44 Things to Do When Stuck Indoors Alone

April 14, 2020

We sure are living in interesting times, aren’t we? Are any of you hungry? Or stir-crazy? Or running out of toilet paper?

I’m currently experiencing all of those things! Yay!

BUT, I’m also perfectly happy to stay at home and protect myself and others.

I’ve also been reminiscing about previous years quite a lot too. You know, back when we lived with abundance and ease… 

For the majority of us, this is quite a confusing, stressful, and isolating time. 

Most of us are staying indoors, making do, some of us are working from home, and all of us are just holding out until our lives can start to become a little more normal again.

Dates are on hold. Weddings are on hold. Painting and decorating work is on hold…

Life is on hold! 

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And in the meantime, we might be experiencing stir-craziness and difficulty keeping our spirits up. We’re human after all, and so we care for what others are currently going through. Perhaps you’re suffering as a direct result of the virus and if so, I am so very sorry and I wish you love and healing.

If you’re one of the lucky people who haven’t been hugely impacted by this situation, you might like to find some things to do to take your mind off this period of hardship.

indoor activities for when bored alone

Maybe look at this time as an opportunity to catch up on plenty of stuff at home that you’ve been thinking about doing over the past few months or even years. 

Sit down with a nice cup of coffee, get a pen and some paper out and try to recall some of the millions of things you’ve been thinking about doing in the home but never had the time to get around to.

And if that fails, or you find your list comes out pretty skinny, consider some of my 44 ideas below!

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1. Rearrange your furniture

I moved my bed from near the window to the middle of my bedroom and it made a HUGE difference in the way the room felt energetically. It literally feels like the energy flows through it in a better way now — honestly, that isn’t BS; it really does.

2. Make a list of positive affirmations

@thecreative_exchange / Unsplash

Or you can use mine…

I am in divine flow 

I am one with Source energy; it is me and I am it

I am fully aligned with limitless abundance now

I am fully in alignment with my joy and happiness alwaysI am energised and vibrant 

I am so happy to be living an abundant, contented and active life

3. Get active with some intensive gardening

You’ll be connecting with nature at the same time. Turn over the dirt in your garden, trim your trees or shrubs, mow your lawn, hose down or clean all your garden furniture. For those living in the Northern Hemisphere, this is so ideal as we approach the warmer months.

4. Give your work space a thorough clean out

Clean you computer monitor and every surrounding item like your keyboard, mouse, desk, and any other external drives or devices like your iPad. 

5. Learn something new online

@laurenmancke / Unsplash

It seems like there’s a course for everything these days, which is wonderful. Make a mental list of a bunch of things you’re into and would like to study more in-depth. Honestly, I couldn’t think of anything I’d like to study on the side until I did this and I came up with natural soap making, tarot reading, and vegan cooking.

6. Clean underneath your bed/s

Did you know that dust-mites, which may cause illnesses such as urinary tract infections, can breed into the millions underneath your bed? This is especially true if your bedrooms are carpeted.

Give them a clear out and a really through vacuuming on a regular basis to get rid of as many of those horrible little bugs as possible!

7. Learn how to meditate – properly

When have you actually had the time to learn how to meditate properly? Maybe never? Maybe you’re already a pro at meditation! 

Whatever level you’re currently at, you might want want to take it up a notch. Deep meditation has been proven to be of great benefit to the mind and body,

8. Bake something you’ve never baked before

Pick something you’ve never baked before and see how it turns out! Personally, it took me ages to learn how to properly meditate. Hopefully it won’t take you long at all and during this quarantine period, you should have plenty of time to perfect your meditating skills. 

9. Clear out your shed

If you have one, of course! Or whatever storage areas you have in your yard. Make some piles for all the stuff you want to throw out, for example, one pile can be for goodwill and another pile for friends and family. Sweep the floor, wash the windows and it should feel like a much lighter and nicer space to be in.

10. Learn how to do yoga

@theformfitness / Unsplash

It look me literally months to perform some of the most well-known yoga poses. This was mainly because my yogic education was very stop-start due to, you know, life commitments getting in the way…

11. Get moving at home

If you don’t have a yard to run around in, no problem! Just put on some music and jump around your living room, bedroom, or whatever-room!

12. Read

Read whatever books you have around your home. There might be something that you’ve been wanting to learn more about for a long time.

Peruse the books on Kindle and download something you’ve been meaning to read for ages. Or, if reading isn’t your thing, download an audiobook to listen to!

13. Set up a meditation room or space

Pick a room or some space in a room and create a relaxing area with candles, crystals and gentle fabrics. Let everyone you live with know that’s your space now for meditation and relaxation. 

14. Fix stuff

You know that table with the uneven legs or that old dresser that could do with a lick of paint or some full on up-cycling? Do it!

15. Set up any flat packed furniture

…that’s been sitting around the joint for eons, gathering copious amounts of dust. 

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16. Buy a telescope and view the stars

@shubhisrini / Unsplash

You might have an interest in astronomy. You might not but viewing the stars is an amazing way to spend spare time! 

You can buy a reasonably decent telescope on Amazon for around $60, which isn’t too bad. They were waaaay more expensive than that a mere decade ago.

Don’t have enough cash right now? You can download an app called SkyView for free. It’ll show you where all the stars are positioned relative to your current location. The soundtrack is also literally magical! I play it on loop while doing tarot at night. 

17. Scrub your aura clean

We’re constantly amassing all kinds of energies in our auras.

If you haven’t thoroughly cleansed your aura before, you might feel a massive shift in your energy. You’ll probably feel lighter, more content, and less irritated with things like the news or negative comments. Give it a go. You can also easily cleanse your aura with a bath.

18. Create a mega inspiring vision board 

If you already have a vision board, maybe create a shiny new one full of renewed energy and desires! Vision boards are such an amazing way to keep on reminding yourself about all the things you desire to manifest in your life.

19. Give yourself a haircut

Ok, granted, this could go hella wrong! OR, it could go super right! It may be a gamble, especially if you’re doing it for the first time but whatever it is, it’ll probably be fun, new experience. 

Who knows, you might just find that you become your favorite new hairdresser (that sounded so tacky, my apologies, but it could turn out to be true!). If you don’t like the idea of potentially messing your own hair up, that’s cool, if your kids are up for it, try it out on them! 

20. Create something to sell

Ever fancied the idea of being a successful Etsy, eBay, or Amazon seller? You might have even had an idea for a product for a while now that you’ve visualised marketing and selling and let me tell you, you can totally do it!

If you’re worried about investing too much money in something new at this unprecedented time, that’s ok, you can still create something low cost to sell like an e-Book, which you can list for sale on Amazon, or some beautiful printables to sell on Etsy.

21. Explore Astrology 

DarkWorkX / Unsplash

Ever felt more like a Scorpio than a Leo? Or fiery like an Aries yet your sign is mellow Cancer? 

Yep, there’s a reason for that…

You might have a major astrological position somewhere in your chart that’s making you feel more like another sign.

Did you know that you have a whole birth chart that can tell you way more about yourself than just your sun sign? In the old astrology, it was actually the moon sign (the zodiac sign the moon was in when you were born) that was way more influential than your sun sign.

Look your birth chart up for FREE here: Cafe Astrology and 0800 Horoscope

P.S. If your moon sign is in Scorpio, then no wonder you feel more like a Scorpio than a Leo! 

22. Make a little something for your pet 

This is for all the crazy cat ladies and gentlemen out there. That very much includes yours truly because my cat, Sasha, is more like a daughter to me than just a cat — and boy, do I know how to spoil her. 

I have to admit that I didn’t make anything like a bed or knit clothes for her, but I did set up an entire bedroom for her, complete with paw print blankets, scratching posts in every corner, and a full-size bed for her to sleep on. A bit much? Prolly. BUT, it IS the spare room and there’s no point is wasting it, right? 

23. Start a blog 

Like this one! You can blog about literally ANYTHING. Are there niches that are way more popular than others on Pinterest? Sure there are! BUT, choose to blog what you’re obsessed with and it won’t ever feel like work.

You’re also likely to produce way more high quality content that way, which should result in lots of views and ad dollars if you’d like to become a full-time blogger.

24. Start a bullet journal

@copperandwild / Unsplash

Bullet journalling is MASSIVE, just in case you don’t already know.

And to be honest, it’s massive because it when it comes to keeping you organized, this method means business. If you don’t know what bullet journalling is, there are loads of YouTube channels dedicated to it. Take a look!

25. Knit or craft something 

There’s so much stuff that you can make with your own two hands at home right now! Like a couple of delightful sock puppets for a kid’s show!

26. Learn a new language 

This may very well be the most appropriate time ever to learn something new, but especially something that requires a lot of time, focus and concentration — like learning a new language.

27. Explore other musical genres 

I always thought I was just into 5 or 6 musical genres but being glued to my computer these past few weeks, I’ve been able to discover all kinds of genres I never even knew existed! Plus, I stubbed across a whole world of sincerely epic and magical ASMR videos, much to my delight.

28. Game with others online

@findracadabra / Unsplash

I don’t know if you’ve ever been the type to enjoy video games. I’ve never been but I get why people are into them; even those who are well over 30.

If shooting randoms online isn’t your thing, I hear you. You can try a program where you can just hang out in VR rooms online and meet some new people. I would ONLY recommend that, however, to those over 21 years of age because there are quite a number of weirdos out there!

29. Find some new YouTubers to sub to

There’s something for everyone on YouTube. Whatever you’re into, a channel dedicated to it will be waiting for you. Into Cosplay makeup? Here you go. Into reptile care? Here we are.

Honestly, you could spend a lifetime on YT being entertained, learning, and chatting with others in the comments section…

30. Reconnect with friends & family online

I’m sure there’s someone who you haven’t spoken with for AGES who would just LOVE to hear from you. Think through your list of old friends, previous partners, family members who live abroad and so on.

31. Dye your hair 

Natural henna dyes are gentle on the hair with often stunning and vibrant results. You can get them online from loads of places, but I would personally recommend the blocks of henna that Lush.com sell because the henna is mixed with conditioning ingredients such as Shea butter. You can also choose which color you’d like to use; it doesn’t just have to be red! You can opt for indigo, brown, reddish brown and even black!

32. Practice different make-up looks

Want a different look or are you unsure of how to apply foundation or eyeliner properly? Have a look on good ol’ YouTube for some tutorials!

33. Learn what it really means to self-care 

I used to think self-care was essentially having a bath every evening with a couple of drops of diluted lavender oil. It’s not. It’s SO much more. You live and learn. Now I blog about it — and so do many others. You — and everyone else, deserves high quality and regular self-care.

34. Take online parenting classes

This is of course, for all the Mommas and Papas out there. Maybe you’d like to brush up on your parenting skills? Or perhaps you’re thinking about having another child, fostering or adopting?

Either way, if you feel like you could do with a little extra guidance, try and find an online course or some online classes to attend.

35. Learn photography 

@danielcgold / Unsplash

It can take a good few months if not far longer to learn how to use a professional SLR camera properly and take well framed shots with it. Now might be the time to take up that skill if you’ve ever had a passion for it. 

36. Write a list of ways you can improve your physical health

You can order blood tests online to see where your levels of vitamin d and iron are, for example. You can also check your cholesterol levels and think about going for more runs locally or working out in your backyard. There are SO many ways we can all improve our physical health, even when we’re indoors all the time.

37. Write a book

This is literally THE time to write a book. You have the perfect excuse to give to your partner and family etc!

It doesn’t have to be fiction and it doesn’t have to be too long. It could be your biography if you feel you’ve lived an interesting life so far, or it could be how you coped with a big life change such as after being diagnosed with a chronic illness; the challenges you face, what soothes you, and how it may have changed your life and outlook.

38. Build a birdhouse 

It’s Springtime (breeding time) so it’s the perfect time! Plus, there are tonnes of easy to follow and quick tutorials available to watch for free on you, you guessed it… YouTube!

39. Give your wardrobe (and look!) a complete overhaul 

@sadswim / Unsplash

Browse new outfits and looks online. Think on a new style if you’re getting bored of your current one. Or just pick out some new accessories to restyle your current wardrobe.

40. Start an Instagram account

You can take photos of ANYTHING to do with the way you live, or you can niche down and dedicate your account to your pet, photos of anything you make or cook or bake — anything at all really!

If your account starts to attract a lot of likes and followers, you might also land some sponsored posts.

41. Write a letter to your future self

This is such a great way to help you to overcome any issues you might be going through right now. If you recently divorced or exited an abusive relationship, for example, you can try pouring how you feel onto paper.

Put the letter away in a place where only you can find it in a few years’ time and only read it once you feel you’re in the right place in the future. You might be surprised at just how far you’ve come since you wrote it.

42. Tie-Dye Some Stuff

You might have some old bedsheets that are kind of past their best, but still do the job and are pretty comfy… Tie-dye them! Yaaay! Tie-dying isn’t just for hippies over 55. The patters and colors you can create are beautiful and mesmerising. It’s also a lot of fun. Plus, it’s a super quick way to add a BIG splash of color to any room, instantly!

43. Make Some Potpourri

@copperandwild / Unsplash

It smells great, looks great, and it’s super relaxing to make.

44. Think about what you might like your life to look like once the world is unbroken again

Did going through this pandemic make you appreciate more things in life? Maybe you have newfound appreciation for the mundane things in life, like going out for drinks with friends or grabbing a takeaway.

Maybe this pandemic has made you realize how short life can be and as a result, you’d like to see more of the world, adopt a child, or get a puppy… I think that for a lot of people, this situation has been a big wakeup call.

If there are some things that you’d like to change in your life, you CAN change them, once the world starts to become a little more normal again. Note them down or journal them and act on them, slowly if that’s more suitable, but surely.

Finally, I just want to thank all the doctors, nurses, and other medical staff working at this time who are treating the sick, saving lives, and leading us back to safe and happy times. I also want to thank all the brave supermarket workers, delivery drivers, postal workers, public transport staff, volunteers, factory workers, and anyone else who is helping to get us through this. Thank you to all of you! Much love.


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