11 Exceptionally Fabulous Gratitude Journal Ideas

I know that sometimes it can seem almost impossible to find anything to be grateful for but keeping a gratitude journal can really help you to stay positive.

Setting aside around 10 minutes at the end of each day, or even each week, can help you to focus on the great things that you have in your life, rather than focusing on the bad.

A lot of people really love the idea of keeping gratitude journals and being consistent with filling them out but it can be tricky to find the time and keep up with the ritual.

Thinking of new topics to be grateful for can help you to keep

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Today I am grateful for…

Having a Computer That Runs Quickly and Works Well

Having Great Friends 

My Cold Passing so Quickly

Not Being Sick Recently

For all the good times I am experiencing with my friends, family, and children

That my hearing works well and I can listen to the birdsong

Good, clear vision which allows me to experience the world around me.

Being able to buy groceries without worrying about the cost.

Discovering new recipes recently that my family loves.

Knowing when to take time out and look after me.

See Also

The lovely new (tablecloth) I received as a gift recently and use and admire often.

Being Able to Make That Impulse Purchase

Being Able to Listen to the Birds Singing

If you have good hearing, this point might seem a little strange.

Finding a Great Gift for a Friend Which They Genuinely Like

Having a Great Partner in Life

This is something that can be appreciated every single day. Relationships can be hard to navigate and maintain in the long run. An effort is usually required. Many people don’t even find

Being Able to Enter the Lottery If I Want To

It may only cost a couple of bucks, but entering the lottery gives you a shot at winning.

My Amazing Pet

Seeing the Lights in Oxford Street at Christmas

Much love ❤️

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