12 Fun Things to Do in the Summer with Your Partner

March 19, 2019

There’s SO much awesome stuff to do in the Summer that sometimes it’s actually hard to know where to start!

My partner and I have tried most of the things below and we’ve thoroughly enjoyed them. If you’re struggling for ideas, have a look at the tips we’ve outlined below.

Up-Cycle Some Old Furniture

Get creative and take a tired, battered, old piece of outdated furniture that you’d otherwise donate or throw away and give it a new look. Projects like this can be so much fun and you’ll both be so pleased and proud of your fresh co-creation once you’re done!

If up-cycling seems a bit daunting and unrealistic for you, it needn’t. Take a look on YouTube at the myriad of simple up-cycling DIY videos. Your project could be as simple as sanding down and repainting an old chest of drawers or wardrobe.

Watch a Bunch of Old Indie Films on Netflix

There’s something deliciously unique about the way old indie films can make you feel. The combination of intense nostalgia and salty-sweet popcorn is definitely an experience you’ll both enjoy sharing.

Take a Short Course

Pick something that you both have no clue about yet would love to learn more about. This could be web design, surfing, vegan baking, knitting, growing your own vegetables, candle making, fossil hunting, crystal healing, soap making, and so on. The list is virtually endless!

There are tonnes of intriguing courses out there. It’ll be interesting plus you’ll learn something completely new!

Visit a Bunch of Castles

Jairph / Unsplash

Most countries have plenty of castles to visit. Castles often have absolutely fascinating atmospheres and mesmerising interiors. You could even travel to other countries and visit their castles too. Europe has tonnes of them! They’re also super romantic.

Do Something for Your Community

A lot of people get a kick out of helping others.

Seeing someone beaming after you’ve helped them out with something, however big or small can be deeply rewarding.

Do you have some elderly or disabled people living in your community? Maybe you have some Veterans who need help with something. Maybe they’d like to assemble some flat-packed furniture or maybe their gutters need cleaning or their lawns need mowing.

Take a day or two to find out who needs help and lend a caring hand. You’ll get the work done faster and as it’ll be a team effort you’ll both feel great.

Start a YouTube Channel

People often think that they’re too old to start a YouTube channel but plenty of people of all ages watch YouTube videos!

There’s always an audience for you. If you have kids, why not start a family Vlogging channel. They’re incredibly popular at the moment and YouTube isn’t so saturated with them that it’s impossible to get subscribers.

If you both share a hobby such as gardening or cooking, these are hugely popular niches that can attract thousands of viewers every month. It’ll be quite a lot of dedication and hard work, but if done really well, it can be rewarding in so many different ways, including financially.

If being filmed doesn’t appeal to you, consider starting a blog or an Instagram account.

Host a Garden Party

Kelsey Chance / Unsplash

This might seem a little old fashioned but garden parties can be so much fun and you get to spend plenty of time relaxing with friends in a natural environment.

You’ll also be able to hear each other, which is quite different from the bar environments that we’re all so used to these days. And the meaningful conversation and properly catching up with friends is just really enjoyable.

Keep the food super simple with some store-bought canapés and cool drinks or a large cake with iced teas and everyone will be pleased.

If you don’t have a garden, your living room or studio will work just as well! 🙂

Decorate a Room

Pick a room and plan your decoration project together. Make it easy by keeping it super simple.

Donate or throw out whatever you longer like to look at or feel you need.

Pick some new lights, pieces of furniture, wall art and maybe even a new color for the walls or floor. Throw in some succulents or other plants with stylish, creative pots and you’ll soon have a fresh, new room to admire and enjoy spending time in.

Dye Your Hair 

Maybe you’ve always wanted to dye your hair a funky color but you just haven’t had the time, patience or guts to actually do it. If you’re both going darker than your natural hair colors, then it should be OK for you to dye your hair at home with box dyes or red henna and see some really stunning results!

Get Gym Memberships

If you aren’t both already signed up to a gym, try out going together and working out. Some gyms allow for short term or even monthly contracts so you won’t have to commit yourselves for an entire year.

Take a Yoga Class

David Mark / Pixabay

These are frequently offered at gyms, but if you don’t fancy that, or you aren’t with a gym, try finding to a local class. Yoga is a deeply relaxing, healthy and fun thing to do, and it’s perfect on rainy summer days when you can’t be outdoors much.

List a Load of Stuff on eBay

If you’ve been meaning to list some things on eBay but you’ve been putting it off for months, why not collect lots of things you both want to list, photograph them and finally get them all listed.

Make it fun with some drinks and snacks and it’ll be done in no time. When your items sell, you’ll have some extra money in the bank AND some more free space!

Go Stargazing

Greg Rakozy / Unsplash

Stargazing on a clear Summer night can be a surreal, magical and fascinating experience that neither of you will ever forget. It can make you feel like you’re part of a much bigger picture and help to put everything into perspective.

You can download free apps such as SkyView Lite which can show you the current position of all the celestial bodies including all the main planets, constellations, and orbiting satellites.

Enjoy a Do-Nothing Day

Spend a do-nothing day on the beach with drinks and a picnic just relaxing; nothing less, nothing more!

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