Why Am I Drawn to The Moon?

August 20, 2020

“Why am I drawn to the moon?” Excellent question and it’s one that I’ve also asked myself many times over the years.

The moon is an absolutely stunning, infinitely magical celestial body. It has been observed, worshipped and adored by so many different civilisations since time immemorial. 

Blood sacrifices has been made in its name and it’s said that full moons can bring out our deepest, darkest thoughts and cause us to behave in bizarre, uncharacteristic ways.

Children often find it fascinating and some say that it can cleanse and heal humans and crystalline structures if its energy is harnessed and well utilised.

I myself recall staring up at the night sky as a child wondering what was up there on its surface (or below) and what magic it possibly held. 

Sometimes we crave what we need to get back into balance physically, mentally and emotionally and the Moon may be able to help us with that.

why am I drawn to the moon

From one selenophile (moon lover) to another, here are a few different reasons why you might feel drawn to it.

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You’re sensitive to its phases 

Highly sensitive people can be affected by all sorts of things, including the moon. 

The moon controls the tides of the seas and we’re around 70% water ourselves so it’s no wonder that many people feel affected by the moon and its phases.

You might feel drawn to it because your subconscious mind is completely aware of its power and how it might affect your overall wellbeing. 

Some scientific studies have shown that the moon can affect our emotions and cause us to behave in odd ways.

Even your plans may be affected by its phases!

It is said that two weeks after the new moon, the energies of the moon are building and increasing so it’s an ideal time for starting something new or growing a project or business.

When the full moon hits after a couple of weeks, the moon will start to wane and the energy of the new moon will start to diminish. 

This makes it the perfect time to wind down and wrap up things that are no longer serving you or in your best interests. 

This definitely doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t continue to grow your new idea or continue working on a project, idea, or business after the full moon! It’s just said by some that it’s best to start something when the energy of the moon is expansive (i.e. in a new moon).

It offers moments of complete stillness

lunar photographs

Depending on where you live, life can be hectic,  demanding and grossly unnatural. 

The moon might fall into your awareness when you consciously or subconsciously benefit from some moments of complete peace and relaxation. 

The moon is a beautiful source of tranquility. Observing it through a window or telescope can make you feel an ethereal sense of stillness unlike anything else. 

Its energy and beauty can help to put things into perspective, relax you and clear your mind of worries. 

Your intuitive skills are unfolding 

You may already be highly intuitive and if you don’t consider yourself to be at present, you may be on the edge of a realising just how intuitive or even psychic, you are. 

The beauty and energy of the moon, especially a full moon on a clear night, can help us to tune into our emotions and heighten the intuitive abilities we all possess deep down (whether we know it or not).

Your pituitary gland could benefit from moonlight

It’s been scientifically proven that light affects the pituitary gland,which is responsible for producing and regulating hormones in both men and women.  

Moon light has a different energy to that of the sun. Although it’s the sun’s light that is being reflected off the moon (and that’s why we can see it at night, of course), by the time half of the planet is bathing in it on any given night, it has been conditioned by the moon’s energy.

Some people believe that bathing in lunar rays, outdoors or indoors, can help to energetically cleanse the pituitary gland. 

It’s time to sync more with nature 

the lunar phases

You might subconsciously need to start connecting with the natural world around you more often. The negative ions that are emitted by natural areas and plants such as waterfalls and tress, can help us to relax.

To remain in greater alignment with nature and the beautiful elements which help us to live (earth, fire, water and air), we can opt to ground ourselves, practice deep breathing out in the open, and spend more time in nature. 

The act of grounding oneself is said to also help reduce inflammation in the body and aid restful sleep. You can try grounding yourself by placing your bare feet on grass or plain ground dirt outside for just 10-20 minutes each day.

Bathing in moonlight is another powerful way to remain connected to nature. It is said that by allowing the light of te moon (or full moon) into our bedrooms at night can help to recharge and cleanse us of any negative lingering energies.

You’re extremely creative 

You might be hyper aware to this beautiful celestial body because you’re simply highly creative. Creative people are often interested in beautiful things, especially natural beauty.

You’re feeling introspective

It’s nice to visit your inner landscape now and again to reflect on how you’re feeling, where you’re heading and to think about healing some previous negative situations or thoughts. 

Engaging with the peaceful, still and quiet energy of the moon by observing it or bathing in its light might help you to do this.

You’re a water sign 

Your sun sign may be Pisces, Scorpio or Cancer. Or perhaps you have other significant astrological placements in either (or all) of these star signs. For example, your moon sign or rinsing sign may be a water sign. 

People who have water signs are said to be exceptionally intuitive and sensitive to energy. You might often notice the moon and its phases because you are being affected by them emotionally. 

You have some items that need cleansing 

Subconsciously, you’re probably familiar with the power of the moon. If it’s recently falling into your conscious awareness a lot, you may have some items such as crystals or other items that have crystalline structures that could be cleansed with lunar light. 

You may instinctively know that placing such objects in moonlight will help to cleanse and recharge them. If you have some crystals and feel inspired to do so, try placing them outside at night and see how they feel to you once they’ve spent the night in moonlight. 

You subconsciously crave other worlds

reaching for the stars

You might be longing to experience other planets, civilisations, and cultures. Perhaps you had a past life (or many past lives) where you lived on another planet or you were entirely familiar with interstellar travel. 

Perhaps you’re what’s known as a Starseed (also referred to as a Wanderer, Way Shower, or Star Person). 

Starseeds are people whose Souls were previously incarnating into other planets, dimensions and existences the human mind might really struggle to fathom at this time. 

I should preface that as crazy as this might sound, most Starseeds have no idea they are Starseeds. Only a very tiny fraction realise that they are.

Some people, and indeed, Astro Physicists, believe that many other planets posses intelligent life throughout our Universe. 

The moon is the most visible celestial body in our night sky and merely observing it be the closest we’ll ever get to experiencing another planet or realm in our lifetimes.

We can’t visit it or any other part of our our solar system (yet) but we can admire its ethereal beauty with our own eyes. 

We can view its deep craters, various phases, stunning corona and its quiet and calming presence and that alone is a wonderful and intriguing experience.

There’s a whole Universe out there to explore. Perhaps one day, we’ll get to see, with our own eyes, a tiny fraction of it before leaving this fine planet. I believe that would be a dream come true for any fellow selenophile.

Being Drawn To The Moon is Natural

Consider bookmarking this page so that when you next ask yourself why am I drawn to the moon?, you’ll know!

Whatever the reason you’re finding yourself often looking up at the moon, it’s a beautiful addition to the night sky and the world around us. If any of the above suggestions why you find it intriguing resonate with you, please do let me know in the comments below!

Some beautiful moon quotes…

moon quotation
night sky and sea
constellations above earth

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  • BG

    October 2, 2020 at 4:02 am

    Ok. So I dont consider myself a student of any of the above mentioned material, nor do I ever know the schedule of a full moon, but as of recently(5 months) I’ve been fully aware of it…Even with regular routines I do the same stuff everyday, but it seems when a full moon is present I gravitate to it and find myself looking right at it and not knowing that “tonight is a full moon”.. what is my conscience or subconscious mind telling me?? I really mean everytime I sit in my front yard (because I’m a backyard sitter) the moon is full and beautiful, is it attracted to me?

    1. Diana

      October 3, 2020 at 11:11 am

      Hi BG – good question! For some reason, many people have recently become more aware of the moon, its cycles and especially when it’s full. I have received emails from some people stating that over the past year, they’ve been really attracted to it. In all honesty, I don’t know why this is. One explanation may be that many of us have been spending more time indoors since the virus hit and we’ve been thinking and contemplating more and having more time to chill out at night means we might notice the moon more. I know that’s only one possible explanation but I hope it somehow helps!

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