What It HONESTLY Takes to Become a Full-Time Blogger (Without Losing Your Mind!)

September 22, 2019

As someone who has been there, and busted through the ceiling of “is this blogging thing actually possible?!”, I thought I’d make this post to prepare you for some of the challenges that you might face along your blogging journey!

I hope the points below don’t sound too obvious.

There might be a couple of points that you wouldn’t have thought of. I also hope that it won’t put you off starting a blog or continuing with your current one!

You Definitely Need to like Writing

In my opinion, you’ll need to really like writing — and be reasonably good at it.

You absolutely don’t have to be great at it, just good, or even plain average will totally suffice. You’ll also need to be fairly good at research if your niche requires it.

Apps like Grammarly can help with getting your SPaG right, so if yours isn’t that great (like mine), you’ll be covered!

There are some people who would love to become full-time bloggers but they really dislike writing.

This is completely understandable.

It’s unlikely your blog will ever achieve great Google rankings without plenty of copy, however, you might be able to get around that by having plenty of your own photos on your blog, such as those from your travels.

You can write brief captions beneath them and market your blog on Pinterest. You should still be perfectly successful!

A Deep Interest in What You’re Blogging About

It could be more than one niche, but you’ll need to be borderline obsessed with what you’re writing about.

The very vast majority of us have a good amount of knowledge on at least one particular subject so think about what truly interests you and what you’re likely to feel comfortable writing about for many years to come.

Make a list of at least 30 post ideas relating to the subject to make sure you’ll have enough ideas to get started.

Persistence, Drive and Determination

It’s 6 am. You haven’t even had your coffee yet and you have to finish up a post before leaving for work!

Yep, you may have to fit blogging in wherever possible (without destroying your social life or ignoring your kids!).

Getting up early and putting the required hours in or working during some weekends and evenings if you’re trying to escape your 9-5 might be needed in the beginning to get your blog off the ground.

Not feeling up to writing today? Better grab a snack and head on over to your laptop.

Honestly, there were so many days (and nights!) where I REALLY had to push myself to complete posts. Most nights, I just really wanted to chill and watch Futurama and eat Oreos but I pushed myself and now I’m so glad that I did because I actually have a blog with plenty of posts!

Honestly, don’t give up.

Most people give up when they don’t see results quickly as with many things in life and think things like “I can never really do this” or “it might realistically take years to start earning an income”.

There were so many times when I felt like it was completely unrealistic to continue and that I was crazy to even think I could actually make it work. I even had sleepless nights over it.

At one point, I was incredibly close to packing it all in and investing more money in another college degree.

One night, I happened to come across a video by a very spiritual person on YouTube whose channel I remembered from many years back. At that point, they only had around 2000 subscribers, and very few views and comments.

She now had close to 200k subscribers and the video she had just uploaded mentioned perseverance and how she was happy she didn’t quit her channel a long time ago.

It was a crazy, yet amazing and beautiful coincidence and it gave me the confidence I needed in order to carry on working on blog.

So, don’t give up if you’ve just started and you’d love for blogging to be a full-time job for you. You can do it. You just need to continue taking action until you start to see results. Then it’ll be much easier to keep on going — I promise!

Focus, Planning and Organization

PlushDesignStudio / Pixabay

Focus, content planning and general organization are also incredibly important for success.

Serious focus is really needed.

When you’re working on your blog, it’s a good idea to be totally free from any distractions so you can concentrate and get better work done, a lot faster.

Pets and kids are absolutely wonderful but putting at least one or two hours aside each day without them distracting you, will undoubtedly be worth it in the longterm.

If you need help with organization, I hear you! I use Trello to create my daily, weekly and monthly to-do lists and Asana (the calendar option), to organize which posts I’m going to write on which days.


“See you this Saturday for our barbeque, Diana?”. Nope. I rejected that invitation from one of my best buds on a particularly sunny weekend.

“Are you up for a weekend away in Spain?”, my boyfriend asked last Fall. Nope. I declined that one too! 

When I first started my blog, almost ALL of my spare time was spent on it.

I was totally fixated on just getting as much done as possible so I could finally get going with this blogging thing. I had no work-life balance at all. I felt like I was isolating myself, missing out on life and having fun, and that wasn’t great. 

You’ll likely need to spend some evenings and weekends working on your blog if that’s the only free time you have, BUT, try to avoid all of your spare time being taken up by your blog.

That might even put you off continuing with it and it may heavily impact your social life — and your overall happiness may dwindle, and that’s not ideal!

Just try to pace yourself and just do whatever you can without canceling too many social engagements regularly.

Who Blogging Isn’t For

Blogging definitely isn’t for those looking to make money very quickly. While it definitely doesn’t have to take years upon years to make a living from your blog, it definitely won’t be weeks.

For some, it may be many months before you’ll be able to really monetize your blog successfully.

Even with if you choose to monetize your blog by showing ads, you need to have some traffic to your blog in order to qualify, so it’s not necessarily as easy as publishing a few posts and then applying to Google’s Adsense program.

It can also take days — or even weeks, for Adsense approval to happen. And if your content isn’t up to their standards, you may very well be rejected.

If you need to make money quickly, the fastest solution really is to become employed by someone else for a salary, or take up a second job or a higher paying job, if you’re already employed. You can always work on your blog in your spare time until it reaches the point where it can be monetized.

This post kind of relates to my post about the potential cons of being a full-time blogger if you fancy taking a look!

I think that ultimately if you’re truly passionate about your blog and helping people out, you’ll be wonderfully successful as a full-time blogger. Hopefully, you found some value in the above points!

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