7 Life-Changing Benefits of Being a Full-Time Blogger

September 21, 2019

Contrary to (incredibly) popular belief, it really DOESN’T have to take years upon years to make a decent living wage with a blog!

It really doesn’t.

Well before I started my blog, I was a Pinterest addict and over the years, I had come across plenty of bloggers who started successful blogs in a variety of niches almost off the bat.

Since traffic can come in thick and fast if you’re marketing on Pinterest, you can often start to make money pretty quickly by selling your own products (digital and physical), displaying ads, drawing in affiliate commissions, and so on.

So you can actually become a full-time blogger a lot sooner than you might think and below, I’m going to share with you some of my absolute favorite pros to being one.

You might not make a lot of money when starting out, but of course, as you keep on working on your blog and gaining more traffic, your income will also increase.

1. Having Complete Financial Control over Your Life

Forget about things like climbing the career ladder, toxic work colleagues and grumpy, draconian bosses.

You’ll live life on your very own terms and that includes:

  • Waking up when you want to and not because your horrible alarm clock goes off in the middle of an awesome dream.
  • No one will be telling you how much you will be earning now — or in the future, or how often you can visit the restroom (shockingly, when I was a teen, I actually had a boss who would count my restroom breaks!).
  • Forgetting about the work colleague who compliments you in person and then criticises and complains about you behind your back to anyone who’ll listen. Who needs that?! 

2. You Can Explore the Planet at Your Leisure

Brooke Cagle / Unsplash

If you have a penchant for travel like I do, you can do it and if you really like travel, you can do it full-time!

Usually, all you need to blog is a laptop and a good camera if you like taking photos.

Photograph your travels if you also enjoy blogging about travel, and write about the places you’re visiting! 

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3. You’ll Have Time to Thoroughly Enjoy All That Life Can Offer

In our fast-paced, always-on world, being able to actually stop to enjoy a chocolate muffin in a new cafe on a Tuesday afternoon, or having an hour-long soak in a tub with a new bath-bomb on a Monday morning just makes life that little bit more enjoyable!

Imagine waking up every day at whatever time you like and taking your sweet time to enjoy a hot coffee, explore a new herbal tea recipe or cook up your favorite breakfast before heading off to the gym or beach for a gentle morning workout or yoga session… 

Ahhhh, that looks, sounds — and smells, GREAT!

Blogging full-time truly doesn’t have to take up all of your time like the average full-time 9-5 job does.

As long as you keep publishing some genuinely helpful, quality content on a regular basis, you can make your own schedule and play by your own rules. Plus, you’ll love your new job! 

4. You’ll Have Your Very Own Platform

People actually follow you and want to read your stuff!

It’s nice to write and have people read what you have to say and then sometimes engage with you.

It’s also quite cathartic to have an outlet for your thoughts and ideas and even vent on your blog sometimes about the things that are troubling or bugging you. 

5. Sunny Days Won’t Pass You By

A.L. / Unsplash

Oh, the number of days I spent stuck in school behind closed doors while the sun was out and the sky was clear only to find that those days were still off-limits as an adult stuck behind closed doors at work every day!

Being stuck in an office on gray days is not so bad.

Being stuck in an office on sunny days is pretty bad.

I honestly believe we were born to thrive and to enjoy all that this planet has to offer.

I believe we should be free to explore each other’s minds and this wonderful planet’s animals, artefacts, architecture, landscapes, history, and foods and not be confined to chairs and windowless offices, filled with unhappy people day in and day out until we’re in our mid-60’s.

The sheer thought of that is honestly, pretty darn horrifying! 

Blogging is just one of the ways we can achieve financial freedom, and I think that as time goes by, thanks to the Internet, more and more of us will leave the traditional, industrial revolution way of earning an income and evolve to far more efficient and comfortable ways to make money on our own terms.

I just want to say that if you enjoy your job and or you play an incredibly vital role in society such as a firefighter, nurse, doctor, police officer, teacher, EMT, and so on, and you truly enjoy your career, it’s unlikely that the above will apply to you! Blogging in that case can just serve as an additional income or help fund some awesome vacations!

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6. Being Able to Help Others in Your Own Unique Way

We all have unique ideas and philosophies that can help others out in some way.

Offering your own unique ideas and thoughts to solve problems or otherwise add to people’s lives in some way, can be incredibly rewarding!

7. Your Wellbeing May Improve

Azrul Aziz / Unsplash

We all know that high-stress levels can affect mental and physical health.

If you’ve been working in a toxic environment for a long time, and feel that it may have adversely impacted your wellbeing in any way, it might be time to look for a way out.

I personally know a few people who have greatly benefitted, health-wise, from starting successful online businesses. Not only has their income increased dramatically, but they have way more time for their families, friends, social activities, hobbies, and crucially, themselves. 

Blogging really can provide that way out and personally, I am so grateful to have found it. 

As always, I’d love to read any comments or suggestions you might have and I hope this article may have helped you in some way.

Much love.

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