About Diana & Basically Wonderful

I hope you see Basically Wonderful as more than just a blog. I like to view it as a shared space for discussing spirituality, mindfulness, the metaphysical, and modern-day living.

How Basically Wonderful Came to Be

Hi! That’s me in the above pic. Thanks for taking the time to visit my about page!

I’m just going to be completely transparent with you because I’m a brass tacks, no-nonsense kinda girl. The story of how Basically Wonderful came to be is pretty simple really.

Before I started this blog, I felt a bit aimless in life. Sure, I was making enough to cover my living expenses but I was almost always borderline broke, unhappy, and physically and mentally exhausted from working an unsatisfying and repetitive job day in and day out.

Others around me seemed to be escaping the rat race in droves and for a long time, I was looking for a way to join them.

I’ve ALWAYS believed that we were born to live out our lives exactly how we desire. Life is precious and amazing and wasting it by being in perpetual debt and working a job you hate should NOT be a pre-requisite.


I heard you could make fairly decent money blogging (Sarah Titus was the first blogger I came across who was absolutely thriving by selling the most awesome printables) and I had a bunch of things I really wanted to write about and ideas for printables of my own. 

I visualized having my own blog, where I could write to about all the things that have fascinated me since forever such as crystals, the law of attraction, angel numbers, astrology, spirituality, and so much more.

I picked a pretty, yet fairly general domain name, installed WordPress, eventually got the design roughly the way I wanted it, started writing about the things I was into and it started to attract views! 

The next thing I knew, I could loosely call myself a part-time blogger.

I now finally have the creative outlet I’ve always wanted and I’m really looking forward to growing this blog and making it a source of income.

That’s pretty much the long and the short of it!

As with creating and developing anything new, it took a fair bit of time and copious amounts of elbow grease but I’m proud of what I’ve achieved with it so far. 

The Future of Basically Wonderful

At heart, I’m an artist…

Many moons ago (and I really do mean many), I graduated from Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design in London, UK with a BA in Graphic Design — I’ve always just wanted to be free to design and create stuff. 

I’m really looking forward to designing WAY more than just Pinterest pins for this blog and the odd wall art printable now and again — like my free angel number 444 wall art printable.

Look out for a bustling printables store that’ll be full of fun and genuinely useful printables to help you manage your days and get ahead with your own blogging career (if that’s something you’re interested in!)

Want to Know More or Get in Touch?

Be my guest! I’d love to hear from you! 

All e-mails should be sent to hello@basicallywonderful.com


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