11 Easy Ideas to Ditch That Muffin Top for Good

June 2, 2019

I’ve always been slim. I am still am, in fact.

However, since entering my early thirties, I managed to cultivate one of the most impressive muffin tops you’ll likely ever see.

I’ll lose (most of) it during the warmer months when I feel like eating fewer heavy foods and I’m out and about more, and then bam, it’ll always back on time — and usually with a vengeance, as soon as the cooler months start rolling in and I’m eating those heavy and sugary foods again. 

What I’ve learned from this vicious, ongoing cycle over the years is that there is absolutely no quick fix whatsoever. Trust me, I’ve tried it all – organic green tea, lemon water every morning, slimming teas of all kinds, yoga before bedtime and so much more.

The only two things that have proven to be effective for me personally have been diet and exercise. I do drink lemon water, and I still go to yoga classes but these are only ever effective when teamed with a much cleaner, lower calorie diet and some frequent, yet gentle exercise.

Below, I’ll share all of my personal gentle weight loss ideas that I use alongside watching my calorie intake. 

1. Drinking Lemon Water

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Lemon water may help to return the body to an alkaline state, which is great for optimal health.

It also encourages bowl movement so this is perfect to consume if you have a difficult time being regular (ideal for those with constipation predominant IBS).

2. Drink More Green Tea

Many studies have shown that green tea may be able to aid weight loss. It tastes great, is easy to buy and very affordable too.

A word of a caution, however — if you’re sensitive to caffeine, you might want to avoid green tea, or at least limit your intake. This is because it contains a significant amount of caffeine, which can cause heart palpitations alongside many others unwanted side effects if too much is consumed.

3. Cutting out Junk Food

If you do one thing to address your muffin top, do this; cut out all or most refined carbs, sugars and junk food.

Not only should the muffin top slowly decrease, but your overall health should improve, too.

You might also notice that you can think a lot clearer as sugar can have a really adverse effect on your thought process.

4. Drink Fewer Smoothies & Juices

Sure, smoothies and fruit juices are healthy. Sure, they’re loaded with vitamins and minerals, but they’re also chock full of fructose (sugar!).

When you drink fruit juice or smoothies, you get a big dose of sugar – without much fibre.

By reducing the amount of sugar you consume through these drinks, the more likely you are to reduce that muffin top.

5. Power Walking, Running or Jogging

Sometimes gentle walking just isn’t enough, especially if you’re consuming too many calories or if you’d like to see results faster.

By going for a power walk, jog or run for at least 20 minutes a day, five days a week, you should notice some much more effective – and faster, results.

6. Incorporate Yoga Into Your Daily Life

Gentle yoga – at any time of the day is great for you.

It reduces stress, clears the mind of any fruitless thoughts, and you walk away feeling refreshed.

Plus, as it’s gentle movement, you’re still burning a fair few calories, and you’re much less likely to injure yourself than if you were to be working out in the gym.

7. Chew Your Food Slowly

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I used to guzzle down my food without actually enjoying the taste much! Now, I find that I don’t need to eat more to gain the same amount of taste satisfaction; I can just savour the flavour longer by chewing my food more slowly!

8. Consume More Healthy Fats

Is there such a thing as a heathy fat? I asked myself a few years ago. Oh yes, there sure is. The body needs healthy fat, plus healthy fats can make us feel fuller for longer, which means you’ll be less prone to sugary food cravings. Avocados, whole eggs, and cheese are examples of healthy — and tasty fats. 

9. Opt for More Healthy Protein

It’ll make you feel fuller longer, which will also help you to save money on groceries! Healthy protein options include milk, Greek yoghurt, and cheese. 

10. Get More Sleep

I know how tricky this is to achieve when you have kids and other responsibilities but you’re quite likely to notice big changes if you get more quality sleep.

If you can’t lie in during the morning because you have to drop the kids off to school, for example, consider having a nap when you get back, or in the early afternoon.

11. Reduce Your Alcohol Intake

Alcohol can interfere with many of the body’s operations and really negatively impact your sleep.

Yes, red wine certainly has some big and scientifically proven benefits, but a lot of other alcohol, while pleasant, may not be helping you to shed a few extra pounds. 

Hopefully you found this post helpful. Losing weight anywhere requires not only short term sacrifice and lifestyle changes but sticking to a doable, longterm plan.

I know that if I start consuming way too many calories or stop exercising again, it’ll return so my strategy is a longterm one.

Yes, sometimes, it’s easy to slip up and eat a little too much or feel too worn out to exercise, but if most days consist of healthy meals and some gentle physical activity, you’ll be fine.

Plenty of women, very much including myself, adapt to these changes well, and if you’re right at the beginning of your muffin top weight loss journey, you’ll do perfectly well too, as long as you follow through with your plan.

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