The Meaning of 444 During Pregnancy

June 18, 2020
444 meaning pregnancy

If you’re reading this and you’re pregnant, huge congratulations to you! 

Being pregnant, especially for the first time, is such an exciting time in any woman’s life! I love watching those close to me go through the various stages of pregnancy and meeting their little ones in the end! 

And boy, do kids grow up quickly! 

If you’ve been seeing 444 a lot recently, that could mean that Spirit is trying to get an important message through to you. It’s no coincidence that you’ve been seeing this number over and over again recently.

If you intuitively feel the message could be related to your pregnancy, read on to find out what it could mean because this article was written specifically for you.

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Trying For a Baby?

If you aren’t pregnant just yet but you’re trying for a baby, I also mention what this number might mean for you below.

Let’s dive in!

So what does the number 444 usually mean?

angel number meaning

I wrote a very detailed article on what seeing 444 generally means but to sum it up (because that’s a very long article), 444 may signify any of the following:

  • You are about to find stability or you are being reminded of the stability that you already have in your life.
  • You are being divinely guided on your life path.
  • Whatever happens, you will always be OK. Your Soul is always completely divinely protected.
  • Your Spirit Guides are always with you, no matter where you go or what you do. They will never judge you and they are always on hand to help you with anything you need.

Who is showing me this number?

Many people believe it’s their spirit guides or their angels. This is why repeating numbers are often referred to as angel numbers. Spirit guides are actually the same as angels; they are one entity.

Your spirit guides are very advanced souls who are always ready and capable of guiding you without any judgement, jealousy, or any other earthly emotions other than love. And they really do love you so very much. They love more more than any of us can fathom while here on the physical plane. 

I understand that it’s so easy to write off seeing any repeating numbers as weird coincidences but when you see them, someone really is trying to get your attention. Your guides are trying to get a specific message across. It’s most certainly never your imagination — I promise! It’s a very real thing. 

And loads of people see them all the time. 

Even if you happen to look at the clock at exactly 4:44 AM or PM often, you’re still being divinely guided (or promoted) to do so.

Saying all that, your Higher Self, also known as your Future Self, the Over Soul or Super Conscious Self may also be showing you repeating numbers in an attempt to capture your attention. This entity is essentially your very own Soul. It’s literally you, however, in the very distant future as a very spiritually advanced being that is closer to God (also known as Source energy or Creation in the New Age movement).

The Meaning of 444 for Pregnancy

baby ultrasound scan images

Perhaps you’ve been really worried about something recently.

Perhaps you’re worried about what your relationship with your partner will be like once the baby arrives. Maybe you fear how your friends or family will react to your pregnancy once they find out. 

You might also be questioning whether you’ll make a good parent or not. Or maybe you’re worried about how you’ll cope financially.

I understand that there are an unlimited number of things you can worry about when you’re pregnant. 

Perhaps, however, the worry has nothing to do with your pregnancy at all.

Whatever your concern or worry may be, your Spirit Guides might be showing you 444 to let you know that you have nothing to worry about. Everything will be OK — you’ll make a great Mom!

If your worries are directly associated with any physical aspect of your pregnancy or your health, please get checked out by your doctor as soon as possible. 

On a personal note, I completely understand if you are worried without any obvious reason to be. I experience a lot of anxiety and worry excessively at times so I totally understand where you’re coming from. You just want everything to be alright and you want to be able to relax and thoroughly enjoy your pregnancy. 

What seeing 444 means while trying to get pregnant 

mom and baby doing well

Don’t Worry, You’re Always Safe

Seeing this number while you’re attempting to become pregnant may mean that no matter what happens, or doesn’t happen, you’re always safe.

Everything in this Universe happens for a reason and nothing happens by chance. You’re doing just fine and in divine timing, if it’s meant to happen, it will happen.

Your Soul may have wanted to experience a delay in pregnancy occurring to further appreciate pregnancy and successful delivery when it happens. The goals of our Souls can be very different to the goals and desires of our Ego Selves (who we are right now on Earth).

You might be shocked by how different the plans of your Soul are to that of your own.

One possible reason (of an unlimited number of reasons) for this may be that in a past life, you bore many happy, healthy children with complete ease. 

In this incarnation, you decided prior to coming here to experience a delay in conception to help you appreciate child bearing that little bit more.

Now, I understand this might sound truly bizarre and barely believable.

However, those who undergo past life regression may find such running themes throughout their previous lifetimes.

If you’d like to find out what your Higher Self thinks of any situation in life, it may be possible to ask it under hypnosis. There are loads of videos online of people who have been placed under hypnosis and their Higher Selves are talking through them. It’s fascinating.

What seeing 444 means if you’re thinking about getting pregnant 

cute baby bedroom and crib

Essentially, if you’re thinking about becoming pregnant, seeing this number may be confirming your thoughts about being ready and it being a good idea. 

Alternative Therapies to Encourage Pregnancy

Of course, if you are having trouble getting pregnant then the first thing to do would be to see a medical doctor!

As much as I believe in the power of energy healing and all kinds of other alternative healing modalities and treatments, I would personally do this and it’s what I advise you do ASAP, too.

Once you’ve been seen my a doctor and all the necessary tests have been carried out, you might also wish to undergo some complementary therapies while trying for a baby.

Here are some options to explore:

Spiritual Response Therapy

Spiritual Response Therapy (commonly known as simply ‘SRT’) is honestly such an amazing energy healing modality.

Discordant (negative) energies are located and removed from your Soul’s Akashic records resulting in a better flow of energy in the area of your life you chose to work on.

Over the past few years, I have been having regular SRT sessions. I’ve used it address many areas of my life and I have seen astounding improvements in those areas and in my everyday life!

The only thing about it that might throw some people off, is how it underlying energies are detected — with many different charts and a pendulum. Many people will very understandably find this bizarre and wonder how it can actually work. But it does — or at least, it really did for me.

Here’s a video showing how discordant underlying energies are identified using several different charts and how they are subsequently removed.

You don’t even have to be with the SRT practitioner in person. Sessions can be carried out over the phone or Zoom / Skype. So it’s perfect to try out during a pandemic!


Acupuncture is an ancient Chinese therapy that is widely regarded as simple yet effective. The tips of very fine needles are placed into the body in areas that may help to better balance out a person’s life-force (Qi, pronounced as “chi”) energy. 

A word of caution: find a practitioner through a glowing personal recommendation and then read any available reviews of that business. Some unscrupulous practitioners sadly re-use needles and that can lead to the spread of various diseases, some of which may be incurable. That is definitely not what you want at any point in your life, let alone while you’re pregnant. 

The Emotion Code 

The Emotion Code is an energy healing modality created by Bradley Nelson. 

At first glance, the Emotion Code chart that contains a wide variety of negative emotions, may look odd and complex. But it isn’t. It’s a vital component for locating and transmuting trapped negative emotions from the body.

It’s a very effective method of removing 60 common negative emotions from the body and the effects can be felt immediately by many people who use it. If you have any negative emotions related to pregnancy or conception, this may help you.

The Emotion Freedom Technique

The Emotion Freedom Technique, commonly referred to as just ‘EFT’ is said to reprogram the subconscious mind to relieve stress, other negative emotions and much more.

This is something you can easily learn to do yourself at home. Many people swear by its effectiveness. 

Past Life Regression 

Past life regression involves being hypnotised and mentally revisiting previous incarnations. 

Your subconscious mind will take you to previous scenarios in past lives that may be causing you to feel out of balance in this lifetime when it comes to any issue that you’d like to address in your life, including anything surrounding pregnancy.

Belief Change

You might find one or two of the above suggestions interesting. If you don’t, I get it. Complementary therapies really aren’t for everyone! I think if these had been presented to me just two years ago, I would have laughed!

However, personally, having undergone all of them in the past, I would definitely recommend them for the removal of negative energies and rebalancing your Chakras and Qi energy. The results I experienced were also quick and long lasting. 

Many of these energy healing modalities may be able to remove any discordant, underlying energies that may be causing you to worry about your pregnancy or getting pregnant. 

Aside from acupuncture, they are all completely non-invasive and sessions can be carried out online over apps like Zoom or Skype.

For SRT and the Emotion Code, you needn’t do anything other than listen to the energies the practitioner finds and removes with their pendulum and chart! That’s how non-invasive some of these therapies are. 

Intention Setting 

Intention setting is sometimes overlooked as too easy to carry out to be effective. 

But it is! 

And more and more people are discovering just how amazingly powerful it is. There are tonnes of videos on YouTube, IG posts, and blog articles about intention setting. Many videos on this topic contain stories of people who use them and find they work really well. 

Can intention setting work for getting pregnant? It can’t hurt. You can create your own intentions and affirmations or find some by looking on a site like Pinterest. Just search for something like ‘setting intentions for pregnancy’ and loads of relevant pins will pop up.

Here’s just one blog post detailing how you can create and set your own intentions.

Help From Your Spirit Guides 

Your guides in Spirit are beloved by your Higher Self and Creation. Their one and only role is to take good care of you while you are experiencing this incarnation. 

If you desire to receive any kind of help from them, then all you have to do is ask for it. However, you must be sure to ask them directly and clearly otherwise they cannot help you as Earth is a planet of freewill. 

Additional Divine Assistance 

happy young mom and newborn baby

If you feel you need divine help, many other entities can help you too. Many people ask for help by praying to God.

The ascended master, Jesus, is also wonderful at providing divine guidance and assisstance.

You can also ask for assistance from an Archangel. Popular choices include Archangel Michael, Archangel Gabriel, and Archangel Raphael but there are also many, many others. 

If you are of Eastern decent, you may wish to work with Quan Yin or Buddha.

Final Thoughts

Seeing any number over and over again until you can no longer brush it off as some bizarre coincidence can be deeply unnerving.

If you’re used to seeing repeating numbers by now, you probably won’t find the experience quite as odd. And that’s great. 

The valuable information that these numbers and funny little synchronicities hold for us can really benefit us in our every day lives.

Our Spirit guides are always trying to reach out to us. By looking up the various meanings of angel numbers, we’re listening to their guidance. That’s when we also start seeing them more often because we’re paying attention.

Hopefully this article about the meaning of 444 for pregnancy.

I hope you enjoy your pregnancy and I wish you and your baby an easy, healthy delivery. If you are trying to conceive, I send you blessings and healing energy. Hopefully it will happen soon. 

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