Where are you based?

I live in the UK, but I’d love to start travelling more ASAP. I want to see as much of Earth as I can before I move on! 

I’d also really love to have a holiday home in sunny California (or Florida) one day!

What is your lifestyle like?

I’m a pescatarian. I work out often and watch what I eat. I love watching sci-fi movies, adventure movies and documentaries of all kinds. I enjoy music of all genres, especially classical.

I enjoy visiting English Heritage sites, and exploring new places across the UK and abroad, viewing fine art, reading poetry, and just spending time in nature (even if it’s just in the garden!).

When was this blog created?

I found out about blogging as a potential career path in June 2018.

A little regrettably, it took me many months to pick a domain name and get going.

I finally settled on basicallywonderful.com in December 2018 and it sadly wasn’t until a few months after that, that I was able to start blogging as much as I wanted to because as we all know, life can get really busy. 

Why did you start this blog?

I caught wind of how many people were making very comfortable incomes via blogging and was fortunate enough to have a huge load of stuff I wanted to blog about; a good combination, I think!

Although I’m not making an income from my blog yet, I hope to in the very near future as I continue to work on it.

I also talk more in-depth about how my blog came to be on my about page.

Can I use your images?

Well, it might be tricky to tell the difference between my own photos, that I have personally taken myself, and the stock images that require a subscription in order to use.

In the future, I might start labelling my own images so that they can be used. A credit and a link back to this blog would be required in order to use them in that case.

Can I copy your text?

You are NOT permitted to copy any text from this website. This will only result in your site being identified as spam by Google and losing ranking power. This site is also protected by DMCA.com, 

Do you accept sponsorships?

Yes, I would totally welcome any sponsorships that might be relevant to my audience.

If you would like to sponsor a post, please feel free to contact me here.

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