666 meaning law of attraction

666 Meaning for the Law of Attraction

April 15, 2020

The meaning of 666 when it comes to the law of attraction is very interesting.

(Kinda) interesting story — I once dialled 666 when I was a kid and some guy answered claiming to be the devil! It was pretty terrifying at the time! 

Ok, so anyway, we’ll look at the meaning of the number 6 before we dive into what 666 might mean when working with the Law of Attraction to manifest your desires.

But first of all, let’s clear the air by stating what it definitely doesn’t mean…

What 666 for the Law of Attraction & Manifestation Doesn’t Mean

Seeing 666 often after placing an order with the Universe DOES NOT mean any of the following…

It is NOT the devil’s number, as so many people think.

That something awful is coming your way.

That you’re failing at life. 

That you’re going to die. 

That you’re going to Hell. 

That the devil is after you. 

That you’re cursed. 

And no, it’s not a bad omen or bad luck — of any kind! I truly promise! 

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What It Does Mean

There are A LOT of misconceptions out there about the number 6, especially when tripled to create the dreaded number 666. 

But there kinda shouldn’t be as the number 6 actually represents harmony, love, balance, and practicality. In astrology, 6 is related to the ever practical, down-to-Earth, zodiac sign, Virgo, and the planet that represents Virgo is Venus, the planet of love, grace, delicacy, gentleness, and harmony.

What 666 Means When You’re Working With the LoA

seeing 666 while manifesting with the law of attraction
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It’s actually a really awesome number to be seeing if you’re currently manifesting something. 

I would suggest consider seeing it as a big, beautiful blessing if you’ve been spotting it lately, because essentially, the number 666 is giving you a much-needed heads-up.

Most people don’t get to see any angel numbers! Try it — ask a work colleague or even a friend if they often see repeating numbers and they’ll probably just think you need to get out more.

The guidance your angels are offering you by consistently showing you 666 could be that your life has recently been a bit out of balance, or you’re heading for a period in your life that will be out of balance soon if you don’t change something up. 

Not everyone sees this number and gets the warning to make some life adjustments to allow their desire to actually manifest! 

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So count yourself lucky! 

You might know exactly what I’m talking about as you’ve been feeling your life has been in need of some adjustment for some time, or perhaps this doesn’t presently resonate with you.

Either way, stay with me.

You might be thinking that there are loads of ways your life could be currently out of balance — or just a little on the inharmonious side.

But how can you know what department of life is currently in need of some fine-tuning?

Ok, well, say if you’ve been intensely focused on achieving material success lately, (which is totally fine and a thoroughly enjoyable part of the human experience!), you might have been neglecting your spiritual side a bit.

So you might be a bit out of balance there. 

Or you might have been thinking very negatively about someone a lot recently so too much time and energy is being spent on that.

We all dislike others now and again, it’s totally natural, but if we really hate or worse, despise someone, for a prolonged period of time, we’re wasting energy that could otherwise be focused on something far more productive.

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And by doing that, can help also to keep our vibrations high and feeling good about ourselves.

You always attract a mirror of our own frequency so if your life isn’t presently harmonious, you may be more prone to effortlessly manifest more out of balance, super mixed, negative and positive situations, people, and experiences.

So the higher your vibrational frequency, the more abundance, fulfilment, prosperity, and better life experiences you’ll manifest. 

How to Create More Balance in Your Life to Manifest Better.

In order to manifest far more balanced and desirable experiences and actually allow your manifestation to happen, you’ll have to identify the area of your life that might need some adjustment.

“Ok, great Diana, but how can I actually do that?”

I hear you.

Try this; ask yourself the following questions:

Have I been working too hard lately and forgetting about my spirituality and what I’ve been desiring to manifest? 

Have I been too focused on my manifestation recently, thus creating resistance to it and subsequently attracting more wanting and lack of it?

Have I been neglecting my spirituality and forgetting to meditate, set intentions and visualise frequently?

Could I benefit from being more pleasant, grounded, and present with myself and others — both emotionally and physically? 

Is there a big issue in my life at the moment that I am feeling very negatively towards or that is consuming too much of my time and thought energy?

Don’t worry if none of these resonate with you as being true right now. Your issue may not be on listed above or even related to any of the above points. 

I would suggest that you take some time to meditate quietly and ask your Higher Self or your highest and wisest guides to show you why you’ve been seeing 666 and you should be guided to the answer.

If you don’t like the idea of that, no problem! Just sit quietly somewhere with a notepad and pen and see if you can intuitively gauge why instead.

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My Personal Experiences With the Number 666.

repeating 6s angel number meaning and messages
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I’ll share my experience of seeing 666 below in case you feel you can relate to it and find some value in my experience and plan.

The first time I saw 666 was on a license plate a few years back. I thought nothing of it at the time but then I saw it again later that day printed onto a trash can.

The following day, I noticed a video on YouTube that I was about to watch had 666 views. 

It was a little creepy but I wasn’t that phased by it. 

I then went on to see it another 4 times the following day and considering I had very rarely seen it before, that was more than enough to finally grab my attention! 

I researched it online for some time and eventually arrived at the conclusion that my efforts and energies around the time I kept seeing it were just not be used wisely or resourcefully.

I was too focused on work, I had totally forgotten about the spiritual side of my life and NOTHING good that I wanted to create in my life was manifesting. 

I drew up some life rules to place me firmly back onto a more balanced, harmonious and positive life path and I’ll share them with you below so you can try them out sometime too! 

Here they are…

Life Rules to Bring You Back Into Balance.

1. Stay In Tune With Your Spirituality

Allocate at least half an hour every day, at any convenient time, for meditation, scripting, giving thanks to the Universe for all that you have and will have, and visualization of your desires. 

2. Consistent Self-Care is Vital

Take care of your body in every way possible; physically, emotionally and mentally. That means scheduling regular self-care time, lowering any stress in your life, eating healthy food, regularly cleansing your aura, and carrying out inner work.

3. Maintain Self Confidence and Healthy Boundaries

Holding yourself in high regard and having healthy boundaries between yourself and others, including friends, and even family members and children, is also vital to overall good living.

If you feel you could benefit from working on these areas, do so, as your life should become a lot smoother as a result.

4. Limit Negative Thinking

In addition to the above, I would also totally recommend letting go of most, if not all, negative thinking. I know that sounds hideously difficult, especially when you’ve been cut off in traffic, or someone keeps stealing your ideas at work, but it can be done. 

For example, I used to really dislike certain politicians and celebrities for example, and just by letting go of my dislike for them and accepting that we’re all different yet part of Creation, I quite significantly reduced the amount of negative thinking in my life. I then started manifesting far better life experiences.

So, I hope you’ve benefitted in some way by reading this article and I really do wish you happy manifesting! And don’t worry, I assure you that the number 666 was placed in front of you for guidance!

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  • Daggi Prophet

    September 16, 2020 at 5:12 pm

    Thank you! I identify with the wasted thought energy. I had ringing in my ear prior to seeing 666. This morning I was awakened by a phone call from a spam number containing 666. Just now it appeared as a score in solitaire. I am aware of the imbalance and what actions are needed.

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