9 Natural DIY Ideas to Clean & Freshen up Your Home

April 10, 2019

More and more people are waking up to the fact that the chemicals in a lot of home cleaning and personal hygiene products may very well pose all kinds of health risks.

They’re not particularly great for our planet, either.

Natural products for almost every single use imaginable are therefore becoming increasingly sought-after.

They also have the added bonus of usually smelling so much more delicious and are often a real pleasure to use!

You can buy natural cleaning products for the home in stores but they can be a little bit on the expensive side.

Below are some pointers for natural and low budget ways to clean your home.

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1. Vinegar for Cleaning Glassware and Windows

Aside from being super tasty on chips, when mixed with water, vinegar can also be used as an amazingly versatile cleaning agent.

You can clean almost any hard surface with it and it works especially well on glass. You can clean your windows with it, polish up glassware, and even clean crystal chandeliers.

It can smell a little strong and tangy so consider cleaning with the windows open or even move glassware into the garden and give it a good polish there instead. You can also try adding a few drops of lemon to the mixture for a fresh, zingy scent.

As an important side-note, make sure you don’t apply it to a porous, natural surface such as granite or marble as this can cause some erosion, which definitely isn’t what you hope to achieve with a natural cleaning product!

2. Unblock Smelly Drains With Baking Soda

I’m sure you’re familiar with the absolute plethora of uses baking soda can offer in the home but I’m going to suggest one use in particular that you may not have heard of yet and that’s as a drain cleaner!

Yes, if the blockage isn’t too severe, half a cup of baking soda quickly followed by a quarter of a cup of undiluted vinegar, can result in a chemical reaction which may be able to unblock your drains.

Wait for an hour or two before flushing with plenty of hot water. In certain European countries, this method is quite popular and often used before calling out a plumber.

3. Fresher Bedding for Better Sleep

Logan Nolin / Unsplash

Have you tried forgoing the tumble-dryer in favor of hanging your sheets out to dry? If so, you’ll know just how much fresher they often smell after an afternoon air drying outside.

If you haven’t dried your sheets or clothes outside before, give it a go! Not only will your sheets smell super fresh and gorgeous by doing this but cutting back on the use of the electricity is also great for the environment.

You can also try adding a few drops of relaxing lavender essential oil to a spray bottle filled with water and spritz your bedding just after you’ve hung it up outside for added yum!

4. Tea Tree Oil for Wiping Down Surfaces

Tea tree oil is a powerful antibacterial essential oil.

It has a very strong smell if undiluted but when a a few drops are mixed with plenty of water, it can be used to wipe down areas which may need some light disinfecting such as toilet seats and basins.

Be aware that some people are very allergic to certain essential oils, so be sure they’re safe to use in your family home before going ahead with the cleaning. 

5. Lemon Oil & Water for Polishing Furniture

Mix 2-3 drops (no more) of essential lemon oil with a full cup of warm or tepid water.

Add the mixture to a spray bottle, shake it well and spray onto a clean cotton or microfibre cloth.

Wipe the furniture with the saturated cloth and then immediately wipe again with a dry, clean cloth. Aside from providing a good shine, you’ll also find the furniture will smell light and zesty.

6. Liquid Castile Soap Cleanser

This is a natural product that is super gentle and like all of the above, incredibly versatile. Use it for washing dishes, cleaning floors, basins, showers, and so on. Rinse and dry any surfaces very well afterwards to avoid any residue being left behind which could be slippery.

7. Naturally Scented Clothing

rocknwool / Unsplash

DIY clothes fresheners are often so effortless and enjoyable to make.

Here’s just one idea of many; to freshen up your garments, crush up some dried lavender flowers and add them to a small cotton or muslin pouch or drawstring bag.

Place a few of these bags in each drawer between clean, folded clothes or on the hangers in your wardrobe.

The scent might not last all day long, but putting on clean, fresh clothes scented with lavender is a thoroughly enjoyable experience. This is also perfect if you’re about to head into a tricky business meeting as lavender is a wonderfully relaxing fragrance. 

8. Avoid Offensive Home Pollutants

Burning candles in the home is an extremely popular way to quickly and easily create an incredibly soothing atmosphere but many, if not most, store-bought candles often contain highly toxic chemicals such as paraffin.

These chemicals are released into the air inside your home when the candles are burning.

Have you ever noticed feeling a bit sick or dizzy in a room with lots of burning candles and poor ventilation? People often put it down to the heat they emanate but it’s mainly the toxic paraffin that’s making them feel unwell!

Natural candles made from soy, beeswax, uncontaminated vegetable oil, or palm oil are far better for your health and the health of your family, your kids and pets.

You can frequently find ones that are naturally scented with relaxing essential oils, too.

They’re also a lot kinder to the environment. Brands such as Mrs Meyers and La Jolie Muse offer an affordable selection of natural candles in easy to recycle glasses.

9. Bread Slices to Freshen up Your Fridge

If your fridge smells bad, then give this super simple and quick tip a try.

Place a slice of fresh brown or white bread on each shelf. Close the door and leave the slices inside overnight.

In the morning, you should notice that your fridge smells much fresher. Be sure to throw the slices away and not use them as they would have absorbed a lot of the offending smells – and they really wouldn’t be very tasty! Or if you have a garden, you can place them outside for the wildlife and birds to eat. 

I hope you’ve found some of these tips helpful!

Be mindful that even natural products can cause allergic reactions so always protect your skin with rubber gloves when using them!

Remember that if you really need to use a chemical cleaning product for your home, such as when cleaning out your oven, always wear rubber gloves to avoid any of the chemicals leaching into your bloodstream through your skin. Your liver will certainly thank you and you can keep your skin soft and smooth!

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