How to Tell If a Spirit Is Attached to You

May 14, 2020

So you’re because you’d like to know how to tell if a spirit is attached to you

Sensitive people often pick up lingering energies from their surroundings and yes, they can even pick up the spirits of the once living. 

But how can you really know if a spirit is attached to you? Read on…

How to Tell If a Spirit Is Attached to You

How to Tell if a Spirit is Attached to You

There are numerous ways to find out if a spirit has attached itself to you. 

One of the simplest and fastest ways to tell is by assessing how you feel. Do you feel a bit off-kilter? Maybe something just isn’t quite right in a way you haven’t really felt before. 

You might find that you’re tired all the time as your energy is being drawn by them, or you feel cold chills now and again despite being indoors and away from any drafts, but the main way you can tell is by observing any behavioural or mood changes. 

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Behavioural Changes 

Spirits can sometimes heavily influence the way we think and behave. Many earthbound spirits look for ways to enjoy physical pleasures again so you might find yourself being drawn to alcohol, junk food, or smoking than normal or just suddenly develop cravings for things you’ve never even had before but would suddenly really like to try. 

Or your preferences might have altered recently for no apparent reason. So, maybe you’ve been thinking about traveling to countries you’ve never been drawn to before, may you’ve taken to watching a lot of horror movies, or cheating on your spouse — it all depends on the personality of the spirit attached to you and what they’d like to continue experiencing through you. 

Mood Changes

The dead can also influence the moods of the living to different degrees. Maybe you’ve been feeling a bit sad, angry, or depressed lately, and you can’t really figure out why as there’s no obvious cause

If the spirit that has attached itself to you is suffering from depression or has anger management issues and so on, you may start to experience bouts of the same emotions. 

In some cases, the spirit may be able to begin controlling the emotions of those they have attached themselves too if left attached for long enough (typically many years). So it’s usually best to detach from them as soon as possible. 

Use a Pendulum to Detect Spirits Around You

Diana / BW

Some people love using pendulums for obtaining yes or no answers to their questions. This can be a great alternative to using Tarot cards to get straight and clear answers. 

If you don’t already own a pendulum, you can buy a crystal pendulum, such as a rose quartz, clear quartz, or amethyst pendulum for just a few bucks online such as on Etsy or in a local metaphysical store. 

Be warned that if you’d like to buy a real crystal pendulum rather than a lab created one, be sure to buy from a reputable online store or brick and mortar store dedicated to the sale of spiritual, gemstones, or metaphysical items. There are loads of fake crystals on the market these days sadly, mainly originating from countries such as China.

If you don’t have a crystal pendulum to hand right now, that’s totally fine – a necklace with a fairy heavy pendant will work just as well. You just need something to help you communicate directly and clearly with your Higher Self. 

Holding the chain between your thumb and index finger of either hand, ask your Higher Self to show you if any spirits are currently attached to you. If the pendulum begins to swing up and down (north to south), that means yes. If it swings from side to side, that means no. 

If the pendulum moves around in a circle, that could be a sign that a clearing session to remove the spirits should be done as soon as possible, or that the clearing process has already begun on the other side via your guides. 

If you receive a yes answer or if the pendulum is moving in a circle, you should go ahead with the healing session below as soon as you have some free time. 

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Why It’s a Great Idea to Clear Spirits From Yourself

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By clearing and releasing earthbound spirts (also known as ghosts) from yourself, you’re helping to bring yourself back into balance and you’re helping to free them at the same time because clearings provide spirits with a clear opportunity to cross over. 

Also, in general, being around dead energy, especially for long periods of time, is simply not good for any living person. Dead energy holds a very different and often lower, vibrational energy to that of living energy. 

People who have left their physical vessels but haven’t crossed over often experience very heavy feelings such as confusion, heartbreak, anger, regret, and remorse, no matter who they were, how they lived their lives or how they died. Many people can find it extremely difficult to accept they have died and are no longer able to interact with anything or anyone on the 3D Earth plane to any viable degree.

I’m not exactly sure why so many people seem to find it hard to accept they are dead. From what I have grown to understand, common heavy emotions associated with death, especially sudden death, include guilt for leaving loves ones, regrets associated with life choices, not making the most of their time here, and a fear of judgement from the other side (often the result of believing they might go to Hell upon death).

Such emotions can sometimes keep people trapped on Earth as spirits. 

Indeed, some spirits seem to linger for hundreds of years but usually not much longer, because eventually, even the most stubborn or unhappy Spirit realises the Earth plane is no longer the best or most interactive place for them. Their guides then come down and the spirit is escorted by them to the other side for long awaited rest and recuperation.

How to Ask a Spirit to Move On

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Energy healing can be very expensive; prices range from around $30 to even hundreds of dollars per session depending on the healer and their expertise. 

At the time of writing, the planet is in the midst of a pandemic and many people are losing their jobs, their clients, their homes, and some are plunging into total financial ruin. 

I don’t want anyone reading this article to be stuck with any spirits they feel aren’t beneficial to them purely because of their financial standing. 

So, I’m going to provide a detailed, straight-forward, and effective method below for spirit clearing. 

You can repeat the process as often as you feel you need to and even if you don’t have any spirits around you, this healing session will not cause you or anyone else any harm at all

Firstly, I need to mention that no one can force a spirit to cross over to the other side; that decision will always be theirs and theirs only as we have all been granted free-will while on Earth. 

However, you can detach from them and additionally disconnect any energetic cords that may have formed between you while they were attached to you. 

Prepare Your Frame of Mind 

Let’s begin the healing session by raising your vibration and clearing your mind. Close your eyes and take 3-5 deep breaths in through the nose and exhale through the mouth. Place any thoughts unrelated to the clearing aside.

Ground yourself by visualising roots growing from your feet and flowing the centre of the planet and anchoring your energy there.

Prepare Your Space

Sit somewhere very quiet and comfortable without any distractions. You might like to light a candle or some incense and dim any lights or close your curtains a little. 

Placing crystals such as selenite, obsidian, amethyst, and tiger’s eye nearby can also help to raise the vibration of a space by absorbing any lingering negative energies. 

Some people also like to prep their spaces and clear negative energies by smudging with sage or other herbs. I personally don’t do this because I’m not keen on the scent of burning sage but also I’ve never noticed it to make a difference in the effectiveness of the process.

I do light some incense now and again and that’s mainly because it smells gorgeous, is very relaxing and helps to lift my vibration.

If you wish, you can ask for your highest and wisest guides to be present for the clearing. I always do because any additional assistance to the clearing process is very welcome, and I know that my guides love helping me out (yours will too!). 

Once you’re sufficiently relaxed and your space has been prepped, ask Archangel Micheal to fill the room that you’re in with pure white light. 

Visualise the beautiful white light completely filling the room that you are in and gathering around you to protect your aura. 

Note: If you would prefer to work with another Archangel such as Archangel Raphael, or Ascended Master such as Jesus or Buddha, please do!

Now ask Archangel Michael (or your Archangel or Ascended Master) to fill the room with the energies of love, harmony, self-trust, and self-love. 

Now Call Forward Any Surrounding Spirits

I am now calling forth any spirits that are attached to me or anything that I own, including my home and my car. Please step forward. 

If you feel that it is appropriate, you can repeat this statement up to three times to make your intention very clear to the spirits.

Next, visualise a tube of golden light coming down from the heavens and ask Arc Angel Micheal to guide any spirits who wish to leave into it. Visualise them leaving your energy field and stepping into the golden light and transitioning to the other side. Take your time with this. It may take a while for the spirits to grasp what is happening and what they are being offered. 

This visualisation won’t make them move on because as mentioned previously, that isn’t possible, but it will give them a clear opportunity. In my experience, the vast majority of spirits will be eager to move on and will leave then and there. Most spirits find the beautiful golden light leading to the other side so incredibly soothing and wonderful and choose to follow it.

In the unlikely event that they choose to remain, they might linger for a while longer but the offer will remain there until they feel like it’s time for them to take it.

Unplug Any Cords Between You

While the spirit was attached to you, energetic ‘cords’ may very well have formed between you. If this is the first time you’re hearing about energetic cords, the concept might sound strange but really cords are just essentially psychic links that can form between people. 

We have cords with almost anyone we know well, so not just partners, friends and family members but also work colleagues and anyone else we spend a lot of time around. We can even develop cords with someone we’ve only seen once or engage with purely online or over the phone. 

Being corded to someone you know and love can be fine because you know them, you hopefully have trust between you and like one another. Being corded to someone you don’t know, such as a spirit, who may not have your best interests at heart, probably isn’t great for you because as mentioned above, they can influence your mood and behaviour in negative ways and drain your physical and mental energy. 

So it’s always best to unplug energetic cords with spirits as they aren’t serving you in a positive way or benefitting you at all. You might notice feeling more energised and more like yourself after unplugging any cords between you. The process is also extremely simple.

Just repeat the following: 

Archangel Micheal I call upon you to please gently unplug and disconnect to 100% any and all energetic cords or ties that may have formed between me and any of the spirits that have been released from me just now with a beam of golden light. I ask that they be dissolved in all timelines, dimensions, and parallel existences to 100%, and never to reform. Thank you. 

Seal Your Aura

Finish the healing session up by filling your aura with good energies and seal it off by repeating the following:

Archangel Micheal, please fill and surround my aura with the energy of love, self-trust, harmony, grace and optimism (you can choose whatever energies you’d like to infuse your aura with). Please seal my aura completely so that I only allow in my Higher self and my highest and wisest guides. Thank you.

If after following all of the above steps you still feel spirit attachment, you might have a very low vibrational energy that may never have been human attached to you and if that’s the case, you can command them to leave. 

This is what to say: 

I command you in the name of Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit to leave me NOW. 

If that doesn’t work then you might need to visit an energy healer or medium who can further assist you. The very vast majority of the time, the above methods work just fine but now and again, you might come across some very stubborn or negatively orientated spirits who want to stay attached to the living and that’s simply not good.

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How to Stop Attracting Spirits

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Some people simply can’t stop attracting spirits. Highly psychic and sensitive people including Mediums can’t stop attracting them altogether. 

This is mainly because spirits see sensitive people very differently from other people. They appear as glowing and spirits are attracted to them likes moths are to lights. 

But there are things that you can do to lessen the degree to which they affect you and the amount of spirits you attract and these include the following:

Remain Assertive

Being assertive can also help to put off any spirits looking to draw energy from the living and experience physical pleasures through them once again.

Keep Your Aura Strong and Clean

Keeping a strong, sealed and clean aura will help you to stand strong in your own energy.

Perform Regular Clearing Sessions

This is essentially ongoing metaphysical maintenance. By checking to see if you have any spirits around you with the pendulum and performing clearing sessions as and when needed, you’ll certainly remain largely free from spirit attachment.

How to Avoid Becoming an Earth Bound Spirit Yourself

@sharonmccutcheon / Unsplash

We can’t always, but do try to be careful about the way that you leave the physical plane. For example, skydiving is so much fun, but it does carry the risk of sudden and brutal physical death.

It’s always best to have everything in order by attending to the following:

  1. Have a last will and testament and update it as and when required.
  2. Avoid having any outstanding debts that others you love may be left paying off. 
  3. Leave any significant assets such as property to someone you care for.
  4. Try to make peace with anyone you who is dear to you who you may have argued with in the past. 
  5. Conquer any significant vices such as alcohol addiction, smoking addiction, junk food addiction, gambling, and so on. I personally love a bit of junk food now and again as a treat but I don’t crave it all the time. If you find yourself eating junk food or sweet treats such as chocolate very often, that may be considered an addiction. 
  6. Give any passwords or codes to email and social media accounts to someone you trust completely if you don’t want them to be active after you pass. 

This list is not exhaustive by any means. Everyone will have different things in their lives that might be sorted out beforehand.

If you leave the physical before you’ve had a chance to sort any of the above out, please try to forget about it all. The life was whatever it was and it’s simply impossible to change anything on the Earth plane again so the only sensible and logical conclusion and the best option for everyone involved, including yourself is to forgive yourself, and move to the other side where time doesn’t even exist and where you can rest and see your friends and family again. 

We all live many times over and we’ve all done things we probably shouldn’t have; it’s all just part of learning, experience and growth as far as Creation (God) is concerned. We’re all striving for perfection as Souls but there’s no quick route and we all make mistakes along the way. We all have as many lifetimes as we need in order to get there, there’s no rush!

Some Final Thoughts

What I would absolutely recommend moving spirits on if you think you’re up to it as you’ll probably see a rise in your energy levels and an improvement in your overall state of being. 

If you’ve been thinking about trying to communicate with them through a Ouija board, please think very carefully about going down that route as you’ll probably just end up with a plenty more spirits around you although these will likely be from the lower dimensions that are potentially dangerous as outlined in this warning by seasoned Exorcists and not communicating with them much at all. 

I know there are a lot of shows today which attempt to prove the existence of spirits by interacting with them and trying to get sounds and footage recorded but here’s the thing — imagine if you were one of those unhappy and stuck spirits. You’d probably really dislike others invading your personal space and trying to get a reaction out of you. 

If you’ve been trying to communicate gently with any spirits around you that might be ok as long as they’re happy to interact with you — and some indeed are, but the kindest and wisest thing you can always do for them and for yourself is to play any curiosity aside and simply move them on. 

I hope this article has helped you and I’d love to hear any feedback in the comments. 

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