Angel Number 414: Remove Blocks to Abundance

September 10, 2019

I always know when it’s time to write about another angel number because I’ll start seeing it often enough for the meaning to become clear.

And I’ve been seeing 414 A LOT lately.

If you have a habit of getting stuck in life due to over-complicating and over-thinking almost everything like I often do, read on as this number is trying to point you into the direction of attaining a more balanced and harmonious mindset.

Seeing 414 may mean the time is right for some subconscious healing to be carried out around the theme of wealth creation in order to allow it to flow into your experience with far greater ease and grace.

Using what we have come to know as the ‘Law of Attraction’, a natural force in our Universe, we can manifest far easier paths to financial success and general prosperity and abundance for ourselves. 

It Doesn’t Have to Be Hard to Make an Income

The majority of us have simply been told since we were little that it’s categorically hard to make money.

We’ve been conditioned from birth to believe that life is a struggle, money is hard to come by (remember the annoying old saying, “money doesn’t grow on trees”), hard to keep and scarce.

Many of us have even been taught that it’s outright wrong to have any wealth at all or that wealthy people are bad people and that they probably procured their wealth through dishonest and insincere practices.

Providing your subconscious mind is largely free of blocks to abundance, new and easier ideas for wealth creation will effortlessly flow to you. You may even start to consistently receive money from unexpected avenues, for example, in the form of a lottery win, gift, job promotion, or inheritance. You just have to be in alignment with the energy of abundance.

If you’re starting an exciting new business or personal project, it’s even more important to take note and clear the subconscious mind of any limiting beliefs that may potentially hinder your success.

Reprogram Your Subconscious Mind to Accept Abundance

Priscilla Du Preez / Unsplash

Think about programming your subconscious mind by regularly repeating positive affirmations to yourself about abundance and you should see some wonderful changes take place in your outer reality.

Make sure that any affirmations you choose to use always begin with ‘I am’ and are only written in the present tense as the present moment is the only moment that the subconscious mind is aware of. The past and future don’t exist according to it as everything is happening right now, in the perpetual present moment.

Set your intentions each morning and have complete faith that whatever it is that you desire to create in your reality will come to fruition. I know that having faith in successful outcomes can sometimes be really difficult, especially if you’ve had a rough time, but you are so loved and your happiness and success is also completely desired by Spirit. 

Once your conscious beliefs about abundance are in alignment with your subconscious mind, set the intention to discover new ways to generate wealth with ease and grace, or success in your business, greater efficiency at work, or whatever it is that you desire to experience.

You Always Manifest Your Vibrational Match 

Always remember that whatever you’re in energetic alignment with, be it higher or lower energies, will consistently manifest in your reality. So, stay optimistic, replace outdated limiting beliefs with positive ones, and visualize and feel wonderful outcomes for yourself and for others.

If you’re seeing 414 alongside other numbers, combine their meanings and intuitively feel what they’re trying to tell you.

Your Higher Self, guides and angels are always with you, rooting for you and guiding you. They REALLY want you to succeed in all that you set your mind to do, and that’s why you’ve been seeing 414 so often recently. 

Remember that wealth can indeed fall into our laps — it’s entirely possible, but it’ll never hurt to take action and pursue your work goals. Whatever it is you’re looking to achieve, a good plan, consistent work, alongside frequent intention setting and visualizing already living your desire, will help you to get to where you want to be so much faster. 

If the above interpretation of 414 intuitively feels right to you, remember to actually take action in order to really reap the benefits of seeing this number!

I wish you love, light, and healing on your path.

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Much love.

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