666 Meaning: Love

September 27, 2020

666 meaning love, romance and relationships.

I know that seeing 666 everywhere while thinking about a romantic situation or your partnership or marriage can be a bit of a bummer. I mean, it’s supposed to be the Devil’s number after all, right? So surely that can’t be a good sign?!

Well, first of all, all numbers hold both positive and negative meanings in numerology and the number 6 is no exception. 

Secondly, the number 666 is not the Devil’s number as you were probably raised to believe. 

In fact, the number 6 possesses very pleasant, smooth, loving and harmonious energy (which we’ll look at in far greater detail below).

In numerology, there isn’t a single number that relates to the Devil or negative energy — and yes, that totally includes the number 13, too!

All numbers simply have various positive and negative energies, just like everything else in this Universe of duality.

And lastly, seeing 666 in relation to anything, very much including love, is actually a very good sign indeed. 

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meaning of 666 for love romance and relationships

So, let’s dive into what the number 6 actually represents in numerology:

Positive energies:

  • Home
  • Lovers
  • Romance 
  • Family
  • Love
  • Reuniting
  • Balance 
  • Harmony 
  • Children
  • Peace 
  • Adoration 
  • Service to others 
  • Domesticity 
  • Peace
  • Understanding 
  • Healing
  • Nurturing 

Negative energies:

  • Excessive service to self 
  • Materialism 
  • Imbalance between life and work
  • Greed
  • Indulgence 
  • Stinginess
  • Self-worship 
  • Self-interest 

Now let’s go through what the repeating 6s might mean for you, depending on your the status of your love life.

While in a relationship or marriage 

Seeing 666 while you’re in a relationship or marriage may indicate that more balance and harmony between both of you is needed. 

Providing that you both still wish to remain in the connection and regard it as healthy and mutually fulfilling, there are some things you can do to improve your relationship.

This could perhaps come in the form of listening to your partner more and bearing in mind how they might think or feel about the decisions you make. 

If one partner is spending the vast majority of their time outside of the home such as at work or out with friends, that may also indicate an imbalance in work-home life and home life can suffer as a result.

If you’re feeling down about your relationship right now, it might be time to examine your behaviour and the behaviour of your partner and identify what can or can’t be improved upon. 

In relation to desiring a romantic relationship

married couple relationship issues

Seeing 666 while wishing, hoping and praying for a great new relationship may indicate that you have resistance to it manifesting. You’re essentially being notified that you can have what you desire — in divine right timing, but you have to allow it in by not hoping or wishing. 

Remember to let go of any resistance that may be preventing your desired relationship from manifesting by not thinking about it all the time or thinking that you want or need a relationship or certain person. 

Wanting, needing and thinking about the absence of 

In relation to manifesting love

Seeing 666 while manifesting a new relationship or better relationship with your current partner via the law of attraction may mean that you need to focus a little more on your spirituality. 

Focusing slightly more on your spiritual nature and the true nature of reality (which is that we are all spiritual beings having temporary human experiences) may help you to attract a more suitable and compatible partner or improve your current relationship. 

Spirituality can help us to view our lives from the bigger perspective and that alone can help to soothe and steady us and bear in mind what is most important in life which for many people is our relationships. 

It can also encourage us to stay in the present moment, as Eckhart Tolle — the spiritual teacher and famous New Age author, often talks about in his books. 

In case you haven’t heard about all the present moment, it’s essentially appreciating everything good that you’re currently blessed to experience and not worrying about what might be possibly lurking around the proverbial corner. 

Just focusing on making the most our of every present moment leaves you feeling grounded and present and hopefully,  happy. It’s basically what mindful living is all about. 

Remember that we always attract what we are being rather than what we desire so if you develop your spirituality or simply understand this spiritual truth, you might attract someone who is way more onto same wavelength as you. 

In relation to worrying about never finding a partner 

repeating 6s adoring couple meanings

I don’t know if you believe in the law of attraction or not. 

It’s totally fine if you don’t but I need to mention that for those of you who do, seeing this number while worrying about if you’ll ever find someone to be with may mean you should stop worrying. 

Start focusing far more on your enjoyment of life and taking care of yourself and the people around you. It’s only when we’re truly happy in our lives and with ourselves, that we are able to attract someone who will be respectful, caring, and appreciative of us. 

Without that, we simply can’t be in vibrational alignment with them and so they sadly are unable to come into our lives. We’re basically not on the same frequency as them. Just like a radio, you’ve got to be tuned into the right channel to hear the music! 

In relation to being concerned about losing a partner

If you’re seeing 666 and your relationship is frequently in jeopardy with explosive arguments, bickering and general disagreements or simply a lack or passion and mutual interest, this may mean more harmony is needed. 

In both of your lives, a peaceful and harmonious home life may help to clear the air and generate more positive experiences inside the home going forward.

Sometimes, of course, relationships do end and that can mean more time to think about what you’ve learned from your years together and what you’d like your next relationship to look and feel like.

Remember to always focus on what you love and be grateful for all of the good things you have in your life right now and for what you will have. 

Feel what you will have as if you have it right now and that will help any of your romantic desires to unfold faster and with greater ease. 

Also remember to have rock solid faith that what you desire romantically, will happen at the right time. Don’t long for it because that sends a signal to the Universe that you aren’t currently living in that reality and that keep it away from you.

666 meaning love: romance, relationships and better relationships

couple together at home

I really hope this article was helpful. I know that seeing repeating 6s often can be discouraging if you think it pertains to your romantic life but in reality, as said above, 6 is a harmonious number. 

It may be simply pointing out that more balance in your life is needed to allow a great new relationship to happen or to improve upon your current one. Think of it as a head’s up to focus more on what truly matters in life at the end of the day. It’s really more of blessing than anything. 

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