What Do Lightworkers Look Like?

September 30, 2019

I noticed this question being asked on Google quite a few times when searching for answers about light working and I thought it might be a good idea to offer my thoughts on it.

First off, if you’re reading this post, you’re probably a lightworker yourself, otherwise the term might not even have piqued your interest.

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Lightworker Physical Appearance

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After all, a lightworker is simply someone who has woken up to the true nature of our reality within this rather confining system on Earth — and is therefore now familiar with the term.

They may be Souls who heard the call from Earth (as Dolores Cannon has written about in her many books) to help raise the vibration of the planet so it can transition into its next incarnation — the fifth dimension, with greater ease.

These lovely Souls were happy to incarnate into bodies that simply best suited some of the Earthly lessons they were willing to learn while lifting the vibration of the planet at the same time.

So they may be Caucasian, Middle Eastern, Hispanic, African, Mediterranean… Any race really! They may also be any height or weight, and choose any style of dress, make-up or hairstyle.

There are, however, some defining characteristics about them which I’ve noticed over the years that may help you to identify them.

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1. Kind Eyes

Lightworkers often seem to have kind eyes. This is pretty hard to describe in detail but I think you know what I mean. They just feel softer, more understanding, and less judgemental. They’re also usually quite expressive without much movement from the brows.

2. A Soothing Voice, Wise Words & Actions

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They’re usually quite smart from a very young age and possess wisdom well beyond their Earthly years. For example, they might be capable of adult behavior such as consoling their parents when they’re upset or offering solutions to reasonably complex family issues. 

When they reach adulthood, their voices may be particularly smooth, soothing, and pleasant to listen to.

3. Gentle Body Movements

It’s possible for anyone to have gentle body movements but lightworkers are said to move with more ease, a little more slowly and carefully. 

Not all the people I know who are kind or work as healers move gently and carefully, plenty don’t, but I have observed this many times in others and I think there might be some truth to it.

4. Body Art

Over the past few years, it seems that quite a few people in their teens and twenties are getting metaphysical symbols tattooed on their bodies. This is super fashionable right now yet back even 10 years ago, they might be seen as odd or too edgy.

Their subconscious minds are aware of their meanings even if they consciously don’t fully understand the designs. 

5. Red Tint to Hair

I’m mentioning this purely because it has been stated by so many spiritual bloggers and You-Tubers.

It’s weird, but I’ve actually noticed this myself, too and funnily enough, I have a strong red tint to my hair, and this is especially apparent when I’m standing in strong sunlight.

I’m quite sure that there are plenty of lightworkers on the planet who don’t have a red tint to their natural hair — and it’s impossible to tell if they dye their hair anyway, of course, so I definitely wouldn’t try to identify them by the color of their hair!

I guess it’s just something to possibly bear in mind.

6. They Might Look a Lot Younger

Lightworkers who have chosen spiritual careers by actively healing people such as those working as doctors, Reiki healers, EFT practitioners, hypnotherapists, therapists, and so on, usually have very lovely energies indeed.

Working with Chi (life force energy) their Higher Selves, and other high vibrational entities and energies can cause them to look younger.

Remember that not all lightworkers know they’re lightworkers. Many, if not most, don’t. Many lightworkers chose to incarnate to subconsciously radiate higher frequencies and have jobs in supermarkets, as lawyers, cleaners and all sorts.

They may also have chosen to not awaken in this incarnation for their own learning and experience. Or perhaps it’s simply not the right time for them yet.

If you’re trying to identifying someone as a lightworker, I hope the above will help! And if you think you might be one, you very likely are!

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