draw more abundance to you faster.

It’s also really nice to have a fresh, tidy and clean home!

Avoid jealousy

Being jealous of others who have more than you financially will send a signal to the Universe that you aren’t like them; that you don’t have as much as they do. 

If you were really wealthy and could afford to buy five brand new luxury cars all at once, would you be jealous of a friend who just bought a brand new Mercedes G Wagon with a beautiful custom interior? Probably not! You’d probably be really happy for them because you’re super abundant yourself!

Feelings of jealousy are also not in alignment with the Higher Self, the Ascended Masters, the Creative Field of Potentiality, and the Angelic realm. The vibration of jealousy is very low and can make it tougher for divine assistance to flow into your experience. 

Practice feeling financially secure

333 angel number affluence

Wealthy people usually feel free, stable and secure in life. They don’t worry about not paying their credit cards, car payments and mortgages on time. They’ve got it all covered! 

Feel abundant and secure financially and reality will mirror back financial security and new auspicious opportunities to generate wealth will flow to you.

Don’t worry about not ever getting it

What you focus on expands and appears in your reality. If you keep thinking worrying thoughts about not having it, that’s what you’ll create; more worry about not having it.

Maybe you’re being divinely inspired to place feelings like defeat, worry, stress and doubt around financial matters aside or work on removing them with an energy healer.

Feel confident about monetary wealth

Perhaps you’re being guided to feel more confident about wealth as that can quickly help to place you in greater alignment with the vibration of it. Try to feel confident about every aspect of the energy of abundance including having it in the present moment, being able to make it, keep, and growing it with ease. 

I know this might sound strange or difficult but with time and practice, it’s possible and you should notice that abundance is drawn to you with greater ease. Listening to subliminal recordings as mentioned above should help you to start being more confident about generating abundance.

Consider investing existing wealth

affluent lady outside private jet

Remember that great investment choices can help you to grow your income and savings. Savings can grow in many ways and not just in a traditional savings account. 

As mentioned earlier, 3 is also about growth and the Principle of Increase but it’s also a highly creative number. Perhaps you’re being guided to get inspired by some interesting and creative investment decisions such as investing in the Stock Market or a new business. 

Let financial abundance also flow to others around you 

As mentioned above, 3 is also about growth and expansion so if the wealth that you desire to have also helps others out, it may flow to you with far greater ease. 

This isn’t just for charitable donations, either. It’s perfect for businesses, too. For example, if you have or start a business that hires people and treats them with care, respect and you pay them well, you are helping others out at the same time you are repeating the financial rewards of your efforts.

It could be your destiny to be wealthy 

investing and saving existing wealth

If you believe in a plan that you create prior to incarnation with your guides, you could have stated that in this lifetime, you would like to experience wealth. 

It’s perfectly possible to manifest wealth and we also manifest our pre-birth plans, too but if something is destined to be yours, it certainly will. 

I really hope that has shed some light on why you keep seeing 333 and how it relates to your financial standing. Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below and I hope you align with a future of the wealth you desire to experience. 

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