7 Tips to Help You Find the Right LoA Coach

March 15, 2019

Knowing how to manifest the life of your dreams is absolutely AWESOME!

There are so many people today who are waking up to the reality of who they really are (spiritual beings having brief human experiences) and how reality really works.

Yet, ten to fifteen years ago, you might have REALLY struggled to find a Law of Attraction coach.

If you did find one, chances are their fees would have been sky high or maybe they wouldn’t have availability for months on end.

Today, there are tonnes of LoA coaches out there, so you’ll be spoilt for choice but how can you tell if they’re the right choice for you?

Here are some of my personal tips for spotting the right LoA coach for your needs.


1. Do They Offer Initial Consultations in Person?

You can feel someone’s energy better in person through a blog or photograph, or perhaps even video, so actually meeting up with them might be something worth thinking about if you’re going to be spending hundreds or even thousands of dollars for their services. 

A coach who offers an initial consultation free of charge to see if you’re both a good match for one another might be more interested in providing good service.

This might also help to create a better connection between you and your coach and make you feel more at ease with them.

2. Have They Already Manifested What You Wish to Manifest?

This is probably the most important point to take into consideration when looking for a law of attraction coach. It would probably be ideal to find someone who has previously succeeded in manifesting what you desire to manifest.

If you desire to manifest a great husband or wife, find someone who has already done so. If you desire to manifest abundance and monetary wealth, find someone who has already done so, and so on.

I was actually coached by two different people in previous years because I needed help with two very different areas of my life; romance and finance.

I found someone who had manifested a great relationship (that’s still going strong to this day), yet I knew that their finances weren’t altogether that healthy, so I found a coach who had manifested great abundance and experienced many lottery windfalls and that helped me to attract wonderful dates and create a far better financial situation for myself. 

3. Do They Have Their Clients’ Best Interests at Heart?

This might sound a bit strange, but a little while back, I had a friend who was working with a coach who seemed very friendly and warm yet as time went by, my friend realized that they were becoming a little jealous of her successful manifestations.

They had coaching sessions together twice a week and just a few weeks into the coaching, she intuitively felt that they probably didn’t have her best interests at heart.

It was a blessing in disguise as it prompted her to work on opening her third eye and increasing her intuition, and clearing up her own vibration so that the next coach she worked with would be of a different vibration.

We always attract mirrors of our own vibrations so she knew she had some work to do on herself before finding someone else to work with.

When you find a coach you think you’d like to work with, consider asking them for testimonials from previous clients, and if they have a blog, read some of their posts to see if what they say resonates with you as ‘high vibe’ or just good, solid and unbiased advice.

4. Ask a Friend or Someone You Know

If you’re active on social media and have plenty of friends who are also spiritual and interested in the LoA, ask for a coach they have worked with before.

Facebook can be particularly great for getting quick and easy referrals from people you know and trust.

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5. Look out for Payment in Installations

Coaching can be pretty expensive. If they offer you the option of to paying for the sessions in installments, that might really help lessen any financial strain and still allow you to make progress with your law of attraction education.

This also provides you with financial security.

Hopefully, this will never happen, but if you pay upfront and it turns out they’ve deceived you and never show up or take your calls, you’ll at least have only paid a fraction of the cost!

6. Have a Look on Youtube

There are so many LoA coaches on Youtube today.

SO many…

It can be way easier to get a sense of someone’s energy through videos rather than through a blog or via Instagram photos.

See how they feel to you and think about whether your energies would work harmoniously together.

7. Manifest Your Ideal Loa Coach!

Finally, you can manifest finding the perfect LoA coach!

Let the Universe match you up with the right coach for your LoA studies.

Give the following a shot:

  1. Find a quiet space to sit in when you have some free time and you’re feeling relaxed.
  2. Take four deep breaths in and out and close your eyes (or leave them open!).
  3. SEE and FEEL yourself in the present moment with your ideal LoA coach. You might like to construct a scene in your mind’s eye with you both being seated at a table or speaking via Skype and you see yourself as happy, excited, and taljking to them about your most recent successful manifestation.
  4. You can also speak your intention to the Universe if you find it hard to vizualise.
  5. Do this for around 1-2 minutes and then let the visualization go or stop speaking if you’re been addressing the Universe.
  6. Don’t place the same order again and put it out of your mind.
  7. Allow the Universe to match you up with the right coach at the right time.

Happy manifesting!

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