Alternative Healing Ideas & Techniques for Emotional Pain

April 22, 2020
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I’m going to start this article off by including two disclaimers because this is a post about mental health. 

  1. I’m not a medical professional of any kind.
  2. If you feel like you genuinely can’t cope and you’re having thoughts of self-harm, please don’t spend your healing time here. Please do seek professional help and advice. 

What I’m about to offer here is my own personal opinion on how to diminish and even possibly eradicate your emotional pain. 

I’ll begin with the obvious by stating not all pain can be eradicated. The passing away of a parent or child, for example, can take many years to become bearable.

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What qualifies me to talk about emotional pain? 

As someone who has experienced many obstacles and challenges in her thirty odd years on this planet, I feel like I’d just like to offer what I personally did in order to overcome them and make great strides in life.

Amongst many other life negative events, I’ve experienced prolonged narcissistic abuse from two previous partners and family members.

I’ve also had to deal with constant issues with my physical health, which impacted my emotional wellbeing. 


I know what it’s like to be in a life jam. 

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My life, until very recently, has been one long and dedicated journey of spiritual healing.

Could I have been married by now with kids? Sure! Could I have had a thriving business by now? Sure! Could I have been a doctor, lawyer, accountant, or had another traditional career? I actually think that I probably could have. 

I had high hopes — and expectations, for all areas of my life, as did my family.

But my path took me on a completely different life journey.

And maybe you’re here because your life isn’t going according to plan. Maybe you’ve also experienced a series of intense life challenges, or maybe something really huge has recently happened and you’re looking for a way to heal, recover, grow, and move on from it. 

Well, that’s where I hope I can be of some assistance by letting you know of just some of the alternative healing modalities available to you right now.

Ok, so that was a pretty long, yet I feel, necessary, intro considering the subject matter. Let’s dive in.

Let Go of Toxic People

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Let’s be real. Toxic people just make everything so much worse. Having a bad day? They’ll tell you why they think you need to lose weight. Just got fired from your job? They’ll tell you that they’re heading for a promotion. Feeling down in general? They’ll talk incessantly about themselves and how great their lives are. 

Now, I don’t know about you, but twisting the knife is not very high up on my list of great friend attributes.

Conversations are usually (or always) all about them and it’s just not great. It’s also highly unlikely to ever get any better. 

If you are experiencing toxic connections at this time in your life, I promise that there are SO many other people out there who would love to be friends with you and reciprocate your kind gestures and thoughts and actually care about how you feel. 

While toxic people are fundamentally people who need inner healing and ideally should, therefore, be looked upon with compassion, the kindest thing you can do for yourself is to withdraw from them or limit contact with them. 

Doing so may also serve as a powerful spiritual healing tool for them because it may prompt them to ask themselves why you withdrew from them and that can trigger introspection which may lead them to perform some inner work themselves. 

Undergo Spiritual Healing

If it’s just one of these suggestions you choose to act on, this one would be the most powerful one.

The healing modalities below can help to remove trapped, negative emotions from your physical body, and your Akashic records (your Soul’s records of all experiences while incarnate and discarnate). The work can be very powerful and you might even find that you feel a lot better soon after just one session. 

And there are so many modalities available to pick from, too. Some of the more well-known healing modalities include the following: 

There is a requirement for energy healing to be able to actually take place, though. You have to be open to energy healing on a subconscious level as well as a conscious level in order to undergo it. But don’t worry — if your healer finds that you’re not, they can work with you to uncover any blocks to healing and then hopefully get going after that. 

Remove Limiting Beliefs

You can also look into replace limiting beliefs with positive ones. 

Limiting belief removal is particularly helpful when trying to change any negative patterns in your life such as frequently attracting abusive partners or unsuitable friends, failing in business ventures, being in perpetual debt, being clumsy, and so much more. 

You can even improve things like your cooking skills or language learning ability with limiting belief removal — it’s amazing. 

The famous Biologist and spiritual teacher, Bruce Lipton, has a list of really powerful healing modalities that you can use to do this on his website.

Increase Self-Care Time to All The Time

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This may seem obvious to you, and I’m so sorry if it does but self-care is just so vital for proper healing and so many of us, especially as women, as carers of others, can totally forget to actually make regular time for it. 

Additionally, and vitally, when we consistently love, care, for and respect ourselves, we create more beauty and harmony in our lives.

I’m sure you’ve noticed how a tidy bedroom feels so much nicer and calmer than a chaotic, untidy bedroom? Or how good it feels to say no to something you really don’t want to do without feeling guilty? Or how lighting a candle when settling down to a meal with yourself feels lovely? By doing even the smallest of things for ourselves such as making sure our surroundings look nice and are clean and tidy, we’re exercising self-care.

However, ideally, we should take care of ourselves all the time.

Self-care time shouldn’t be confined to a mere 20 or 30 minutes each evening or once a week. By always holding strong boundaries, taking time out whenever we need it, treating ourselves to material goods, and fun, relaxing activities, and treating ourselves with respect, we’re consistently self-caring. And this is more important to do than ever when working through emotional trauma.

Study the Law of Attraction 

I’m a strong believer in the Law of Attraction.

I believe that whatever has happened to you, you can change your life, and you can live a smoother, happier, and easier life with inner healing.

There’s no magic at all to the Law of Attraction. It’s a natural force in this Universe, just like gravity. It simply dictates that whatever we are being (whatever our subconscious minds believe), we will draw to ourselves without any effort at all because we’re in energetic alignment with it (we’re a vibrational match for it). 

If you keep finding yourself in broken and disappointing relationships, for example, you can conduct inner healing work and limiting belief removal to shift your vibration and start to effortlessly attract FAR better people, situations, and experiences into your life. 

Give Thanks

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I give thanks to the Universe every day for the good physical and mental health that I now have as a result of all the energy healing work that I’ve had over the years. I give thanks to myself for holding on and persevering, and I give thanks for having the opportunity to have it. I also give thanks for all the good stuff in my life in general and honestly, it feels great.

I would absolutely recommend trying it out if haven’t done so already.

Gratitude is also a very high vibration emotion. By being grateful and feeling gratitude, you’re sending out massively positive vibrations to the Universe and these will reflect back into your reality as you’ll attract more positive experiences.

Difficult Life Challenges Can Trigger Further Soul Growth

If you believe in reincarnation, you might have heard that we sometimes choose tricky lifetimes prior to incarnating. There are many, many reasons for this but one of the biggest reasons is to grow spiritually. 

After all, that’s the whole point of being here; to experience this life, this planet, its duality, people, animals, topography, and crucially, to learn, and grow in order to make our way back to that state of higher being-ness at the same time. 

I hope that has gone some way towards helping you. The suggestions are few but I believe they are very powerful — when implemented.

Much love.

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