7 Amazing Signs That Might Appear Before Your Manifestation Occurs

Deliberate creation is just beautiful, isn’t it?

Before I discovered that I could create my own reality with my thoughts and intentions, I lived a very, very different life. I had no idea that my vibration was scattered all over the place and that my thoughts revolved mostly around lack, struggle and self-limitation.

I wanted to allow a lot of money into my life, to improve my physical health, to meet more upbeat people, find a great partner and so much more but I had so many limiting beliefs buried in my subconscious for so long that there was no way I would be able to manifest any of that.

If you know all about how the Law of Attraction works, you’ll know that if you make a concerted, conscious effort to raise your vibration, your life will change for the better and you’ll start attracting the events, people and circumstances that you desire.

Deliberate manifestations may simply pop into your experience without any noticeable signs beforehand but below are some of the more common signs people notice just before their manifestations occur.

You’re Seeing Repeating Numbers

If you’re seeing repeating numbers, particularly repeating 7s, such as 77, 777 or 7777, it means that what we perceive to be miracles are on their way to you. Seeing repeating numbers often are Angel numbers hold the same meanings for us all so if you keep seeing other repeating numbers such as 1010 or 444, search for them online and read what they mean. Joanne Sacred Scribes has a huge catalog of Angel Numbers available to research.

For most of the numbers, many different interpretations are offered. See what resonates with you as being true. This will be what your angels are trying to communicate to you.

Animals May Be Drawn to You

Animals are brilliant at sensing people’s personalities and intentions towards them. As you’ll be vibrating on a higher frequency in order to allow your manifestation to flow into your experience with greater ease, you might notice that animals keep on popping up. Your neighbor’s cat might suddenly seem friendlier than usual or a bird will sit next to you on a park bench or perch near your office window.

You’re Feeling Generally Great

When you’re in divine flow and in alignment, you feel good pretty much all the time. Knowing that you can create your own reality means that you really can have anything you want in life and that feels wonderful.

Things Aren’t Bothering You as Much

You’re sleeping better and feeling free, light, happy and basically, chilled out. This is yet another sign that fully immersed divine flow, which is exactly where you need to be in order to allow your desire to manifest.

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Things Are Effortlessly Falling into Place

Everything just seems to be effortlessly falling into place. You always seem to be in the right place at the perfect time. Parking spots effortlessly appear, you always seem to have just the right amount of money to hand, work is going well and life just seems to be working in your favor.

Your Intuition is Heightened

Once you start to create your reality by visualising what you desire and feeling as though you have it already in the present moment, your Higher Self may give you a nudge to take action in a certain way. So, for example, if you’re manifesting a lottery win, you might have a dream about the winning numbers or the thought of buying a ticket might randomly pop into your mind as you’re driving home from work.

You’ll See and Hear More about Your Manifestation

If you’re manifesting a lottery win, you’ll start hearing and seeing more about the lottery. People will be talking about the lottery such as work colleagues, and even strangers. 

Remember that feeling genuine gratitude for what you have in your life is the best way to attract positive people, events and circumstances. Keeping a gratitude journal is a really great way to remind yourself of everything that’s good about your life. It’s the perpetual feeling of gratitude that will help to keep your vibration high and allow your desires to manifest with ease and grace.

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  • I was awakened on 8/8/2019 and since that day my Life has been virtually transformed. I was basically sent a message from Yahweh with dates and everything that explains exactly where I’m going. I am so excited and grateful that although I thought I was alone and lost Yahweh was always there with a plan for my destiny. I encourage all my fellow awakened to stay positive and pay close attention to everything around you. If you stay focused unshakeable and faithful. Not only will your dreams come true you’ll find out exactly what your life’s purpose is. Much love and Abundance to you all. 11:11 888 3:33 and 241

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