Powerful Affirmations for Feeling Safe

April 18, 2020

What a time we’re living in… It can sure make you feel unsafe and sometimes, as if there’s no hope of normality being restored.

My quick win suggestions for self-care at this time would be to watch as little of the news as possible and shift your focus onto doing things that encourage feelings of wellness, safety, happiness and upliftment.

I made a few affirmation graphics below you might like to repeat to yourself each morning, at least once, in front of the mirror, or as you’re getting dressed or making breakfast.

I know it’s hard right now, but do try to avoid those horrible low-vibe feelings of fear, panic, and worry.

Remember that whatever is going on inside of us, will reflect back out into reality. So we want good, positive vibes going on inside to manifest good things on the outside.

Repeat Them With Feeling

However or whenever you repeat them to yourself, just remember to do so with genuine emotion. It’s that genuine emotion that makes your subconscious mind more likely to accept them as being true.

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affirmations for feeling safe

Also Create Your Own Affirmations

If the affirmations above don’t really resonate with you, I totally get it. Personally, I’m super picky about the affirmations I choose to allow to take root in my subconscious mind! So I’ll scour the Internet for hours (literally) for the ones that feel right. Or I’ll get back to the drawing board and make my own.

Start your affirmations with ‘I am’ so your subconscious mind can instantly recognizes that you’re talking about yourself. Think about any area of life you feel fearful of. It could be related to the current pandemic, or it could be a fear of being left alone, or dying, or loved ones dying and so on.

Affirm to yourself, with whatever words you choose to use, that you are the opposite of those fears. Always use positive words and avoid using negative words such as not or can’t. For example, if the pandemic has triggered a fear in you of dying alone, don’t affirm that you will not die alone. Affirm to yourself something like ‘I am always in the company of my highest, wisest guides who love and support me unconditionally’.

Does that make sense? I truly hope so.

And it really IS true. They are with you always.

As Within, So Without

Whatever we are being, is what we will manifest in our outer realities, always. Positive affirmations can help to reprogram our subconscious minds and once those new beliefs have been accepted by it and have taken root, we’ll start attracting and manifesting different, and usually far better life experiences and situations.

So remember to always keep your spirits as high as possible, to avoid too much media consumption, and surround yourself with uplifting and joyful information.

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