Why Do Lightworkers Suffer?

June 16, 2020

“Why do Lightworkers suffer?” Good question!

If you’re reading this, you probably, intuitively just know that you’re a Lightworker. You have my congratulations and my sympathy.

I take my proverbial hat off to you because coming to Earth at this time hasn’t been very easy so far, has it? I know because I’m quite sure that I’m a Lightworker too and boy, are our paths tricky at times! 

This planet can be a really hard school because of the extreme duality of the positive and negative energies that exist here. However, the learning opportunities for a Soul on Earth at this time are also far greater here than in the more harmonious realms of existence. 

And this planet also has so much natural, physical beauty to offer.

The food isn’t too bad, either!

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For the purpose of this article, I’m allowing my highest and wisest guides to speak through me. They will offer their suggestions as to why Lightworkers sometimes seem to be negatively affected  emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually on Earth.

Lightworkers can suffer on Earth for many different reasons as listed below, but in short, it’s because their Souls are spiritually advanced and the vibrational discord can cause them to feel out of balance and out of place. 

Here are some potential reasons why you might sometimes feel like you are suffering on this planet.

You chose to incarnate for Earth’s shift to 5D

You might sometimes ask yourself and the Universe what you’ve done to attract so many negative events and people into your life. You might even feel cursed at times. 

Well, at Soul level, you chose to incarnate on this planet at this time.

You’re absolutely meant to be here — that was no mistake. Our Ego selves (who we are in the physical plane on Earth at this time) didn’t make the choice. It was your Soul’s choice and it might really surprise you to hear how different your Soul’s ideas and choices are to your own at times.

This is also the first time that Lightworkers have been on this planet as it starts to move into the next dimension. You’re very likely a first wave ascension Lightworker.

You aren’t doomed to a lifetime of hardship

In all likelihood, you’re doing just fine on your life path as a sensitive person with a more spiritually advanced Soul. You could be attracting negative situations and people because they are subconsciously attracted to your bright energy and aura.

Another reason could be to help others heal and grow spiritually. Many people on Earth right now need quite a lot of spiritual healing whether they know it or not.

This is because this is a crucial period in this planet’s existence as it’s moving into its next incarnation. It’s a living being just like us and it’s making spiritual progress too.

The more people who are healed (for the most part) and can move along with it, the better for them and for the Earth. If there are more positively orientated people on the planet than negatively orientated, Earth will be able to make its transition to 5D (also sometimes referred to as 4D) more effectively — and faster. 

Understanding others can be hard

And this can directly cause you to sometimes feel confused, annoyed, frustrated, angry, and alienated. 

The way the people of Earth treat one another, the planet and the animals might seem shocking and atrocious to you at times. You have empathy for others and you want show you care but it can be tough at times because others just don’t seem to be on the same page.

Lightworkers can suffer greatly on this planet because as I mentioned above, they have highly evolved Souls. Before incarnating here, your Soul was probably incarnating on planets or in non-physical realms with much less social chaos and division and far more harmony, understanding, compassion, and camaraderie. 

You might sometimes think about how it takes so little to be kind to others, to smile at others, to help someone out in some way. It costs literally nothing! So why aren’t there more people who engage in this kind of behavior? It’s confusing. 

Earth is a place where a lot of young and inexperienced Souls incarnate. Young Souls are Souls that haven’t lived many lifetimes or haven’t been learning from the lifetimes they have lived so they simply can’t understand other people. They haven’t lived in their shoes. 

They might often come across as anti-social, narcissistic, careless, selfish, dislike women, men, other races and be homophobic. Your Soul knows that race etc is simply a different expression of physical energy and that these young Souls may be struggling to understand this concept and with their spiritual growth. However, your ego self can become frustrated with them and really struggle to understand them.

This can leave some Lightworkers feeling overly cautious or even anxious about engaging with others and meeting new people. And that can lead to isolation, depression, frustration, and loneliness. 

There’s a vibrational incompatibility with Earth

There’s a vibrational mismatch between your natural vibration and the vibration of Earth and its inhabitants. The vibration of this planet is significantly lower than your Soul’s planet of origin. You had to lower your vibration significantly in order to incarnate on Earth. It’s a far denser planet than many of the other habitable planets in this Universe.

And the vibrational mismatch can feel really weird. Some people never get used to it and experience odd symptoms their entire lives. 

The physical symptoms they might experience include stiff limbs, headaches, gastrointestinal issues, dizziness, and other unpleasant symptoms. The root causes of which may never be found by medical professionals despite extensive testing. 

You might also be permanently aware of the heaviness of this planet because it’s so much denser than the other planets and dimensions you’re used to. It might feel really weighty at times and lugging your body around can seem like a chore!

Lightworkers are also usually highly sensitive and empathic people and it’s super common for them to suffer emotionally and mentally too. Anxiety is very common as is chronic depression, albeit to a lesser degree.

You’re working out karma

You may have been incarnating on Earth for many lifetimes before waking up spiritually and realising that you’re not originally from here. 

Some Lightworkers have been here for eons, although the majority started to incarnate during the mid 20th Century around the time the species started using nuclear technology. 

Karma always needs to be balanced out by the Universe and we know this on a Soul level. During the life review of each Soul once it crosses over, it can see and feel the positive and negative impact it had on others while incarnate. It can subsequently feel compelled to make up for its wrong doings. So while on this planet, you may be doing as such.

And honestly, my hat goes off to the Souls incarnating over and over on Earth working through their karma, learning spiritual lessons and growing in wisdom. While the Earth experience can be a throughly exhilarating and fascinating one, it can be equally dangerous, disappointing, heart-breaking, and incredibly lonely.

And oftentimes, Souls keep playing out the same lessons with the same Souls over and again, sometimes for thousands of Earth years before finally working things out and learning the lessons they set out to learn on this plane.

Each and every single Soul who has ever incarnated on this planet is incredibly brave, even if their Ego selves appear shy, unhappy or anxious. 

Know that ultimately, your role here on this planet at this time is absolutely vital. It’s highly beneficial for your own Soul’s growth and at the same time, you are aiding the Earth’s transition into the fifth dimension. 

What happens here on Earth in the next few hundred years will be spoken about across the Universe for millennia because it’s the first time a planet will go through the reincarnation process in this Universe.

And personally, I honestly can’t think of anything more exciting than being here and helping the planet at this time!

You’re attracting negative people to heal them 

Lightworkers are often also natural empaths. 

And being an empath can be really tough — especially in today’s world!

You probably know already but an empath is someone who absorbs the thoughts and emotions of other people and places and feel them and think them as if they are their very own. And it can be really tricky to distinguish your own thoughts and feelings from those you have collected from elsewhere.

You might find yourself criticising and being frustrated with yourself because you can’t understand how or why you feel so angry, down or upset so much of the time. You work on balancing your chakras, you have energy healing sessions and use crystals yet you might still feel all over the place sometimes. 

But the main point of being an empath is to aid in the healing of others and the planet. For example, if someone is subconsciously vibrating with a desire to heal themselves then they will attract people who can point them in the direction of healing. Or they can offer it themselves. 

And that doesn’t necessarily mean you have to be an energy healer in order to heal others. You can help and guide people and even heal them with kinds words, actions and showing genuine care.

As a Lightworker, you might also be subconsciously transmuting other people’s energies to lighten the vibration of the planet and ease its transition.

So, please don’t be hard on yourself if you suspect that you’re an empath. It’s a tough job but someone has to do it. And you knew you would be doing it prior to coming here, as unlikely as that may sound. 

Many empaths are usually quiet people who select their friends very carefully and like to spend a lot of time alone. They find the energies of other people uncomfortable. 

If you feel your empathic ability is really interfering with your life, you can work with an energy healer to reduce it somewhat. It may be that your aura is too open at present. 

You wanted the experience of being here

This might be hard to believe but before you incarnated here, you probably looked upon humanity with loving eyes. You heard Earth calling for help from more advanced Souls and you really wanted to incarnate and try your best to help.

You left your home planet or dimension and came here to experience all that this planet has to offer. Including the chocolate ice cream, comfy sofas, stunning mountains, valleys and so on!

Your experiences have caused you to dislike others

And that can cause hardship through loneliness and feeling unsafe in the world.

If many of the people you encounter are narcissists or otherwise ‘toxic’ people (I hate calling them that as they are just people who need deep spiritual healing), you might develop a fear or dislike of humanity. 

Let’s face it, unawakened people can be a tad scary. Their views and thoughts often don’t align with love, understanding, compassion, or the greater good.

However, they’re on their own individual awakening journeys and they will eventually grow in their spirituality and understanding but the rate of growth is up to them. It may take them many, many more lifetimes to develop empathy, compassion and so on.

In the eyes of Source energy (also referred to as Creation or God), there’s no rush.

As long as most people are evolved enough to understand basic respect and care for others, which I personally believe we are, we’ll be OK and the planet can move into its next incarnation with ease. 

Those whose vibrations are not compatible with that of the new Earth, will reincarnate on another 4D planet where they can continue their spiritual journeys. 

Final Thoughts

“Why do Lightworkers suffer?” Indeed. This is a question I have asked myself many times during the course of my thirty odd years on this planet but I know that I chose to be here.

Humanity is presently experiencing spiritual growing pains. As Evidential Medium Suzanne Giesemann once so perfectly put it: “We were in the Dark Ages, now we’re in the Dim Ages”. 

We’re still trying to work everything out. We’re still tackling issues such as racism, misogyny, materialism, narcissism, nepotism, and homophobia as a species. We haven’t yet understood how to be compassionate and understanding towards one another.

Being a sensitive person on this planet at this time is hard. I totally recognise that, however, to summarise, as unlikely as it may seem to you, you chose to be here, and you probably were really excited about it, too! 

I thank you for being here as an enlightened spiritual being at this vital time and I wish you all the best. 

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