signs your manifestation is close

18 Signs That Your Manifestation is Close

March 20, 2020

Ok so you’re reading this because you’d like to know what happens just before manifestation and I’d just like start off by saying that the single BIGGEST sign that your desire is on its way to you is, kinda ironically, that you AREN’T looking out for any signs! 

Yep, you read that right!

Your belief in the Law of Attraction, coupled with your personal ability to create your reality, should be SO strong that you don’t need to look out for any signs. 

You’re just completely confident that now you’ve placed your order with the Universe, it’ll just happen in divine, right timing.

YET, having said that, some signs may naturally appear to you anyway… 

And I know you’re here because you’re curious to discover more about those signs! 

So here are some signs that your manifestation is close to appearing in your reality:

1. You’ve Experienced Some Big Challenges Recently 

You might have recently gone through some unpleasant things, but these events prompted you to grow spiritually. 

In order for any of us to live more fulfilling lives, or experience pleasant new events, and meet more balanced and harmonious personality types, we must raise our own frequencies.

Your Soul knows what you need in order to do this and life challenges typically trigger learning, growth and healing and can be blessings in disguise.

At the time you were experiencing them, it may have felt awful and negative life events can cause many of us to become angry, feel aggrieved and embittered but they’re also often excellent catalysts for Soul growth and transformation if we choose to go down the path of healing. 

We attract what we ARE, never what we want. Without any challenges or issues to overcome, we would never grow spiritually.

By changing your own vibration, you’ll be attracting your desires with far greater ease because you’ll be a better energetic match for them. 

If you’ve been struggling with some life challenges recently, and intuitively feel you could benefit from some spiritual healing, there are plenty of modalities available to you including: 

Plus many more. The famous research scientist and author of The Biology of Belief, Bruce Lipton also has a list on his website.

2. You’re Having Dreams Related to Your Desire

signs your manifestation is coming
Christiana Rivers / Unsplash

If you’re manifesting wealth, you might just dream about living in a beautiful home with lots of beautiful things and you can see yourself feeling care-free and light. 

If you’re manifesting a new partner, you might dream about lying in bed with them, holding hands, and talking until the sun comes up. 

You know on a subconscious level that something HUGE is on its way to you. 

Or you might just be experiencing generally awesome dreams…

Everything just seems to be better. 

You’re genuinely, perfectly content with where you are in your life, so you’re going to be having mostly positive, fun and interesting dreams. 

You’ll also be sleeping better so you’re more likely to have more intense dreams. 

3. You’re Experiencing Some Astoundingly Potent Déjà Vu

Initial signs of manifestation may also interestingly include moments of intense Deja’vu.

In another timeline, you’re already living in your manifestation; it’s already happened because we live in a Universe of infinite potentialities

On occasion, you might experience some Deja’vu because your consciousness is momentarily accessing that reality. Just bask in the awesomeness of it and know that it’s just a really interesting sign that your manifestation is as good as already done and dusted

4. You’re Feeling Super Excited 

Because, as mentioned above just now, you just KNOW it’s as good as already done. 

Your subconscious mind knows it’s a done deal, that’s why you might be feeling upbeat and expectant, dreaming about it, experiencing seemingly impossible synchronicities, or experiencing Deja’vu!

You might not know when it will appear in your reality but it will – at the right time. You’ve happily left it up to the Universe to deliver it to you when it sees fit.

5. You Feel Chilled, Content, and Carefree

manifesting and the law of attraction
Natasha Kasim / Unsplash

You’re so happy with your life as it is right now that you’re feeling light and care-free about your manifestation too; if it happens, great! And it if doesn’t, no problem! 

You don’t NEED it, or WANT it, because that means that you don’t already have it. 

If you’re feeling that you need or want it, you’ll only create more things, people and situations to make you feel more needy that will mirror you wanting or longing for that new car, new partner, job, promotion at work, or sum of money and so on. 

Being indifferent to your desire manifesting is pretty much exactly the frame of mind you need to be in, in order for ANY desire to manifest successfully. 

When we feel indifferently towards our desires, and we just know the once we’ve placed our cosmic orders, they will be fulfilled at the right time, plus we’re content and happy with ourselves and our lives, we’re in maximum ‘receiving’ mode.

And that’s because we have so very little resistance to our desires manifesting. 

When you REALLY WANT something, you’re actively signalling to the Universe that you don’t currently have it, and your mindset is in a state of lack, and because we manifest mirrors of what we are BEING, rather than what we want, you’ll just attract more lack and wanting. 

YOU’RE the creator of your reality, so you must feel like you already have your desire in order to bring it about. If you feel like you don’t already have it, then that is what you’ll be creating – more lack and more not having what you want. 

6. Things That Used to Bother You Don’t Bother You so Much Anymore

Again, this would be because your vibration has risen. Things just wash over you and you just know that at the appointed time, the desire will happen. You’re just leaving it up to the Universe to make it happen. 

You believe that everything is happening for you, not to you; and whatever will be, will be for your highest good. If you believe these, this is what you will consistently manifest. So if by any chance it doesn’t come to pass well, that was possibly for your highest good! 

Once you have these beliefs and attitude, the level of resistance to all your desires naturally decreases or vanishes completely and so you’ll naturally manifest far more easily all the things and people that your heart desires!

7. You Feel Elated That Change Is Happening

You just KNOW something absolutely amazing is unfolding for you. It’s forming and it’s on its way. Super exciting times are lying ahead in wait. 

You feel like it’s coming and you’re feeling super excited for its arrival. 

You know that feeling that you got on your way to the airport as a kid? You just knew that you were going to go on an awesome vacation? 

Or maybe that feeling just before you had your first child? Or as you’re packing up all your stuff and you’re about to move into an amazing new home?

Yep, it’s that kind of feeling!

Anticipate it to a gentle degree, know it’s coming, yet don’t focus too much on it because that can create resistance. Just remain confident that it’s as good as done. Bask in that feeling now and again, and then let it go. Relax and allow the Universe to bring it to you at the perfect time. 

8. Fabulous Things Are Effortlessly Flowing Into Your Reality

Tyler Nix / Unsplash

You’re feeling so good that you might even notice an abnormal amount of animals and children being drawn to you!

When we’re feeling good and light, this really helps us to raise our vibration and we’re in closer alignment to the frequency of animals and children, who tend to resonate on those higher levels. 

You might presently be going through a spiritual awakening, especially if you’re into the Law of Attraction. The right people, situations, and money you need will just flow into your reality with ease and grace. It might almost seem supernatural. 

Say you set up a cleaning business recently and you’ve visualised it doing really well and you’ve seen yourself and your family as wealthy, abundant, happy, chilled out, and healthy

You might then might experience some seemingly crazy coincidences, like bumping into an old friend in a coffee shop and telling them about your new business and them telling you that’s great because their cousin is the project manager of 20 new office buildings that are currently under construction in a large city nearby. 

You set up a meeting with their cousin and the company that owns the new buildings and get a contract for your company to clean all 20 buildings once they’ve been built. 

Coincidences like these seem crazy and impossible if you only ever hear about them and have never previously experienced them first hand. 

However, they’re very real — they totally happen to everyday people ALL the time. It’s the Universe simply hooking you up with the right people, places and situations at the right time to allow your manifestation into your reality. 

9. You Might be Experiencing Some Amazing Synchronicities 

You might be experiencing some amazing synchronicities. 

Some might be astounding, some might be kinda mundane; let me give you some examples. 

You might have placed an order with the Universe for a large amount of money. You then turn up to work and your co-workers are talking about the lottery or reading an article in a newspaper about someone who won the lottery recently. Or someone was just given an amazing promotion or massive tax refund. 

You might also start seeing repeating numbers, also known as ‘angel numbers’. 

When we start seeing repeating numbers, this means that we’re really in touch with the true nature of our reality. We’re interacting with reality on a thought level.

Two angel numbers that indicate that your manifestation is on its way are 777 and 888. 

777 means ‘congratulations’, your manifestation has been heard by the Universe and 888 is associated with abundance and infinity.

You might even start seeing them together. 

We’re all part of the Universe; it is us and we are it, and we’ve evolved to the point spiritually, that we’re actually actively interacting with the Universe with our thoughts. Successful manifestation is much more likely to happen while we are in this higher state of consciousness.

10. You Feel a Sense of Deep Satisfaction and Achievement 

Your subconscious mind believes that it has already happened so if you’ve placed your order correctly and it’s been accepted by the subconscious as true, you’ll feel accomplished and sparkly. 

Because you know it’s already done, it’s a given. 

Anything and everything you could possibly image already exists. 

You’re not getting caught up in the energies from the media. You know the media loves to lower your vibration.

You understand that everything happens for a reason, whatever happened to this celebrity or that person; that’s their path and not yours, as harsh as it sounds. You’re focusing first and foremost on your life, your work, and the positively orientated people in it. 

And you’re basking in your new reality. 

11. You’re Attracting Lots of Amazing Things 

You’re seeing lots of awesome things happening around you. Like unexpected positive experiences, great people, and brilliant situations. 

When you’re vibrating at a higher frequency, you’ll be attracting far more awesome things into your life. 

You might start experiencing things like birds and other animals being drawn to you. People might be nicer around you, or you might be coming across personality types you’ve only ever seen in movies before like super nice people, dates, adorable animals and children, free gifts and so on!

12. Some People are Falling Out of Your Life 

Just Name/ Pexels

You become a more powerful deliberate creator of mostly good things as your vibration continues to rise. 

You effortlessly attract people of a similar, higher vibration into your life and those who no longer match your old, lower vibration might just naturally drop out. 

13. You’ve Totally Forgotten About It

The next sign your manifestation is coming is that you’ve totally forgotten about it. 

Although, wait a moment, didn’t I just say above that you’re excited about its arrival and you’re feeling it as if it has already happened?! 

Yep, I sure did just say that!

Think about this: if you’ve just ordered something really exciting from Amazon that you’ve been desiring for ages, you might be super excited anticipating it’s arrival, or you might just forget about it as you go about your day. 

It really doesn’t make a difference either way because that package is STILL ON THE WAY, (although remember to always act and feel as if it’s happening in the present moment) whether you’ve forgotten that it is, or you’re excited to receive it. 

See what I mean? So, yeah, hopefully that makes sense! 

Additionally, you just know that you don’t necessarily need to work hard to manifest your desire. If you want a YouTube channel with tonnes of videos, views, and subscribers, well, okay, you’re going to have to pour a hella lot of time, effort and energy into filming, editing and uploading those videos but the idea came to you effortlessly. 

We’ve been programmed to believe that we need to work hard for money. Phrases like “no pain, no gain” and “money doesn’t grow on trees” spring to mind and we’ve all heard them and taken those negative sayings on subconsciously. 

Since it’s the subconscious mind that runs the show, we’ll manifest those limiting beliefs over and over if we don’t change them. You probably have changed them, or the majority of them, if you’re truly confident with your manifesting ability

14. You’re Receiving Instructions

Your manifestation might just show up without you doing a single thing. 

For example, I placed an order with the Universe for $600. I completely forgot about and a few days later, I got a check in the mail for $617. It was a tax refund. 

My accountant later called to say that she spotted an overpayment in a previous filing and I was refunded the difference. 

On another occasion, I had a dream that I would receive a lot of money in my bank account. I woke up and felt compelled to check my statement online and saw that a family member had deposited a gift of $2500 without telling me (until a couple of days later). 

HOWEVER, saying that, LOTS of manifestations may also be brought about into reality through inspired action

Remember that the Universe will always seek the path of least resistance to create, and in some cases, that may be through you doing something like selling something you didn’t know you had that was very valuable or getting an unexpected check in the mail like I did. 

Let’s say you placed an order with the Universe to create financial abundance. You’ve visualised being wealthy, maybe you’ve seen yourself walking around into your favorite stores and feeling as if you can buy anything you like, or you’ve pictured yourself lying on a beach, feeling wealthy, abundant, and care-free… 

As a side-note, that’s a great visualisation because you aren’t specifying how the money should come, or how much it should be — you’re just leaving it up the Universe to bring wealth to you via any means. 

Well, you might then have an idea for a fun, new business that will require action in order to achieve that financial abundance you placed an order for. 

And that would be the Universe communicating to your subconscious mind an idea that can lead you to great wealth. That would be your manifestation coming to pass!

Now, that definitely isn’t to say that if you choose against setting up this new business for whatever reason, that you’ve blown your one and only shot for financial success.

Not at all.

You just need to stay in alignment with the vibration (thoughts and feelings) of wealth and plenty of other ideas will come to you, or you may indeed win a large amount of money or receive an unexpected inheritance, or check in the mail. Who knows how it will come, but it will come. 

While the conscious mind can only think of half a dozen ways to become wealthy, the subconscious mind can think of thousands if not far more! So leave it up to your subconscious mind, which is totally linked up to the Universe, to make it happen for you at the right time. 

15. You’re Seeing Small Versions of Your Desire Starting to Trickle Into Your Reality 

You’re hearing and seeing more things related to your desire.

It may very well be the case that your manifestation just pops into your reality one day without this happening — or without any other sign appearing for that matter, but this does seem to happen to many people.

If you desire to experience a great relationship or marriage, for example, you might notice lots of other people around you, even clients, co-workers and strangers, having exciting and harmonious relationships!

Or say you’re manifesting a lottery win, or you’ve left it open to the Universe to bring you financial abundance via any avenue (which I recommend because this decreases resistance), you might start winning tiny amounts of money here and there. 

You could win $5 on a scratch-off one day, the next day you win $50 in a state lottery, or maybe someone gives you an expensive gift. 

Another example would be say you placed your cosmic order with the Universe for a new car. 

You might then start seeing that particular car everywhere; on the streets, on the TV, in adverts in magazines, newspapers and billboards. You might be talking to a friend and they might mention the car in some capacity, like they’re thinking of buying it for themselves or a family member of theirs just bought it.

When this kind of thing happens, the Universe is showing you that you’re aligning with your desire, and since you create what you focus on, that’s the Universe signalling that you’re starting to allow greater financial abundance to flow into your experience.  

What you think, feel and believe, you attract.

You have it already in quantum formation; we all do, it’s just a matter of letting it into your life by aligning with it and removing any resistance, and in divine right timing it will appear. In fact, it must appear as that’s one of the laws of this particular Universe. 

You’re literally doing your job by creating your reality; that’s what we came here to do for ourselves and for the Universe. We are creative beings, just like our own creator!

16. You Aren’t Seeing Any Signs at All

Jenffffjjppp / Pixabay

Ironically, this is one of, if not the single, clearest sign that your manifestation is in progress. 

It’s usually when everything goes silent that signifies the least resistance is around. You’re just letting the manifestation flow into your life with ease at the right time. 

Sometimes it can seem like we’re on the wrong path, or that it won’t happen or something else comes up and throws us off into a lower vibration or a new direction in life, but providing it’s for your Highest good, it will happen at the right time. 

17. Ask your Guides for a Specific Sign

Ask your highest and wisest guides for a specific signs that your desire is on its way to you. 

You can ask for confirmation by asking them to show you something rare and specific like a blue feather, seashell or some other object that you only ever come across relatively infrequently. 

You might also like to ask for an audio sign like hearing “yes boss” or some other again, specific phrase. 

You might think its impossible if you haven’t tried this before but give it a go and you’ll be surprised when it actually happens! 

Just bear in mind that if you’re asking for confirmation that your desire is on its way, you might not have rock-solid belief that it’s already with you, and that’s needed for it to actually happen, so only use this method if you are genuinely, truly, completely confident that you know its already happened and it will be brought to you in divine timing. 

18. What If It Doesn’t Ever Happen? 

Remember that in Spirit, we can create whatever we desire in an instant. 

On Earth, there is a delay — and that’s for our safety. Image if you could create a tower block just by thinking about it within seconds… that would wreak absolute chaos!

BUT, if a lot of time has gone by or you feel like it just won’t happen, read my article explaining why your manifestations aren’t happening and how to fix it. 

To summarise my article, obstacles before manifestation can include:

  • Karmic blocks 
  • You still have some limiting, subconscious beliefs that conflict with your conscious beliefs. Those need to go.
  • You aren’t visualising or affirming your desire / intention in the present moment.
  • You don’t trust in the Universe (this could be subconscious distrust). 
  • A lack of belief (you don’t believe it can happen or you keep questioning how it could possibly happen). 
  • It isn’t for your Highest good 
  • It isn’t for the Highest good of someone else who is involved

Final Thoughts

Deliberately creating your reality with the Universal Law of Attraction isn’t magic, it also isn’t something to feel guilty about, or silly about. 

One of the main reasons you come to Earth is to learn how to consciously manifest your life. 

And yes, it’s a very real ability of yours — and everyone else’s. 

Dolores Cannon who regressed people and spoke directly with their Higher Selves, discovered that many Souls spoke about this. 

Plus, once you learn to manipulate energy, you can cease to incarnate on the Earth plane if you wish, and move upwards in your spiritual evolution. 

So yes, you’re here to learn and grow but also to experience stuff! Creation aka the Universe created you to experience more of itself. 

We weren’t created to spend the vast majority of our lives slaving away in windowless offices, being pitted against one another for sometimes meaningless corporate promotions and pay rises. We were created to thrive here on Earth; to be free to explore one another’s minds, and the wonderfully abundant planet we reside on. 

Be SURE of What You Desire to Create and Try Manifesting From the Heart

Be sure that whatever it is that you’re creating in your reality is something that you truly think can benefit you — and if it can benefit others in the process and you can visualise that happening too, that adds fuel to any manifestation as it’s coming from the heart. 

The heart emanates a huge electrical field and so making intentions with it, can really accelerate the creation of your desires. 

You Don’t Have to Perfect 

In case you’re wondering, you totally don’t have to be anywhere close to perfect to manifest your desires. You really, really don’t. 

We’re ALL manifesting all the time; moment by moment, whether we know it or not, whether we like it or not, or whether we’re good at it or not, or conscious, spiritually awake people or not. 

I once helped a friend manifest more money into her life but before we were successful in doing so, we had to get her into the right mindset and work on replacing her limiting beliefs with shiny new positive ones. 

When we started working together on manifesting her desire, she was totally convinced she had to be almost angelic in order to get it. I pointed out that there were loads of greedy and sociopathic people out there with TONNES of money, fast cars, and huge houses. 

There are also lots of high vibe, peaceful, generous, and kind people out there with TONNES of money, fast cars, and huge houses. It doesn’t matter! You just have to place your order and if it’s for your Highest good and the highest good of everyone else involved, it will happen — at the right time.

It’s just that people of a lower vibration will additionally attract things, people, and situations that match their lower frequency, whereas you won’t be if you’re vibrating at a higher rate. 

Therefore, raising your vibration will definitely help you to attract better things into your life overall. You’re also creating less negative karma for yourself and more positive karma if you’re on a positive life path. 

Remember that your conscious mind and your subconscious mind must both accept the desire as already existing in your reality. The subconscious mind is harder to convince that the conscious mind but it can be done with the right work and enough patience. 

There are loads of ways to reprogram the subconscious mind and Bruce Lipton has a great list of methods on his website. 

Once those two minds are in alignment, the desire will manifest. 

Remember that you also have to have rock-solid belief and faith that it is as good as already done. Your manifestation will certainly happen because it is done and happening right now in the present moment and NEVER in the future. 

The subconscious mind doesn’t know what the future is, it only recognizes the present moment and so you must believe what you desire to experience is happening right now in order for it to manifest. 

Leave your desire in the very capable hands of the Universe that created you and wanted you to create for yourself and for itself. It knows best and it will bring your desire to you in a way you might never have thoughts possible or even likely, at the right time. 

Always bear in mind that we attract what we are being and NOT what we desire. If we are being abundant in our thoughts (conscious and subconscious), feelings, visualisations and intentions, we will attract more of what we are being.

Changing Your Inner Beliefs With Change Your Outer Reality

The path to enlightenment is ongoing. It starts with a spiritual awakening but the inner work is a lifelong process. Ask yourself what is the best version of yourself you can achieve? What would that look and feel like? You can become it. 

On a personal note, just 7 years ago, I had no idea about the true nature of our reality, let alone the Law of Attraction and how much inner work I needed to do on myself to raise my vibration, clean up my life and break away from negatively orientated people so I could consciously create the life of my dreams. 

But now, after a huge amount of belief work, spiritual healing and self-care, I’m a completely different person, leading a totally different life. 

Everything has improved as a result of the inner work I’ve been doing these past few years and life just gets better and better as time goes by. 

If you’re doubting your ability to manifest your desires, look within and uplift your vibration and change your subconscious beliefs first and foremost. 

Then everything you desire will flow to you with far greater ease because you will be a way better energetic match for it. 

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    March 10, 2020 at 4:12 pm

    I was awakened on 8/8/2019 and since that day my Life has been virtually transformed. I was basically sent a message from Yahweh with dates and everything that explains exactly where I’m going. I am so excited and grateful that although I thought I was alone and lost Yahweh was always there with a plan for my destiny. I encourage all my fellow awakened to stay positive and pay close attention to everything around you. If you stay focused unshakeable and faithful. Not only will your dreams come true you’ll find out exactly what your life’s purpose is. Much love and Abundance to you all. 11:11 888 3:33 and 241.

  • Diana Rossi

    March 10, 2020 at 4:14 pm

    Glad to hear about your awakening! Much love and abundance to you also!

  • Eleonor Nobles

    March 12, 2020 at 1:16 am

    This article is just great and very helpful. Thanks
    🙂 Many Kisses!

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    March 13, 2020 at 6:39 pm

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