6 Home De-Cluttering Tips You Need To Know

January 12, 2020

Cluttered spaces can feel chaotic and are never a pleasure to look at, let alone be in.

Household clutter can also make small rooms in your home look far smaller and it’s hard to keep track of where everything is.

Tackling unwanted clutter can leave you feeling more organized and in control of your space and your life.

After a good declutter and tidy up, you might also find that you’ll feel a lot lighter and peaceful as the energy can flow through your home with greater ease.

Here are some tips to help you get sorted!

Have Your Kids Help You Out

Teaching children to tidy up after themselves is not only great for their future housekeeping skills but they’ll also be helping the adults out too.

Make Three Organization Piles & Sort Everything

Going through one room at a time, place everything all unwanted clothes, shoes, and all other unwanted household items into three of the following piles: charity, sell, and as a very last resort, throw away.

Selling second-hand clothing on eBay isn’t a huge moneymaker as the platform is incredibly saturated with it but if the clothes are brand new with tags and branded, you might want to give them a shot on eBay and see if you can make a little money on the side.

The high-end fashion brands will almost always certainly sell for a reasonable amount.

If you have a lot of items and clothing that you’d like to shift, consider a garage sale or arrange for a charity to collect from your home. 

Set Aside Some Time for Tidying Each Day

Bich Tran / Pexels

This might seem like hard work, and trust me, the last thing that I feel like doing when I escape the keyboard is housework, but I noticed that just weeks after sticking to my daily tidying schedule my home is now perpetually tidy.

I also no longer have to devote almost an entire day at the weekend to tidy up because it’s constantly being done, albeit in smaller stages. I can just put my feet up and watch a movie instead!

Have Your Friends Help You Out

Invite your friends round to help you out and in exchange, offer them some items you no longer need. If you put some music on while you work and turn what might seem like an impossible feat into a really fun day together!

Get a Big Garbage Bag out and Don’t Look Back

There are certain areas around the house that are often universally screaming for decluttering. The medicine cabinet is just one of them. Throw away any expired medications, lotions, creams and items that you’re highly unlikely to use in the future.

Place all medications and first aid items in one basket or spot in the house so you know where everything is and never need to rush around in an emergency to find what you need.

Drawers around the house are also typically full of outdated letters, cards and documents, random elastic bands, old candy, and other completely random and redundant clutter. Clear out anything that isn’t absolutely essential.

Have a Chat with Family and Friends

Christina Morillo / Pexels

If you have a messy family, roommate or partner, consider talking to them about how much better you feel when your home is organized and decluttered.

Sometimes people just aren’t aware of how their actions impact others around them until we actually clearly tell them what we’re thinking and feeling. Hopefully, they’ll take note and help to keep the clutter in check in the future. 

Some people WON’T care that you’re unhappy with the way you both live or care to see things from your perspective. If clutter and untidiness really do bother you and you think they’re impacting your quality of life, think about moving.

It may seem a bit extreme, but if possible and feasible, it may be worth considering for peace of mind. You never know, a new room mate might lead to wonderful new adventures!

Let me know in the comments below what you think and if you’d like to add any of your own decluttering ideas!

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