444 meaning money

444 Meaning: Money

August 28, 2020

444 meaning: money, wealth and abundance

If you’re here, you’ve been seeing angel number 444 (or maybe you’ve just seen it) and you’re wondering what it means with regards to money or your financial situation. 

The first thing I’d like to say is that the meaning of 444 when it comes to money and overall abundance is essentially very positive. 

A lot of people worry after seeing an angel number because they think it might mean a negative even is approaching but there’s absolutely nothing to worry about here. Seeing 444 doesn’t mean anything bad at all. On the contrary, its meaning is very positive. 

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The energy of the number 4

meaning of 444 for money and finances

The energy of the number 4 represents stability, protection, manifestation and progress. If you’d like to read more about what this number means, take a look at my article here

The best way to visualize the energy of this number is to picture a piece of furniture such as a chair or table or a sturdy animal like a Rhinoceros. 

They all have four legs, they’re all very stable, sturdy and grounded and that’s the energy of the number 4 in a nutshell. 

But what does it mean when you see it over and over again in relation to money and abundance? Read on… 

Stability is approaching

If 444 has been appearing to you a lot lately, you’ve probably been worrying about your finances. You might have been wondering when things will get better financially for you or when your manifestation of a sum of money will actually come to fruition. 

If so, your angels (or guides or Higher Self), may be offering you comfort through this number because they know that financial stability is approaching. You’re in the right vibration and mindset to achieve your financial goals or manifest the sum of money or level of abundance you’ve been visualizing. 

Continue on the path to prosperity 

progress to financial freeedom

You’ll absolutely still have to put the work in to see progress, however, but it’s essentially possible to create the wealth that you desire. All things are possible and all things happen in divine right timing.

Remember that YOU are the creator of your physical reality — whatever you focus your thoughts upon creates your reality so be sure to consistently focus on abundance. Make sure to avoid thoughts of lack.

You must continue to put in the work that is required to make your monetary desires come true. You don’t need to work with stress or miss out on sleep or anything like that, however! Most of us are taught from a very young age that you have to work extremely hard to make money. 

While it may be perfectly true that you do have to put a lot of work and effort into a career or business etc, by working work diligently and managing your time well to make sure you’re left with plenty time for yourself and your social life, partner, and any kids you might have, you can find a better balance between achieving your goals and still enjoying life. 

Visualize to speed up manifestation

beautiful expensive home

If you’re building a business or a career, visualize with emotion and detail in order to generate the financial abundance you desire from it. 

You can also just practice feeling completely abundant and seeing in your every day life what that would look like. You can visualize things like:

  • How your home may change — maybe you’ll redecorate it or move to a spacious and luxurious home.
  • The way you carry yourself and the way you dress or your hair style may change 
  • What your routine will be like. Maybe it’ll be very different to the one you have now.

Practice feeling abundant to align with the vibration of abundance and money will flow to you from expected and unexpected avenues. 

You might be surprised by how the money enters into your life, too. There are many ways money can come to you.

The conscious mind can only think of a few ways that money can come into someone’s life such as through a promotion at work or winning a lottery jackpot.

Your subconscious mind creates your realty — along with your conscious thoughts and emotions, and it knows of an unlimited number of ways to generate the abundance you desire because it’s connected to the cosmos in a way your conscious mind isn’t. 

The money you desire to manifest may come to you in a way you never previously thought of. For example, have an idea to start a business that turns out to be super successful, receive an inheritance of a large amount of money out completely of the blue from an old friend or someone you used to work for. 

You can absolutely prefer to receive money through one particular channel such as the lottery, but feeling abundant in general releases resistance to a lottery win and ironically, it’s more likely to come to you through a win. 

It also helps a great deal, when manifesting money, to picture it flowing out to others around you. Aside from this being kind and wonderful, someone who is truly in the vibration of receiving wealth would never worry about it going out to others and that helps to trick your subconscious mind into thinking you’re already wealthy. 

Cynthia Stafford meditated on winning exactly $112 million dollars in her state lottery, so it can be done! Perhaps she saw herself 

She also focused on winning a large sum to get her nieces and nephews out of foster care after they were taken away from her. 

Remain aligned with the vibration of abundance

law of attraction manifesting money and wealth

The manifestation of abundance is only possible if your consciousness remains on the right timeline where this actually happens. 

Our thoughts and emotions can quickly and easily change the outcome of events so staying hide vibe to give yourself the best change of achieving financial stability — and growth, is a very good idea.

How can you do this? Think and feel abundant in the present moment. The subconscious mind is the mind that creates your reality and the present moment is the only moment it knows exists. 

If you can consistently think and feel as if you are genuinely prosperous right now, you’re far more likely to match the frequency of abundance and therefore allow it to enter your experience here in the physical world. 

There are many ways you can stay in the vibration of abundance. 

Abraham Hicks suggested once to go window shopping and feel as if you can afford to buy anything that takes your fancy. Don’t actually buy it — that’s a sure road to bankruptcy, just feel as if you can and as if you already have everything you desire at home in terms of material wealth. 

444 meaning money

Perhaps it isn’t related to your financial situation at all…

444 meaning money and abundance may indicate that stability is coming in many, many different ways. It could relate to money or it could be letting you know that everything will be OK and that stability is coming for any number of alternative reasons. 

If you’ve been thinking about money a lot, however, recently, then it probably does pertain to money.

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