5 Powerful Ways to Become a Better + Faster Manifestor

April 11, 2019

1. Work on Raising Your Core Vibration

Ok, this isn’t necessarily easy to do — and may take many years…

BUT… remember that whatever you attract into your life, be it a partner, friend, job, career, etc, will always mirror your own vibration.  

Decide to make changes for a better life today by doing the inner work required to address whatever area of your life that’s currently unsatisfactory.

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Performing inner work by clearing negative beliefs and other energies via healing modalities such as EFT, QHHT, and SRT can help to raise your core vibration.

Once your vibration has been raised, you will consistently attract healthier, better and happier situations, partners, friends, jobs, etc with far greater ease.

The above healing techniques for clearing and raising your vibration are brilliant but you can also take up a new hobby or spend more time doing something that you love and find therapeutic and that will also help you to shift your vibration.

2. Keep Track of All the Things You’re Grateful For

The vibration of genuine gratitude is VERY high and consistently noting and going over all the things that you have to be grateful for can help you to stay in that blessed attitude of gratitude. 

There’s so much to be grateful for. If you live in the West, even more so. We are so incredibly abundant in so many different ways in the West. 

And keeping a gratitude journal feels really good because it can help you to realize how much stuff you already have going for you!

You can just write about the things you’re grateful for in a nice notebook now and again if you don’t fancy the idea of keeping a gratitude journal. There are so many interesting, sleek and pretty notebook designs available to buy these days. 

When journaling, you don’t have to include stuff that’s a big deal like being able to hear or having great mobility. Of course, those things are incredibly important but you’ll likely get tired writing about those over and over again.

It can often be the small things in life that we can feel really happy about and grateful to have experienced.

I witnessed a really cute little exchange at my local grocery store recently. I was in the queue at the checkout of my local supermarket and the guy in front of me was speaking to Italian to someone on his cellphone. The cashier happened to be Italian and once it was his turn to be served, she addressed him in Italian and they had a quick and pleasant little chat.

It was sweet and heartwarming and I was grateful to witness it.

Every now and again, I also love to spend time with my relatively newfound friends. I could never have imagined meeting such people because when my vibration was much lower, I would often attract friends with ulterior motives, or who were overly critical or emotionally distant. Finding these new friends has allowed me to enjoy life even more and it’s always great to have people to laugh and share stories with!

If you have just one amazing friend, sibling, partner, cousin etc, who you get on really well with, I think that right there is something to really celebrate quietly each and every day

3. Manifest for Yourself and Others

When placing your order with the Universe, see and feel whatever it is you desire to create somehow benefitting someone else, or a group of people, animals or nature. 

When we manifest for ourselves and others, that’s when the ball really starts rolling. Yes, of course, you can easily manifest for yourself. You can manifest literally anything that is for your highest good. As Dolores Cannon said: “there are no limitations”.

However, when you ALSO see your manifestation also somehow helping others out too, that really adds fuel to the process.

It’s also easy to work into your visualizations. If you desire a new car, for example, see yourself giving lifts to your parents, friends, co-workers, and so on occasions when they really need them and how that might make them feel, which should hopefully be happy.

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4. Practice Deliberate Creation

Practice makes perfect!

There really is truth to the old saying.

Learning how to become a great manifestor, just like anything else, takes time, patience and constant practice.

We manifest every facet of our lives moment by moment on autopilot with via our feelings and subconscious thoughts, however, very rarely do we take the time to actually practice how to actually guide and create our lives through intention setting and visualization.

Many of us read and watch YouTube videos about how to manifest but fail to put what we lean into practice.

This may be because we’re fearful of our cosmic orders not manifesting and therefore losing belief in the LoA, or that all that time spent studying it was just a total waste of time and energy.

But the LoA really is a REAL thing and by practicing manifesting often, you will get better and better.

Remember that it takes time, effort (and failure!) to hone any new skill. Professional basketball players didn’t learn how to shoot hoops every time overnight.

Stick with it, monitor your progress, treat yourself when your manifestations are successful, and your confidence will build and you’ll get better and better at it with time.

5. Master the Art of Releasing Resistance

If we place an order with the Universe and then keep on hoping that it’ll happen and keep on looking out for signs that it’s on its way, that’s sending a contradictory signal out.

When manifesting, you should visualize and feel as if you already have what you desire in the present moment. You can’t manifest something from a state of lack. That will unfortunately only ever manifest yet more darn lack!

One of the most effective ways to release resistance is to build rock-solid belief in the LoA through practice. Once you do that, you’ll know that at the appointed time, your desire will come to pass, if it’s for your highest good.

Much love.

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