Lightworkers’ Powers: Which Ones are Yours?

May 16, 2020

Lightworkers have tonnes of different powers! And I’m so happy to be diving into this article today — there’s almost nothing I enjoy blogging more about than lightworking.

It’s one of the reasons I started this blog and I personally believe that I am one of the many, many lightworkers here on earth today who chose to incarnate on this beautiful planet and help raise its frequency. 

Amazing Abilities

When I first sat down to write this article, I roughly planned out what I wanted to talk about but I wasn’t really, truly thinking about what I was just going to write about…

The truth is this: The Souls of these interesting people have been incarnating on planets and in higher dimensions where technologies and spirituality are extremely advanced. They come from absolutely amazing places and they all subconsciously know about advanced technologies and how incredibly packed with advanced life the Universe is.

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what powers do lightworkers have

What Do They Do?

So, yeah, what do they do anyway? In a nutshell, a lightworker (also referred to as a wanderer in the Law of One) is human with a very spiritually advanced Soul.

They come from fourth, fifth, and even sixth density planets and may have never incarnated on earth before. 

They are here right now to help raise the collective vibration so that the planet can move into its next incarnation.

Where Do They Come From?

@kencheungphoto / Unsplash

Lightworkers only recently started to incarnate on earth. The first wave entered around the time the bomb dropped on Hiroshima. These spiritually advanced Souls saw the way the earth was heading and decided to start incarnating to help shift the inhabitants of earth onto a more positive timeline.

This was especially urgent because of the planet’s vibrational shift from third density to fourth density, which is closer to the vibration of love and light. 

They heard Earth (aka Gaia) calling for help and decided to incarnate on her upon dying in their previous incarnation in one of the higher dimensions. 

Earth is a living being just like any human, animal or plant. And just as humans evolve spiritually, so do planets!

BUT, the earth’s inhabitants have been in need a bit of help to raise their vibrations enough to allow the planet to spiritually evolve as they’re currently holding it back. 

And that’s where Lightworkers come in!

spiritual eyes of the universe

The vast majority of Souls on earth at this time have only evolved their spirituality to a certain point and are presently struggling to evolve further.

The people of earth been taught by their media to focus primarily on the procurement of material goods and assets and there is huge emphasis on the physical appearance of the Self rather than on the importance of helping the collective (others), growing in kindness, understanding and exploring their spirituality.

Say you have a friend who has a flat car battery. You might come along with your own car and some jump leads and help them recharge their battery so they can continue their journey because they’d remain stuck otherwise. That’s essentially what lightworkers are presently doing; giving earth humans a nudge on their spiritual path. They’re are helping with this transition by raising the planet’s vibrational frequency.

It’s a super exciting time to be one earth right now because of this and many are thrilled with the opportunity to help. 

They can find it really difficult fitting in here on Earth at this time but they also have LOADS to gain by being here! In the higher dimensions, it can be really hard to grow spiritually because those dimensions are so much more harmonious and loving.

On earth, there is a great deal of extreme duality and spiritual growth is best achieved when lessons are learned and obstacles are overcome. Lightworkers therefore have much to gain from behind on earth because it’s a planet with so much potential learning and experiences to be had!

It’s a great honour to be here while the planet moves into fourth density and to help mankind move along with it.

How Many Are on The Planet Now?

@mafonso / Unsplash

There are LOADS of lightworkers here right now! In the 1980’s, there were around 65 million of them! By now, that number may be in the hundreds of millions. 

But in truth, we have been on and off earth for millions of years watching the species change and spiritually evolve.

If you’re reading this, you’re highly likely to be one yourself.

The incarnation process on earth is tricky for any Soul; there are only a limited amount of bodies available to enter into and a lot of planning needs to take place beforehand so any Soul who is here right now is very fortunate.

As the term ‘lightworker’ becomes increasingly popular, the amount of people waking up is increasing and more are incarnating to ensure the planet moves in the right direction.

Know that we need one another to do our work. By incarnating in teams, we are much more likely to be able to hold the frequency and make sure this planet incarnates into the fourth dimension successfully, with minimum disruption.

What Are Lightworker Symptoms?

Sensitivity is the most common symptom. They might be highly sensitive or just a little sensitive.

The sensitivity is due to the vibrational difference between their Souls and the very low vibration of planet earth.

You had visions or premonitions as a child

They might have had visions, extremely vivid dreams and premonitions, especially as a child. They may retain these abilities or they may diminish as they gradually age.

Physical symptoms include allergies, difficulty tolerating alcohol, sensitivity to certain smells such as paint and perfume.

You might be drawn to the paranormal

Maybe you’ve always been interested in ghosts and aliens?

The symptoms are MANY and extremely varied and all depend upon what you came to earth to specifically do. 

You don’t fear death

You don’t fear death and dying because you just know that it’s a natural process to end each incarnation. You’ve know that been through hundreds if not thousands of births and deaths before on other planets and in other existences and you know you will

You see peculiar things

You might see strange things in your peripheral vision or even directly in front of you. These strange sightings may include the presence of guides and angels. You might also be seeing into other dimensions and realities.

What Are the Different Types of Lightworkers?

Before we dive into this next paragraph, I just want to add that you probably won’t fall into just ONE category of lightworker!

For example, I’m a light bearer but I also have mediumistic and psychic abilities and the potential to become a healer later on in life. 

You, on the other hand, might find that you have all 12 lightworking abilities! So please don’t try to box yourself into just one category! It’s totally fine — and indeed, fantastic, to hold a wide variety of abilities. 

What Powers Do Lightworkers Have?

Lightworkers, also known as Wanderers, have a very wide variety of amazing powers ranging from psychic ability and healing to the effortless manipulation of reality via the Law of Attraction.

I’ll elaborate on these below:

1. Light Bearers 


All lightworkers are light bearers (also known as light keepers).

Light bearers carry a high subconscious vibration and this high vibration emits out across the globe and helps to wake others up spiritually, and contributes to the raising of the planet’s frequency. 

There is nothing special that you have to do in order to activate this ability because it’s innate — it became active the moment you were born (or more specifically rather before birth because you’re from a higher density).

Many people have no idea at all that they’re light bearers, or lightworkers for that matter. They might not even be remotely spiritual and that doesn’t matter at all as their work is being carried out automatically via their subconscious minds. 

An analogy could be that a working lighthouse might not be conscious that it’s a lighthouse but it still radiates light. Only a very small percentage of lightworkers on earth right now actually know they’re from higher densities, other planets and so on. The vast majority don’t, or they might feel differently to others but can’t quite put their finger on why that might be.

2. Energy Healers

secondfromthesun0 / Pixabay

This may be the most wonderful lightworking ability and the one that I personally cherish the most in others. 

Again, as with light keeping, healing is an innate ability. You may have always known you were a natural healer, even as a child, or you may have only recently discovered your beautiful healing ability. 

Without energy healers, this planet wouldn’t be doing nearly as well as it is now. Although we all still have a long way to go in our ascension journey as a species, we’re getting there and we’re now on a positive timeline thanks to all lightworkers — and the collective efforts of all of Earth’s positively orientated inhabitants. 

Healers have been around since Biblical times, if not earlier, but over the past few decades, many more have been incarnating to help raise the frequency of the planet and its inhabitants to help us all progress into the higher dimensions.

You might be one and not know it because your ability may currently be lying dormant but even if you don’t know you’re a healer, you may still be healing people without knowing it. Plenty of doctors, nurses, veterinarians, energy healers, psychologists, good friends and kind family members are natural healers — and they may not even know it. 

Oftentimes, healing can also be very subtle. It doesn’t have to constitute physical healing only. You could just be really good at consoling friends during painful breakups or great at identifying what someone should do to heal and move forward in a healthy way following a difficult event. Whatever your healing ability, it’s a huge blessing and something worth celebrating every day!

3. Mediums

@japhethmast / Unsplash

Mediums help to spiritually awaken those on earth by helping to prove the existence of the other side.

By validating experiences between living people and the dead, they help the living to realize that there may be far more to life than what they thought.

Mediums can also provide great healing and empowerment to the living through their readings by providing confirmation of loved ones existing on the other side.

You develop your mediumistic abilities on the other side and not while in the physical. Your abilities can be refined and honed once here but they’re mostly created and developed on the other side while you’re discarnate.

How can you know for sure if you’re a medium? Read on…

You dream about dead people

Dreaming about relatives, friends, and other people you knew who have passed away is a very common sign that you’re a medium. You might also wake up in the middle of the night fairly often for no reason or because you had a dream a dead person was in your room. You might even wake up and see or sense a ghost.

You can sense spirits around you

Whether it’s day or nighttime, you might be able to sense when spirits are around you. Sensing them may include intuitively feeling that they are there or

One or more relatives may have had mediumistic abilities

My Dad was a natural medium and he used to see the dead just as he would see the living, however, contrastingly, my Mum has no belief in ghosts or the paranormal at all, despite her religious beliefs.

You don’t have to have a medium in the family in order to be a medium. You might not even know your birth family or maybe the relative who is or was a medium didn’t know they were one or failed to ever or announce it.

4. Way Showers


Some people regard Wayshowers as being different to lightworks but as their Souls originate from elsewhere in the Universe and they probably haven’t had many or any earthly lifetimes before,

Wayshowers are particularly adept with self-employment. They are usually quite strong minded individuals who thoroughly dislike all the earth systems that have been imposed upon us and seek to shake them up, avoid them or bust them.

If you feel strongly against the systems put in place here on earth and intuitively know that it doesn’t have to be this way, you’re probably a wayshower.

They know that the monetary system we have in place now probably isn’t great for us, and that working long hours in jobs we might not like much at all, isn’t doing our Souls much good.

Wayshowers can also often embody the future of humanity because their ego-selves are usually highly evolved. They tend to be spiritually awake, considerate, balanced, academically and emotionally intelligent, and like living in harmony. They are possibly, essentially what humans will be like in 500-1,000 years’ time.

5. Channellers

starseed channellers
@amytreasure / Pixabay

Channellers are able to channel information from higher entities, realms, positively polarised extra terrestrials, angels, and other light beings.

The information that is provided through them usually helps to serve humanity in some way. As an example, their channellings often help to spiritually awaken the unawakened.

The main purpose of a channeller is to encourage the idea that we are all divine beings of light having temporary human experiences which are helping our Souls to grow and move closer to love and light (Creation also known as God).

6. Empaths

@jtownsend22 / Unsplash

Are Empaths Lightworkers?

Yes, they totally are! Empaths have the amazing ability of absorbing negative energies and transmuting those energies into love and light.

They transmute denser, lower vibrational energies from the collective consciousness, their personal ancestral lines, as well as themselves, and those around them on a regular basis.

Because of this, empaths can sometimes lead frustrating and difficult lifetimes here on earth if they don’t know how to take proper care of themselves.

They’re usually also natural healers and may carry their healing work out subconsciously for the whole planet on an ongoing basis.

7. Highly Sensitive People

highly sensitive people starseeds
Malina_Bogdanovskaya / Pixabay

You’re probably thinking, “OK Diana — I’m a highly sensitive person but it’s not really that beneficial, in fact, I often find functioning in the real world really hard!”.

BUT, don’t you just ‘get’ people better than the next person? Don’t you think that you can also read people better and that you tend to form more meaningful bonds with close friends and family as a result?

So perhaps it’s not so bad, after all?

Highly sensitive people may possess a multitude of spiritual gifts such . Sadly the drawback to being sensitive to spirit, other dimensions, E.T.s, and so on also means being sensitive to the earth plane, too.

8. Blueprint Holders

spiritual blueprint holders for better planet
Lorenzo Cafaro / Pixabay

These people can be considered roughly the same as Wayshowers in a sense because they’re always subconsciously carrying a kind of blueprint for the way forward.

Humanity is constantly evolving and the divine blueprint holders wish to ensure that they move in a positive direction than a self-destructive one by spreading love, light AND fabulous ideas of all kinds to help humanity move forward.

These ideas are picked up subconsciously by others and include medical advancements, technological advancements, ways to defeat the unfair systems we have on earth, spiritual development ideas, and so much more.

As mentioned above, prior to the incarnation of many lightworkers, the earth was heading down a negative timeline. As a result of the recent work of more advanced Souls incarnating here and consciously and subconsciously spreading their love and light, earth is now on a more positive timeline.

Now it must be said that we ALL carry blueprints of the higher dimensions within us, as does the Earth, but in some people, they are more easily recognisable by others on a subconscious level.

As an example, someone who is into technology might go to a convention about technology and others will subconsciously pick up plans for a new electronic device of some kind from them, whereas the next person might go to the same convention and their blueprint isn’t as easily picked up.

9. Psychics

psychics and mediumship
RondellMelling / Pixabay

I don’t know if you’ve ever had a reading from a genuine psychic. Since 2013, I have been receiving psychic readings on a semi-regular basis from a brilliant psychic. They have helped me in numerous ways.

They helped me to identify areas of my life that required spiritual healing and the healing that took place as a result helped me to empower myself and no longer feel weighed down about certain aspects of my life. For example, when I was younger, I would attract highly narcissistic partners and friends.

Once the psychic let me know how these narcissistic people truly felt towards me and advised me to receive healing to remove the vibration of narcissism within me, I stopped attracting highly narcissistic people because I fell out of vibrational alignment with the energy of narcissism. The healing modality used was Spiritual Response Therapy (also known simply as SRT).

Not only can psychics help you heal but they can also help you to move on after failed relationships and repair broken relationships. They can also help you to decide on new paths in life by predicting how things might go if you were to go down that path.

Although there are arguably plenty of charlatans out there, there are also many genuine psychics who can serve humanity so very well with their wonderful gift.

10. Predictors

predicting the future with tarot cards
@jentheodore / Unsplash

Predictors, along with psychics and mediums have very clear and open third eyes.

They’re able to see into the most likely timelines ahead. This can help humanity on an individual basis such as through tarot readings or helping to predict upcoming global disasters such as wars, economic crashes, and pandemics.

And they can also help steer humanity into some of the best possible timelines, and out of danger. This is sadly probably the least common lightworking ability, yet one of the most valuable.

11. Messengers

wayshowers vs starseeds
@yoannboyer / Unsplash

Since earth is a planet of free-will that cannot be interfered with by any aliens races, the aliens who wish to help the Souls of earth, need to incarnate into earthly human bodies in order to interact with them and influence them.

Messengers are such such beings and they often receive higher guidance from benevolent extra terrestrials and the Galactic Federation of Light.

The messages that they receive are then passed onto humanity through mediums such as YouTube, blogs, or Facebook groups.

12. Predictive Dreamers

dreamers and other intuitive people
@mysundaram / Unsplash

Every night while you sleep, whether you dream or not, your Soul gets ups to all sorts!

Your Soul doesn’t sleep — it’s only the physical vessel that requires sleep so at night your Soul goes off and explores other planets, other dimensions, it might visit loved ones on the other side, it might attend a school, or meet with its guides. It could be doing anything at all really!

Those who have intense dreams naturally may also become lucid dreamers so they can control their dreams and consciously direct them. This is also known as astral traveling.

All dreams are real on the astral plane and hold meaning for you or others. Write your dreams down immediately after waking up and look up their meanings to receive guidance from them.

Before going to sleep every night, you can set the intention to connect with your Higher Self and your guides to receive higher guidance.

How Are They Chosen?

Well, they aren’t really ‘chosen’ by anyone exactly. I can see that people have been searching for an answer to this question online and in all honesty, it would be very unethical of me to come up an explanation that’s fictitious just to get more blog views…

Here’s the truth; They are never chosen by anyone, everother than themselves! They choose to incarnate on earth exactly when it suits them for their own spiritual growth, to experience an earthly lifetime and to help raise the vibration of the people on the planet.

Lightworker Eyes

the eyes of lightworkers
StockSnap / Pixabay

Lightworkers eyes can be any color at all so it’s not the color that sets them apart from others — it’s the way they seem to be wise well beyond their years.

They are typically rather penetrating, despite the age of their owner.

These people seem to be particularly adept at creating genuine, deep, and meaningful connections with others because when you look into the eyes of a lightworker, it often feels as though they know you without knowing you. 

And they genuinely care about others and that usually helps to create positive and lasting connections.

Psychic and empathic lightworkers often have such eyes and it’s particularly wonderful being in a relationship with them.

Self Care for Sensitive People

Lightworkers tend to be sensitive people, and some will be more sensitive that others. Because of this, self-care is even more important.

Always remember to:

  1. Take time out whenever you need it (and before it gets to the point where you feel completely exhausted!).
  2. Say “no” to anything you don’t feel comfortable with.
  3. Make some quality time for yourself every night, if possible. Even if it’s just to read a great book in bed with your favorite yummy herbal tea.
  4. Never let others get under your skin or rent any space in your mind or heart if they don’t fully value you.
  5. Enjoy yourself! Eat the foods you crave (within healthy guidelines) and make a budget for buying a lovely little treat for yourself, even if it’s just once a month.

How Do They Heal Themselves?

healing sensitive people
@tinymountain / Unsplash

Lightworkers can heal themselves and others in the same way that anyone heals; through energy healing — for example, via Reiki, QHHT, hypnosis, past life regression, The Emotion Code, guided meditations such as those created by Dr. Joe Dispenza and so on.

Dating as a Sensitive Person

I wanted to include this paragraph because so many of us seem to be single these days and lightworkers in particular can really struggle with dating because they can be so sensitive.

We typically prefer to have warm, loving, giving and kind partners and the world today, at times, can seem far more focused on physical appearance, materialism and financial success. It can be really hard for sensitive people! I know.

However, you very likely made a pre-birth plan before incarnating on earth and arranged to meet a good partner at the right time so they be on their way and when you meet them, you’ll both just know that you’re meant to be together.

Remember that the people we manifest into our lives are always reflections of our own vibrations so the partner you attract will mirror some aspect of your own vibration. If you keep attracting incompatible or negatively polarised dates and partners, some inner healing work should fix that.

The Dangers of Lightworking

Yes, there is a lot to be gained by incarnating on earth right now; earth is a planet rich in life and experiences but there are also some potential, major pitfalls and because of these pitfalls, only the bravest of Souls choose to incarnate on earth.

The main danger of incarnating on earth as a more evolved Soul is being influenced by the negative side of an earthly life resulting in a lowering of your vibrational set-point and therefore aiding in the destruction of the planet and its inhabitants. We always want to be a part of the solution and not the problem but being human is very challenging at times and some lightworkers do end up regressing spiritually.

And that means you might not be able to incarnate again on earth once it moves into its next incarnation into fourth density. This is the risk you take when you incarnate here.

Saying that, the risk that your vibration will be significantly lowered is fairly low because you’d have to adopt extremely negative behaviors such as murder, very heavy narcotic use, mental and physical abuse of others and so on.

Some Souls never incarnate on earth at all; or in any physical dimension for that matter!

In the physical dimensions, sure, you get to eat chocolate ice-cream, drink fine wine, keep pets and so on but you also risk experiencing great physical pain, illnesses, rape, murder, stress, heartbreak — all sorts of issues!

So whoever you are, whether you’re a lightworker or not, know that you’re still incredibly brave for being here right now.

Final Thoughts

oracle cards reading
@jentheodore / Unsplash

Within each light working category are loads of subcategories. For example, you might be psychic but fall into the category of psychic healer as you’re able to see with your third eye where a person needs physical or emotional healing. 

I’d like to round the article off by saying that no one really knows what a lightworker actually is. On earth, we need to apply labels to things in order to make sense of them — or try to make sense of them.

What we think we know about them today is that they are people whose Soul’s are somehow more advanced and that they’re here to help earth move into forth density at their own risk.

I hope you found this article helpful and I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!

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