How to Breathe New Life into Your Old Posts

September 11, 2019

Your old blog posts don’t have to gather dust. It isn’t a given – I promise!

You very likely invested A LOT of time and effort in producing them so make sure they stay relevant and get better search engine rankings by implementing my top eleven tips:

1. Is Your Content is Still Relevant?

This is particularly important to check out if the posts were created some years back. Update any information that’s out of date.

2. Add More Content

This is probably the single most effective way to revive your old posts – and achieve way better rankings.

Add more written content alongside other content such as images, downloadable files (think free recipe cards, craft ideas, printables etc).

Doing this might encourage Google to view your post as more of an authority for your chosen keyword and boost your rankings! Yay!

3. Break up Your Content

When I first started blogging, I’d often make the mistake of creating huge walls of text and that would really put people off reading what I had to say.

I noticed this also increased my bounce rate because my audience obviously didn’t like the way I presented my content and would exit the site soon after the pages would load.

High bounce rates can hurt rankings and the number of ad impressions you get (if you have ads on your site of course).

You might have started blogging the right way by writing in brief, well-formatted paragraphs so you might not need to do this but if you have some text walls anywhere, knock them down into bite-sized, easy to read chunks of information.

4. Add PDF Downloads

Adding PDF downloads may help increase your rankings as it’s showing Google that your site is offering value in the fairly rare form of document downloads.

You might want to share some printable recipe cards or festive decoration printables.

Converting the files into downloadable PDFs is also super easy. You can use to do this and it takes just a few minutes.

If you don’t know how to or don’t have the time to make your own printables, I totally understand — neither do I at the moment! BUT you can commission someone else to make them for you. Websites like and are great for this. You might also know someone creative who would be able to make some!

5. Change Your Title Tag to Rank for a New Keyword

Are you tired of trying to rank for something and it’s just NOT happening no matter what you do?

If your post hasn’t been ranking very well for your target keyword and it’s been sitting around for too long on page 2 or 7, maybe look for another keyword with less competition to rank for.

You might also like to try ranking for a longtail keyword (keywords with 4 or more words) with decent search volumes.

6. Resize Your Images

Huge image files take ages to download and can have a big impact on the loading speed of your website. That’s really bad when it comes to SEO!

Always use images on your blog that are under 1000px x 1000px at the very most.

If you need to upload much larger images to your blog, for example, if you’re a photographer, then you’ll likely need to do this but that’s ok — you can just host your photos on a third party website such as or use an image resizing plugin like Imagify.

7. Take Some of Your Very Own Photographs

By adding a few images you took yourself, you’ll create a more personal and welcoming feeling to your blog. It’s also really nice for your readers to learn a little more about you. 

8. Promote Some Old Posts on Pinterest

If you have a Pinterest account, make some brand new pins with new images and text overlays for your old posts. Then pin them to some relevant group boards and your own boards again. Use the right keywords and you’ll get some new traffic from them!

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