why am i drawn to amethyst

Why Am I So Drawn to Amethyst?

May 26, 2020
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Why am I feeling so drawn to amethyst?! This is such a good question and it’s one that I’ve been asking myself on and off for the past 20 odd years!

Amethyst isn’t just uber-popular because of its thoroughly mesmerising aesthetic with its intriguing, ethereal coloring — it’s the closest you can get to an all-in-one, one-size-fits-all crystal because it’s helpful in SO many different ways!

I personally view it as one of the most wonderful gifts this planet has ever given its inhabitants. 

It’s hugely well-liked and well-known and is essentially a crystal that everyone, whether they believe in the power of crystals or not, should absolutely have in my opinion!

But why are you SO drawn to it?

Well, I for one, understand how you’re feeling. At times, I’ve been intensely attracted to it but I could never really understand why. It was weird. I would just feel like I really wanted it around me, and not just necessarily for the way it brightened up my coffee table or glittered on my nightstand. Sometimes I felt like I even craved it. 

Having studied crystals for well over a decade, having gone through a spiritual awakening, and having spoken to some wonderful energy healers, I’ve unearthed numerous reasons as to why people can sometimes feel this way towards crystals and gemstones.

Essentially, you might be feeling drawn to any crystal because you can benefit from what that specific crystal can offer you. Your subconscious mind knows exactly what it can do for you and that’s why you might feel like you need it sometimes. You’re essentially being intuitively guided towards it to reap the benefits from working with it. 

So without further ado, let’s find out what your attraction to this crystal may indicate.

why am i drawn to amethyst purple crystal

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1. You’d Like to Increase Your Psychic Ability

Amethyst is THE best choice of crystal in my opinion to help anyone amplify their intuition and spirituality.

In the physical, there are so many things that can dampen our intuition including being told by adults when we’re children that we should always make decisions based purely on facts and never on feelings alone. 

Intuition that’s working at a high level can help to guide you through life with greater ease. It can help people with psychic abilities — however developed they might be, to receive clearer messages from Spirit.

Some mediums find that it can help to thin the veil between this physical world and life on the other side so they can pass accurate messages onto loved ones here.

2. You’d Like to Communicate With Greater Ease

Amethyst is also great for healing and opening the throat chakra. It corresponds primarily with the third eye chakra but it also works amazing well with the throat chakra on its own or alongside other blue and purple coloured crystals such as blue sodalite.

Set your intention for the work by saying something like:

“I intend for this crystal to help heal, cleanse, awaken and open my throat chakra”.

Then place it in the palm of your hand, or over your throat. Do this once a week or whenever you feel like you need a boost. You should find that the way in which you convey your thoughts and ideas should be with greater confidence, ease and grace.

3. You’d Like Something to Help You Relax More Effectively

Diana / BW

Amethyst can effortlessly help you to relax more. I suggest keeping a small cluster obtained from a geode (like the one I shot at the top of this article) in places where you spend lots of time. 

Clusters procured from geodes are particularly powerful because the energy and crystalline structure of the crystal hasn’t been disturbed much at all. 

Try placing a single piece that you feel vibrationally comfortable with in your den (or living room for the Brits), in your bedroom (as it can also promote restful sleep) and on your desk at work or at home (if you mainly work at a desk of course!).

For those of you who don’t work mainly from a desk, you might like to wear it in a necklace, in earrings, or in a bracelet.

And if, by any chance, you think that buying genuine amethyst jewellery sounds expensive, it really doesn’t have to be! Sure there are some stunning sterling silver pieces and solid gold pieces out there but you can also buy genuine amethyst donut pendants and chip bracelets for well under 5 bucks in tonnes of legitimate online stores like Etsy.com and brick and mortar stores. 

4. You’d Like an Energy Boost

Although this crystal can’t directly help with increasing energy levels, it can keep your energy field clean and clear of heavy emotions. 

Empaths in particular can benefit from wearing it every day because they accumulate other people’s energies like sponges and that is usually absolutely exhausting.

Amethyst holds a super high vibration and the magnetic field surrounding it can neutralise discordant energies so it’s superb for keeping auras free of heavy energies so you won’t get weighed down or exhausted by them.

5. You’d Like to Start Meditating or Meditate More Often

@farreal / Unsplash

If you don’t already meditate, this might be the ideal time to start. Maybe you didn’t feel like this was something for you in the past and I truly understand. 

However, this is undoubtedly one of the main reasons someone may find themselves interested in it.  

6. You’d Like to Clear Negative Energy

Diana / BW

If you’ve been feeling down, anxious, worried or upset lately, I would highly recommend smudging your entire home before working with this crystal as that will clear the vast majority of discordant energies super-fast. 

Then place a crystal in each of the rooms in your home that you would like to raise the vibration of to prevent negative energies from gathering there again.

If a pet seems to be struggling with some depression or anxiety, add a cleansed piece to the room they sleep in.

Additionally, if you have a plant that isn’t doing well, despite all the right care being carried out, place a piece of cleansed and charged amethyst next to it for a few days and it should perk up!

7. You Could Be Deficient in Purple

Lastly, you might find that you could really benefit from having more of the color purple in your life. 

Sounds odd, I know…

You’ve probably heard of nutritional deficiencies before but you might not have heard of color deficiency. 

The first time I heard of this concept, I thought it was thoroughly bizarre but correcting these so called deficiencies really helped me. 

Try it out yourself! It comes in a fairly wide variety of shades from borderline clear all the way to very dark and intense purple. All shades will work as well and are beautiful in their own way. 

Incompatibility With Other Crystals

@reneekiffin / Unsplash

Amethyst is highly incompatible with the energy of Pyrite (also known as Fool’s Gold) and Hematite

When used individually, Pyrite and Hematite offer some truly wonderful benefits, but when combined with amethyst, the results are often poor. The energies of these two crystals are extremely grounding and heavy, while the energy of amethyst is a very light, spiritual and uplifting in its energy. At best, their energies clash or cancel each other out so avoid these combinations. If you own Pyrite or Hematite, I would advise keeping them in another room.

Compatibility With Other Crystals

The energy of amethyst works particularly well with the following crystals: 


Citrine and amethyst make an amazingly powerful pairing!

It can uplift your energy and help you to think more positively with refreshing ideas and renewed lust for life!

This combination can also work wonders when manifesting abundance and wealth. Vibrations turn to thoughts and thoughts turn into things, as Abraham Hicks always puts it. If you’re placing your focus and intention on moving into a more spacious and beautiful home, visualisation with these two crystals will help to align you with the vibration of your desire.

Be careful to avoid fake citrine – it’s everywhere and its amethyst that has been placed under high heat and has gone a weird orange / yellow color. Real citrine usually looks a little more like smoky quartz with a mild yellow tinge to it. If you aren’t keen on citrine, or you think the citrine you bought previously may be burnt amethyst, go for Peridot; it’s a powerful gem that is also brilliant for helping to generate wealth and overall abundance. 

Alternatively, check out Ametrine! It’s amethyst and citrine all rolled into one, and no, it’s not man-made, honestly — it rather surprisingly occurs completely naturally!

Rose Quartz

Rose quartz is widely known for working magic with the heart chakra, helping with inner healing, and generating harmonious feelings and surroundings. 

The healing energy of rose quartz in astounding powerful and when combined with the uplifting and magical energy of amethyst, energy healing sessions can intensify for more effective clearings.

Smoky Quartz

Smoky quartz combined with amethyst is perfect for helping to alleviate low vibration thought patterns. It can also help with overcoming heavy life challenges. If you feel like you’ve been stuck in an unhappy rut, thinking the same negative thoughts over and over, this pairing might help to lift your thoughts and find new confidence, balance and enthusiasm.


Ok, fair enough, I know that Orgonite isn’t technically a crystal (or even close to it!) but I personally feel that it holds a very high vibration because of the way it’s assembled and what it contains. I usually keep an orgonite pyramid on my desk next to an amethyst cluster and they seem to keep the vibe high while I blog and I can honestly feel the difference if they are not both there.

You’ll probably find loads of other successful and incredibly helpful combinations too if you don’t have some preferences already! 

Amplifying Your Results With Intention Setting

To find a crystal that would pair up well with amethyst, just hold each crystal in the palm of your each hand, bring your palms together slowly and feel the way they 

How often this should be done will depend on a few different factors, such as if you’re wearing it or you’re just keeping in the same room, if you’ve been feeling negative emotions when using it lately, and 

Crystals, when used correctly and frequently cleansed and recharged, can be amazing tools for healing, consciousness expansion, and so much more! 

Remember that they usually work so much better if you set your intentions with them before using them. As an example, if you’d like to release some trapped emotions or heaviness from your heart chakra (or any other chakra where you feel heavy energies are lurking), say out loud something like:

“I set the intention that this crystal now releases and transmutes all discordant energies from my heart chakra”.

And then place it in the palm of your hand, or over your heart.

Don’t Forget to Cleanse & Charge Your Crystals

@joannakosinska / Unsplash

Amethyst, like all quartz crystals, will require regular cleansing and recharging so don’t forget to do this. Quartz can quickly and easily accumulate all kinds of energies that can easily prevent them from working their magic so this is vital. 

There are SO many simple yet effective ways you can cleanse quartz. You can run it under water, leave it moonlight overnight, in sunlight, or smudge it with dried sage, another herb, or Holy Palo Santo wood. I personally recommend simply smudging it because this will ensure a super quick and incredibly through cleansing.

I hope you liked this article! I’m such a sucker for a pretty stones but I’m glad that I eventually learned they actually do stuff, too! 

I hope this has helped you to understand why you’re feeling drawn to this beautiful crystal and contemplate how you might like to use it. 

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