14 Ideas to Instantly Kill Your Boredom

March 21, 2019

Boredom is the pits! It can strike at any time and stick around indefinitely. Here are some of my tips to kill it in its tracks or avoid it finding you in the first place!


If you haven’t discovered mediation yet, you should definitely give it a shot!

It can seem boring from the outside — I get that, but once you start, you might find that the most amazing ideas and revelations about your life will suddenly pop into your mind. It’s also totally free!

It’s a time for clarity and connecting to a bigger part of yourself to receive wisdom and inspiration to help you along your life path.

If you find that you enjoy meditating often, you can create your own little meditation space, or even meditation room. The benefits of having a quiet and calm place to retreat to can be wonderful.

Make Something

Take a look on Pinterest at all the wonderfully inspirational DIY and crafts blogs and pick something to design or create!

Discover New Content Creators on Youtube

There’s something for absolutely everyone on YouTube. It just isn’t possible to ever be bored again when you can connect to YouTube.

You can watch documentaries on pretty much anything, find a makeup tutorial, learn how to cook something new with Tasty, find a new crafts project for yourself and your kids with 5-Minute Crafts, listen to your favorite tunes from the 90’s, or find a new YouTuber you can relate to and binge watch all their old videos.

Go to a Meetup Event

bady qb / Unsplash

There are Meetup groups for almost every kind of interest. You’ll find groups of people to sew with, climb with, go running with, dine with, sample wines with and pretty much anything else you can think of.

Discover New Blogs on Bloglovin’

I’ve been a blogger for a fair bit now and it was only until a few months ago that I finally discovered Bloglovin’!

I had no idea the website even existed, but now I know about it, I’m on it all the time. You can discover bloggers in all kinds of niches. I promise you’ll find something super interesting 😊.

Call a Friend You Haven’t Seen in a Long Time

It’s always great to hear from old friends. If there’s someone who you haven’t seen in a long time, why not pick up the phone and surprise them with a call. You’ll probably have lots to catch up on and the hours can really fly by!

If you’re feeling a little more creative, maybe write a letter to them. This can often show more consideration and thoughtfulness. They’ll be delighted to receive it.

Organize Your Entire Wardrobe by Color

Priscilla Du Preez / Unsplash

Maybe your wardrobe is already very well organized. If it is, kudos and you can pass on this one but if it isn’t, then consider hauling all your clothes out and arranging them according by color.

Why organize by color? You can dress according to your mood or the occasion a lot easier. If you’re feeling a little under the weather, go for a muted color such as gray or mauve. If you’re feeling bouncy and confident, you might like to go for something with more yellow or pink tones. 

Plus you’ll never look too long for that little black dress again – because, well, it’ll be in the black section. 

Discover a New Book on Kindle

Make your favourite hot drink and browse Amazon for an exciting new read. 

Visit a Major Tourist Attraction

I’ve lived in London for most of my life and I still haven’t seen all of the museums, galleries, and other sites it has to offer.

If you live in a big city you might not have seen all of the most popular tourist attractions such as some of the museums, parks, or galleries either! Get online and look for a place you’d like to check out.

Download Some Free Adult Coloring Printables

J. Kelly Brito / Unsplash

Coloring definitely isn’t just for kids! 😊

While it might seem a bit weird, boring and unproductive to some, others might find that it can be deeply engaging and relaxing.

It can also be rather surprisingly addictive. Once you’re done with your creations, you might fancy framing and hanging some pieces or sticking them to your windows.

Bake Something You’ve Never Baked Before

What’s better than a freshly baked, sugary something? Go online and find some new and exciting recipes for cakes, cookies and tarts and so much more.

Sources of great recipes include Pinterest, Instagram, Youtube and individual blogs as well as food and lifestyle magazines. 

Watch Some Movies or Documentaries on Netflix or Amazon Prime

This might seem a little old fashioned by today’s standards and I know that it’s not exactly the most innovative idea but it is fun watching new movies!

Buy a Load of New Plants

Cole Keister / Unsplash

Visit a local nursery and load up on some fresh new plants, flowers or succulents for outdoors and indoors.

Plan All Meals for the Month Ahead

This might sound boring but think about just how prepared and organised you’ll be once this has been done!

Give Your Home a Really Good Clean

Not exactly fun but super productive. You’ll burn plenty of calories and once you’re done, you’re going to be thrilled with your clean, tidy and fresh smelling house.

It’ll keep you busy all day if you haven’t had a good house for a few months!

Throw out old paperwork, dust and polish surfaces, delete old data from your USB sticks, wash and iron clothing and organize toys and books. 

Play some uplifting music or listen to an audiobook while working your way through your home.

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