15 Effortless Spring Decor Ideas to Uplift & Inspire

March 18, 2019

It’s almost that time of year again — the season you’ve been waiting for to shake off the jumpers and the jeans… Spring!


It’s almost here and to celebrate, why not freshen up your home by trying out some of these cute little Spring decor ideas…

Hang up Some New Art

It’s amazing how just one carefully selected and carefully placed piece of art can change the mood of an entire room.

If you aren’t a fan of too much color, opt for a framed quote or saying you like in a soft pastel color.

Buy a New Throw & Cushion Covers

This is so easy – and fun!

Have a browse online, including on Pinterest.com to source some fresh new cushion covers and sofa throws to transform the mood of your living room for a modest amount of money.

Add a Brightly Coloured Bar Cart

Decorate it by placing fresh flowers or some succulents on it. Other ideas for adding color including placing brightly colored crystals such as Turquoise and Amethyst on it.

Add Pops of Color with Cuttings from the Garden

inanc avadit / Unsplash

Nothing conveys the Spring mood more than freshly cut, Spring blossoms.

You can also try adding a few drops of green and yellow food coloring to the water of the vases for an additional shoe of seasonal color!

Spray Paint Some Key Decor Pieces

You know that vase you keep thinking about donating to goodwill or passing off to a colleague as a gift? Instead of getting rid of it, buy a can of spray paint and transform it into something joyful to look at.

Spray painting pieces of furniture will take no time at all, especially when compared to painting with acrylic or oil-based paints.

Choose pastel shades, whitish shades or bold, bright colors. 

Up-Cycle Some Old Furniture

If you’ve been thinking about getting rid of some old furniture, maybe up-cycle it instead.

Seeing how different an old and tired piece of furniture can look after being up-cycled is absolutely fascinating.

Create a Feature Wall

Stefen Tan / Unsplash

Choose a wall in your living room and paint it a pastel color such as mint or lilac. 

Take up the Carpet and Use Your Bare Floorboards

Washed flooring looks so fresh and chic. If your floorboards are in good condition and the spaces between them are small, then they’re totally usable!

They might need a bit of work, such as sanding and painting but it’ll be worth the effort in the end.

Add a Colorful Keyboard Cover

Looking at a bright color after a long, drawn-out Winter is such a delight. Many of us spend so much time on our laptops and computers.

Turn this time into an opportunity to constantly have Spring color in your vision. There are so many colorful keyboard covers available online to choose from. There are even rainbow and fluorescent colors to choose from.

Try Being a Minimalist

Hutomo Abrianto / Unsplash

Go for a minimalistic theme this Spring. Dot some plants or succulents around the home and pick a few design pieces very carefully.

The less clutter around your home, the more space you’ll have and the better the energy can flow around. Try rearranging your furniture to see what feels better for you. you might find that you’ll feel more energized. 

Add a Colourful New Rug

There is almost no faster and easier way to add a MEGA splash of color to any room than with a brand new, colorful rug. 

Add a Colourful Centrepiece

Add a large Spring centrepiece full of brightly colored flowers (real or plastic!), plenty of green foliage and brightly colored fruits. Perfect for when entertaining or just really enjoyable to look at whenever you’re around.

Change up Your Stationery

For a fresh pop of color, just add some new, brightly colored, pen pots, pens and other items of stationery to your desk!

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