disadvantages of blogging

10 Surprising Drawbacks of Being a Full-Time Blogger

September 12, 2019

Ok, so believe it or not, there are some not-so-great things about being a full-time blogger.

Who would have thought it!

Let’s dive on in.

disadvantages of blogging

1. Anti-Social Working Hours

If you’re just starting out, and you still have a full-time job or other commitments that mean you can’t work on your blog during normal working hours, you’ll have to work during leisure hours, after work, and at weekends.

This means you might miss out on social events.

But you honestly don’t have to…

Make sure to keep a balance and try to fit everything in. Once your blog takes off, you won’t have to miss out so much as you’ll be set up and you’ll be building your readership.

2. Too Much Screen Time Can Impact Health

Bruce Mars / Unsplash

Hopefully, the below health concerns won’t put you right off blogging!

It’s just best to be aware of the sort of health issues that may arise if you don’t take care.

These can all be avoided by spreading out by taking regular breaks from the screen.

Eye Strain and Dry Eyes

This is something I started to notice around two months into blogging after work. I worked as a graphic designer during the day but before I started my blog, I would turn off the computer and get away from the screen until the following morning.

When I started my blog, I would go directly from my screen at work, to my screen at home.

This was a little too much for my eyes and I started to notice I had dry eyes.

I cut back on my screen time and start taking breaks from the screen every 20 minutes. I also started drinking more water and ran a humidifier on my desk to help keep my eyes moist. That helped me out a lot.

Back Pain

When I first started writing, my posture in front of the computer was pretty poor.

I had mild, yet constant lower back pain and stiff, painful shoulders until I figured out how to sit appropriately in front of the screen.

You’ll definitely want to look up how to sit properly when typing to avoid any back issues down the line.

Invest in a supportive and comfortable chair; it’ll definitely pay off as you’ll be able to write more with greater ease!

3. Chronic Headaches and Neck Pain


I had so many headaches when I first started blogging.

Honestly, I had the most comically horrendous writing setup… My mouse and keyboard were kind of garbage, my desk was too high, my chair was too hard (I used a dining chair as that was all I could afford at the time) and I would lean too far forwards and close to the monitor when typing.

I ate copious amounts of fast food and chocolate to keep my energy up and free more time up for blogging. Plus, I would rarely take breaks to loosen myself up and give my eyes a break.

All this resulted in headache after headache and plenty of annoying neck pain.

It was a nightmare that I felt I couldn’t escape from because I knew that I had to start monetizing my blog ASAP if I wanted to be able to blog full-time.

But this really didn’t help me and it won’t help you.

You won’t be able to get as much done, keep a clear head, and have energy in the long-term.

Avoid the same happening to you by snacking on healthy foods only, planning your meals, staying hydrated and taking regular breaks from the screen. If you can get outside often and take some deep breaths or meditate for a while, even better! 

I now like to get out for some fresh air every hour or so, even if it’s just for 15 minutes. I’ll either go into my garden and walk barefoot on the grass to ground myself while doing some deep breathing, or I’ll pop down to the shops or local park for a quick stroll or run.

Online yoga classes are also great for reducing stress. Glo offer sessions that can be carried out at home.

4. Repetitive Strain Injury

A lot of typing over a period of many years may eventually cause RSI.

Buying a good ergonomic keyboard, mouse, and mouse mat can really help to avoid this. They cushion your wrists to help cut back on the prolonged strain.

5. Spending Far Too Much Time at Home

Try to avoid going stir-crazy when you’re building your blog. It’s pretty horrible to experience and it may even put you off a career in blogging.

The future is bright, however, because once your blog has a good few posts up and some traffic, the pressure to get it up and running drastically reduces and you can spend more time away from the home and with your friends and family.

Always try to fit in some kind of social activity into your weekly schedule and you’ll be fine.

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6. Feeling Lonely and Isolated

Anthony Tran / Unsplash

Can you build a following as a blogger? Yes, of course! Can you interact with the following? Yes again!

But the thing is…

You don’t see your readers in person as you do with your friends and family. It’s almost a little like working an office job from home — for the entire duration of your employment with that firm.

You will never see the people you work with and so you never actually socialize with them in person, although they’re there, reading your work…

It’s a bit of a weird — and possibly isolating career when you look at it like that.

Of course, if you have a really active social and family life, you won’t feel lonely but I’m going to guess that there are quite a few bloggers out there who do feel pretty lonely at times.

If you don’t have a bustling family life, you can always travel while working part-time on your blog, or even blog from a park or cafe and that can definitely help to curb any feelings of isolation and loneliness.

7. Constant Worry and Anxiety about Success

Will people laugh at my posts? Will my blog ever build a following? How long will that take? Will I run out of post ideas? Can I really make good money from my blog? Or am I just wasting my time? What will my family and friends think of me being a blogger? Is this a real career?

Ahh, yes, those familiar niggling doubts and anxious thoughts…

Get shot of them. They aren’t productive. They won’t help you. You don’t need them!

Answer any doubts that you have in your mind with sincere optimism.

Visualize and feel your blog being a complete success and offer up your fears to God, the Universe, or the Arc Angel Michael for release and transmutation.

If you aren’t a spiritual person, just affirm to yourself that you absolutely have the potential to create a wonderfully interesting and genuinely helpful blog.

8. Initial Investment of Time and Money

So with pretty much any business, you’re obviously going to have to invest some time and some money in order to get it up and running.

“In investing, what is comfortable is rarely profitable.” – Robert Arnott

With a blog, the start-up costs can be minimal, especially if you aren’t paying for a blogging course.

However, be prepared to pour a lot of time into your blog, especially in the beginning.

The heavy investment of time required to start — and build, a blog up can and does put plenty of people off blogging.

Just bear in mind how many people you can reach and help with your writing and creativity and that can really help you to keep on writing. 

9. Avoid The Caffeine Jitters

Brigitte Tohm / Unsplash

Drinking too much coffee, tea and eating too much chocolate can really hurt your physical and mental health.

Try to avoid consuming too much and ironically, you’ll likely get way more done, with a much clearer mind — and without the caffeine jitters! No one needs those!

10. Running Out of Post Ideas

You can totally avoid running out of post ideas by writing on more than one niche.

Look to social media platforms such as Youtube in order to gain post inspiration. There are SO many ideas out there and you can create posts on similar topics.

Try to add more value to your posts than they have by including more information or adding a free download of some kind such as a printable or PDF summarising your post. You’ll be fine!

Also try keeping a notebook on you to write post ideas as they come to you.

Hopefully, this post hasn’t put you off a career in blogging!

I think it’s best to be aware of some of the potential pitfalls so they can be avoided. You’ll have a head start that way. Wishing you the very best in your exciting new career!

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