5 Powerful Aura Cleansing Ideas You Might Not Know About

You might be familiar with coming home from work, or being out with others, and feeling icky, down, or even outright upset.

Yet you can’t quite pinpoint why

The day might have been tricky, but it’s over, you have your nice dinner in the oven, a glass of wine in your hand and your favorite show is on…

Our auras protect us from the energetic world around us. Even when sealed, they can still pick up and quite quickly accumulate unwanted, heavy energies — from absolutely anywhere.

And sadly, the more empathic and sensitive we are, or the more open our auras are, the more prone we are to this occurring — time and time again…

I know there are a ton of ways to cleanse your aura, including smudging with sage or other herbs, asking SPIRIT, your angels or an Arc Angel to cleanse your aura, using incense and so on, but if you find that a spray works best for you, I’ll give you some neat ideas that I’ve come across over the past few years on my aura cleansing techniques journey.

Plain Rosewater

Rosewater, without any added nasties such as alcohol or colorants, smells amazing, is often relatively inexpensive to buy and is completely safe to use on the skin. It’s also safe to consume if its food grade.

As a side note, here’s a great rosewater buttercream recipe, just in case you didn’t know it could be added to food (it adds a thoroughly scrumptious, sweet edge to pretty much anything its added to!).

It provides an effortless and absolutely stellar aura cleansing experience.

Simply decant some rosewater into a spray bottle (if it doesn’t already come in a spray bottle of course) and you’ll be good to go!

If you wish, you can set an intention before using it. Hold the bottle at arm’s length and facing you, speak your intention directly to it. You can say something like “thank you Rosewater for cleansing my entire aura of any and all negative, stale, or neutral energies. I’m incredibly grateful for this powerful cleansing”.

Then spray your entire body, with a focus on the head or any parts of your body that may be experiencing any kind of discomfort.

You should feel somewhat lighter. If you’d like to add some positive energies to your freshly cleansed aura, spray again, and speaking to the water, ask it to infuse your aura with some lovely positive energies of your choice such as self-love, self-trust, courage, strength, optimism, gratitude, harmony, love, and so on. You can always also ask your angels and guides for assistance with thoroughly cleansing your aura.

A little word of caution: I recommend using rosewater over rose oil because pure rose oil is unfathomably expensive. It takes A LOT of roses to make just 10ml of rose oil. Rosewater is far more affordable. Plus, it can also make a really moisturizing toner. I use it twice a day!

Sage Oil

Brittany Neale / Unsplash

The cleansing power of sage is utterly phenomenal. Most of us know that lighting up some California Sage can cleanse pretty much anything, very much including auras…

But the thing is…

It can be pretty smelly!

And the strong scent of sage can linger in your hair, clothing and even on your skin, for hours on end.

Not many people know that you can also just add a couple of drops to some water in a spray bottle and use that instead. It may be just as effective.

Follow the same method above, setting your intentions and see how well it works for you!

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When I first found out that selenite was a powerful cleaning crystal and cleansed my aura with it for the first time, I was totally blown away! I had a headache that was making me feel sick, and although I did take something for it, I used it and I swear it helped me enormously. So I would definitely give it a go. Having a polished selenite wand hanging around the house is a great idea for super fast aura wipe-downs as and when needed! They’re super affordable too.

Read my post here to find out how to cleanse your aura with selenite.

See Also

By the way — selenite towers and other selenite pieces also make wonderfully decorative items for the home or office!


Yep! A good old shower can cleanse your aura…

BUT make sure that you visualize your aura being cleansed as the water runs over your body. You can also visualize any metaphysical debris that accumulated in it being swept away, down the drain.

If you don’t do this, then it’ll just be a regular shower 😀

Salt Baths

ebaso / Pixabay

ANY salt, when added to a warm bath, should cleanse your aura.

Its crystalline structure is capable of absorbing and retaining unwanted energies from your aura. Add some sea salt flakes, Himalayan, Dead sea, or Epsom salt to your bath, relax for 20 minutes or more and the water along with the salt should wash any unpleasant energies away.

If you don’t fancy the idea of bathing in salt, I understand. Try a naturally fragranced bath bomb made with salt instead. You’ll still get a beautiful scent added to your bath and the ones I’ve tried have been really creamy. Alternatively, you can add a few drops of your favorite diluted essential oil or even some slices of orange, lemon or lime for a really punchy scent!

I just want to say that empathic abilities are absolutely fantastic.

I’m so well aware that sometimes it can seem like you’re cursed and you can get really fed up with absorbing all these unwanted energies on a regular basis, but by cleansing and crucially, sealing your aura on a daily basis, you should feel so much better.

Much love ❤️

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