My 2 Minute Home Office Cleansing Routine

April 24, 2020
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What interesting times we’re living in right now. I hope you’re keeping safe — and sane indoors, whether you’re alone or not.

You might be working from home right now instead of in your usual office, or maybe you usually work from home.

Wherever you’re presently working, with all the unpleasant energies of confusion, fear, worry and so on floating around the Earth right now, it’s more important that ever to keep your work space free from any discordant energies.

Discordant energies can easily gather in your office or work area through your thoughts, what you watch on your various screens, the phone calls you have, and even the e-mails that you receive. 

And they can heavily influence your work and mindset, especially if you’re sensitive, like me. 

Personally, I absolutely adore my home office; it’s my sanctuary in an otherwise pretty chaotic neighbourhood and household. In it, I’m away from the outside world with its pollution and noise, I’m away from my pets and my adorable, yet extraordinarily noisy little nieces and nephews. 

It’s also filled with the things that only I love, like my beautiful, 170 million year old ammonite fossils, scented candles, crystals and vintage science books.

If you’re able to make your home office, or another room or small area your own scared space, do it. More than ever now, we need to have a quiet little place to retreat. To gather our thoughts, relax, recharge, and make sense of our lives and the current global crisis.

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And without any further ado, here is how you can keep your space free from any unwanted, influencing energies.

Smudge with Incense

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Yes, you can totally smudge with sage and loads of other herbs like sweetgrass or even Palo Santo Holy wood, but quite a few people dislike the smells of all of those. Incense is typically beautiful to smell on the other hand. 

Light a stick or cone and pass the smoke over your entire workstation in fairly large circles that are large enough to quickly yet totally cover the entire area. 

Set your intention that the area is to be cleared of any and all negative or otherwise discordant energies while you are cleansing the space. It should feel a lot lighter pretty much immediately. 

Smudge With a Few Dried Sage Leaves

There’s nothing quick or particularly easy about lighting a big smudge stick (especially if you’re not used to it). 

It can also take up to a minute to light properly and produce a good amount of smoke and then the scent of sage can linger in clothing, hair and on your fingertips for hours afterwards, if not longer.

So if you have a sage stick, pluck just a few leaves out and light the very tip of them and smudge with those instead. There should still be a good but of smoke, they’ll be quick and easy to light and blow out and easy to put out at the end. Plus, you keep them on the side, they’ll be on hand to reuse over and over again.

Keep a Selenite Tower on Your Desk

Selenite is an incredibly powerful cleanser of unwanted energies. It NEVER needs cleansing because it’s a cleaner itself, it’s very affordable to purchase (most towers are under 10 bucks) and it’ll add a really aesthetically pleasing, ethereal touch to your desk. 

This cleansing method therefore doesn’t even take 2 minutes to do; it’s literally, totally effortless! And honestly, it works. I have two towers on my large pine desk on either side of my screen and since placing them there, I can say with all sincerity that the energy in my entire office is always light, airy, and calmer as a result. 

Psst… By the way, if you don’t fancy the look of selenite towers, I got you! You can snag a polished selenite heart, angel, pig, tea light holder, or other design instead!

Ask Your Highest & Wisest Guides for Assistance

Slowly inhale and exhale four times to centre and ground yourself. You’ll alway be better able to connect with your guides when you’re in a more relaxed state.

Ask them to step forward and be with you. 

Repeat this out loud or in your mind: 

Please cleanse this office / work space of any and all discordant energies to 100% in all timelines, dimensions, and parallel realities. 

You can also ask your guides to help you with whatever work you’re doing. Literally whatever work you’re doing. Whether you’re working on data entry, YouTube video creation, blogging, taking calls for a company, teaching online and so on. They’re there specifically for you. Their exclusive mission is to help guide you and manifest things for your Highest good and joy. 

They can’t help you if you don’t ask them as you have free-will so just remember to ask them and they’ll do their utmost to help you out in any way they can!

Ask an Arc Angel for Assistance

The Arc angels are always ready and waiting to help us once we ask for their help. They can’t step in to help us with anything unless we ask them so community to your favorite Arc angel that you would like them to cleanse your office or work area of any discordant energies to 100%. 

What I particularly love about working with guides, angels, and Creation is that you can ask for the energies in your space to be replaced with positive, uplifting energies such as self-trust, self-love, optimism, confidence, joy, and peace. 

They all also love being thanked for their work, too, so don’t forget to send them your gratitude!

Ask for Spirit to Cleanse Your Space

Just as I mentioned above, you can also ask all powerful SPIRIT or God / Creation energy, to cleanse your office of any inappropriate, heavy energies. 

As a vital side note, SPIRIT can also help to guide you with your work to produce great results and generally positive life events and situations. All you have to do is ask for help and guidance by your guides, the angels or SPIRIT and you will receive it.

Open a Window

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Yes! Literally simply opening a window and letting some fresh air in to circulate around the room can quickly help to cleanse any space of any unwanted energies! 

The fresh air will also perk you up and increase your focus and concentration by delivering more oxygen to your brain. 

In the warmer months, I like to leave the window in my office open all day long. The fresh air helps to cool the room and I don’t have to cleanse it at the end of my day. 

That’s a big double win! 

Visualize Your Space Being Cleansed

This is also super easy to do. 

Just sit back, relax and with your eyes open or closed, visualize your space being completely filled with bright white light. See that light removing any and all of the energies that aren’t helpful to you. 

Then see a ball of pink or blue light, or whatever colour you like, expanding and filling up the space completely, while simultaneously infusing it with all kinds of positive energies such as trust, optimism, excitement, happiness, fulfilment, serenity, and so on. 

Personally, I cleanse my home office at the end of every single working day to make sure I’m always working in a space that’s free from any unpleasant, lingering energies.

I know some energy healers who smudge their work stations after working with every single client. 

I also know people who work at home all day and swear that once a week works well for them.

However often you choose to give your space a good, spiritual wash-down, you should be able to feel the energy of the room shift greatly whenever you do it. 

You might also want to follow this up by cleansing your aura. I have a post about some of the ways you can do that down below. 

I hope you found that helpful and I really hope that if you try one of these methods out, you’ll quickly be able to feel the difference. 

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