9 Habits of High Vibe People

You know the kind of people I’m referring to. Those people who just seem to be permanently chilled out. Nothing much appears to affect them. They’re usually full of energy, yet calm, positive and balanced.

They Let Things Go

They don’t allow people to get under their skin or rent any space in their minds. Holding grudges and feeling weighty emotions on the regular such as jealousy or greed can be exhausting. High vibe people just let stuff roll off their backs and get on with their daily lives, only welcoming good thoughts, happy people and positive intentions into their lives, hearts, and minds.

I know that letting stuff not bug you is seriously tricky to achieve… You might feel chilled out and happy and then someone cuts you off in traffic and the first instinct is to scoff, hit the horn or curse. I think it takes a lot of practice and inner work to stay loving, accepting and balanced but it can definitely be done.

They Possess Understanding

By understanding that we’re all different, yet all projections of source energy expressing itself in various ways, we can get along much better. We can allow people to be themselves more without judgment.

We’re all connected as we’re made from the same stuff. Mindful, high vibe people totally get this somewhat abstract concept.

They Honor Themselves

Fernando Brasil / Unsplash

They love, respect and care for themselves.

They have healthy boundaries that don’t allow their energies to become drained and they know when to say no without any qualms or hesitations.

They also take good care of their energy levels by eating well, taking plenty of time out for themselves, looking after their bodies and minds.

They understand that they are worthy of living well and that they can only give the best of themselves if they’re healthy, happy and energized — and that can only come from self-care and love.

They Ground Themselves

Grounding, also known as Earthing can help you to feel more relaxed, at ease and energized. The Earth is a living being with wonderful healing energy.

You can ground yourself by walking barefoot on soil or grass for at least 5 minutes each day. I know it’s hard to find even 5 spare minutes one most days but it’s totally worth it and hopefully, you’ll feel the amazing benefits yourself. It’s said that grounding can also help reduce inflammation and disease risk in the body.

They Meditate

Meditating allows you to quiet the incessant chatter of the mind, dump a load of negative thought patterns and connect to Source energy. It’s such an amazing way to stay balanced and mindful day after day.

They (Might) Use Crystals

Sara Johnston / Unsplash

Fair enough, not every high vibe person likes using crystals or even knows how to use them but I would say that plenty within of spiritual high vibe people will use them and love them.

You definitely don’t have to use them to achieve or retain a higher vibration. They’re just fabulous tools if you’re into them.

They Stay Clear of Negative Programming

We all know the news can often carry a heavy vibration. It’s good to have a balance between staying in touch with the things going on in the world, yet not focusing too much on all the negative stuff that gets reported each day as that can really impact your vibration over time.

They Live Simply

They don’t necessarily lust after large cars and glam homes. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with actually having large cars and glam homes (in my opinion at least!). 

See Also

It’s the perpetual focus and lust that can be damaging. Funnily enough, it also creates resistance to lust after something as you’re signaling to the Universe that you don’t already have what it is you desire, which means you’re out of vibrational alignment with it and far less likely to manifest it in your reality.

They like Seeing Things from Other People’s Perspectives

Eye for Ebony / Unsplash

… While still staying strong in their own truths and not being easily swayed by the opinions of others.

Seeing things from other people’s viewpoints can help to limit any feelings of anger, frustration or judgment when interacting with them. This usually takes plenty of practice, but like many things in life, it can be definitely be achieved.

They Observe Their Emotions 

They don’t allow their emotions or thoughts to overpower them. They also don’t stuff them down and away. They know that they’re divine beings of light having human experiences and that feelings are a normal and healthy part of their incarnations. They feel them, observe and note them and deal with them appropriately.

I love observing super high vibe people. Their habits are so admirable.

It’s so easy to forget who we really are when on Earth. We came here to experience all that this 3D planet has to offer. We also came to heal, learn and grow. We’re all on our various lifepaths and moving along the ladder of enlightenment at our own paces.

Much love ❤️

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