The Chakras Clear Quartz is Good For & the Benefits of Using It

I saw that a lot of people were asking Google: what chakra is clear quartz good for? And I just had to make a brief post answering this…

In short — all of them!

Clear quartz is a master crystal that is able to harmonize all of the chakras within the body.

Personally, I think clear quartz is totally underrated. Clear quartz has a vast array of benefits to offer. I’m not saying that it has way more power than all the other gemstones (nothing beats selenite in my opinion), but clear quartz seems to get overlooked fairly often, even by people who work with crystals.

Here are some of the most useful qualities of clear quartz:

It Perks You Up

Never place clear quartz in your bedroom! You might not sleep very well. The same applies to citrine and quite a few other crystals.

Some people who might like the look of clear quartz might choose to decorate their bedrooms, or worse, bedside tables with it, and then find their sleep pattern changes or they find it hard to get off to sleep and stay asleep all night.

This crystal can really increase your energy levels. It also has the ability to speed up your thoughts. Not what you need when trying to get some quality shut-eye 🙂

Clears the Mind of Negativity

Kira auf der Heide / Unsplash

You know when you just can’t get over the unpleasant remark your co-worker said yesterday? Or when your friends forgot your Birthday? Yep, clear quartz can help you to dump all that sort of mind gunk and bring you much deserved peace and serenity!

If you live or work with people you may not get along with very well, try wearing it in a necklace or bracelet, and see how you feel. It doesn’t have to expensive either. Many pieces of authentic clear quartz jewelry cost very little. You can even buy a genuine clear quartz chip bracelet for just a couple of bucks online.

It Can Help with Self-Control

Off the top of my head, I can think of at least 7 things I’d like to exercise more self-control with. I think we all have a few things in life that we’d really like that kind of help with…

If you’d like to gain more control over one aspect or area of your life such as say, overeating sometimes, or eating too much junk food, (as many of us do), try working with clear quartz. Intend that it helps you to gain more 

It Increases the Power of Other Crystals

This amazing ability is pretty unique to clear quartz. 

See Also

Let’s say that you have a beautifully polished piece of real citrine sitting on your desk but you aren’t feeling the vibe of abundance or prosperity emanating from it. Place a piece of clear quartz (it doesn’t have to be large) right next to it and set the intention for it to amplify the energy of your beautiful citrine crystal. Then see how you feel about your citrine in the coming days.

May Help to Reduce Pain

Some people report that wearing or working next to clear quartz all day helps to reduce their pain. It may be the belief that is responsible for the pain reduction or it may be the crystal that’s working its magic. Either way, it’s perfectly natural and non-invasive. Give it a go if you like and see how you feel. It seems to work for many people across the globe so why not you? 🙂 

Encourages Clarity of Thought

There are times in pretty much anyone’s life when they could do with some clarity of thought. Whether you’re thinking about moving to a new location, ending a relationship, starting a new job or career, selling your home etc, clear quartz may be able to bring you the clarity of thought you need to help you make the right choice.

As always, before working with a crystal, set your intentions for how you’d like it to help you by specifying the area of your life you’d like to gain clarity on and ask it to do this for you. 

It’s an Amazing Distance Healing Tool

You can use this crystal when working with healing energy. If you’d like to send someone healing energy yet they live very far away or you just can’t get to them any time soon, send healing energy to them via this crystal. See this guide by Psychic Lilly to understand how remote healing with clear quartz works.

Hopefully, you found some of the above useful. I really love hearing from people who stumble across my blog. If you have any comments or suggestions, please leave them in the comment box down below!

Much love ❤️

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