Scripting Law of Attraction Ideas to Manifest Your Dream Life

January 6, 2018

Scripting, also known as future journaling or law of attraction journaling, is a powerful manifesting technique.

You basically write down your desire as if you have already received it or you are currently receiving it in the present moment, around once each day. 

scripting law of attraction
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You do this until you feel as if you sincerely believe what you’re writing is happening in the present, or has already happened. 

Scripting is essentially just another way of getting your subconscious mind to accept your desire as being presently true. This sets into motion the Law of Attraction to bring about your desire because it’s your subconscious mind that connects with Universal intelligence to shift your consciousness into your new, desired reality. 

It’s simple and easy to do, it’s deliciously relaxing when done by candlelight with gentle music, thoroughly enjoyable if you like practicing your handwriting, and best of all, it’s one of the more effective manifesting methods in my personal opinion — when combined with visualisation

How to Use Scripting to Manifest Anything

So here’s a more detailed description of how you can go about creating your new reality by scripting…

1. Sit somewhere quiet and comfortable. 

Be careful to remove any distractions from your space such as pets, kids, noisy roommates, siblings, and parents from your space while you’re scripting! 

And your cellphone definitely needs to be off! Emails popping up on your smartphone from work are, of course, a HUGE no-no when it comes to creating some valuable alone time. Who wants all that up in their hair while they’re trying to get a moment to themselves?

2. Take a lined (or unlined if you have a super steady hand!) A4 or A5 notepad or journal.

You don’t have to use anything special at all. If you fancy it, you can always purchase one of the many beautiful journals available on places like Amazon and tonnes of other places on and offline. 

3. Grab a comfortable pen. 

4. If you enjoy the company of crystals and you believe in their properties, place a freshly charged piece of clear quartz or amethyst in your space. 

If you’re manifesting anything to do with material wealth such as money, general abundance, or a new business, a piece of real citrine will help. Real citrine is quite pricey and you need to watch out for fakes (there are SO many on the market these days) but it’s is amazing for helping to manifest wealth. 

If you’re manifesting romance, add some beautiful rose quartz to your space.

If you want to take your time and use the scripting process as a self-care activity as well as a manifesting activity, light some candles, and play some soothing music in the background. Here’s one of the magical tracks recorded in 528 Hz (the love frequency) that I like to listen to while scripting. 

I personally really enjoy scripting around midnight when it’s super quiet and still outside or during the day with the shades down. 

5. Then prepare your state of being to begin the manifestation process…

This part only takes a coupe of minutes, literally — promise!  

Start by clearing your mind and relaxing by taking four deep breaths in and out. 

Then imagine roots growing from your feet and anchoring you to the centre of the Earth. This is to ground and centre yourself. 

6. Next, start writing!

Yep, we finally got there!

Manifesting Love

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Ok, so say you’re manifesting a new partner…

You can write something like this: 

I have now met my partner in divine timing, who is my divine selection, and we’re in a lasting, mutually fulfilling romantic relationship with one another. I am so very grateful, blessed and happy. 

It might get a bit tedious and boring to write that exact paragraph out over and over so combine it with at least another couple of related paragraphs.

For example:

We love spending quality time together often and doing fun and exciting things together. It’s so fulfilling and we feel so blessed and thrilled to be in a relationship with one another. 

He’s a really great guy / she’s a really amazing woman, and we just knew we were meant to be together soon after meeting for the first time!

You also REALLY don’t have to script the very same sentences every single day! 

You can change things up by talking about say, how you feel about each other and maybe some of the adjustments you’re making to your life now that you have a new partner, for example, going to the gym together after work, or maybe moving stuff out of closet to make room for their clothes and so on. 

Think about how it would feel to have your dream partner by your side…

How would your mornings look together? How would your family feel about you being with someone new? How would your friends behave with your new partner? How would your life change? How would your home and bedroom look if you’re living together? How would you look and feel about yourself? What would your schedule be like? What kind of things would you be doing together?

Maybe you’d like to take some trips abroad or have kids together or frequently try out new restaurants together and so on. You can visualise all the above and so much more.

If you REALLY think about it, there’s a TON of stuff that you would be doing together if you were together, so just script about all that great stuff!

Ultimately, it will always be the feeling of being in a mutually loving, fulfilling and balanced relationship that should be injected into everything that you write. 


And remember to always avoid being too specific when it comes to manifesting something like a partner. If they love you wholly and completely, and you love them wholly and completely, then it’s going to be the right person for you and you’ll be the right person for them! 

The most important thing is the way you both FEEL about each other.

And you’re allowing the Universe to match you up with the right person rather than creating resistance by specifying you desire someone of a certain height, profession, weight, or social status etc. 

This is because the Universe might find it tricky to find someone who fits all of those specifications anywhere in the world let alone someone who also lives in your city, town etc. Remember that the Universe can only match you up with someone who exists! 

You can, however, throw in one or two more general specifications such as them being spiritual, intelligent, affectionate, or adventurous!

Just remember to feel the words deeply as you write them. Imagine this is really happening and you really are experiencing your words in the present moment.

Then start visualizing along with feeling those emotions. This is such a vital part of the manifestation process — I can’t stress this enough. SEE and FEEL someone who you feel you love on every level and who loves you back on every level. Feel your emotions emanating from your heart chakra (or simply your heart).

When we manifest from the heart, our manifesting ability is greatly amplified. 

Manifesting Material Items

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Don’t need or desire to manifest a new partner? 

Sure! If you desire to own say, something like a new car, you could write something along the lines of: 

I am very grateful to now have my new (insert make and model of car here). It’s so smooth to drive. I love taking trips with it. I so enjoy admiring the beautiful cream interior. 

It’s made my life so much easier and I can now also give lifts to family and friends. They love it too. I’m so happy and grateful that I can do that for them. 

Try including how your manifestation can also benefit others as that can really add fuel to the law of attraction process. 

Feeling Grateful

As a side-note, you can also choose to start with expressing gratitude for your desire coming to pass. Gratitude is important because it holds a very high vibration and the higher your vibrational set-point raises, the easier and faster positive things and life experiences will manifest in your life.

Open a page or take a sheet and give thanks for the opportunity to create your reality in general — believe it or not, there are planets with species inhabiting them who do not posses freewill. 

That must be REALLY rough!

So yeah, sending out gratitude to the Universe for all that you already have and will have, if you feel that’s something you’d like to do. 

Always remember that whatever you manifest is always going to mirror of your own vibration so if you manifest a guy or girl who turns out NOT to be so great, you’ll need to work on changing your own vibration to become a match with someone kinder, or more suitable. 

It absolutely doesn’t mean that you’re like them, it just means there’s something in your own vibrational signature that resonates with the frequency of whatever negative trait they’re carrying. 

As an example, plenty of good natured people attract narcissistic personality types. It doesn’t mean they’re narcissists themselves. It could simply mean that they received some kind of abuse when growing up, in past incarnations, or the Universe is showing them that they need to work on strengthening their boundaries or heal some other aspect of themselves. 

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What Can You Use Scripting For?

You can script to manifest literally almost anything in your life. Just create a few paragraphs such as the ones above for whatever it is that you desire to create in your life.

That includes whatever you feel is genuinely achievable in life, as well what you feel is unachievable. 

But I would definitely advise starting out with the stuff that you feel in your heart of heart’s is actually achievable in order to build up your confidence with your ability to deliberately create your life experiences. 

Why Does Scripting Work? 

Essentially, it works because YOU are the creator of your reality. 

Let me elaborate on that a bit…

There are a TON of manifesting techniques out there at present MOST of these techniques work well because they all help to reprogram the subconscious mind, albeit in different ways.

You see, since it’s the subconscious mind that creates your reality and by moving your consciousness (you) into a new timeline, it doesn’t matter which method choose to go with as long as it’s effective in getting your subconscious to believe in totality that you are presently experiencing your new desired reality. 

Does that make sense? 

I sincerely hope so. 

Remember that crucially, you must take action to achieve your goals too. 

Sure it’s possible to manifest vast amounts of wealth, beautiful homes and cars and awesome partners by not changing your schedule or doing anything differently. It’s just that most things in life take action in order to come about.

Cynthia Stafford simply meditated on wealth until she won a $112 million Powerball jackpot!

I manifested a new home mortgage-free and I didn’t take any action other than scripting and visualizing, but I certainly didn’t manifest this blog by not taking action. I also didn’t tone my body and lose weight by sitting around eating junk food all day long…

Both projects took months of work to achieve results, although the process was lots of fun. So it does also depend on what you desire to create, too. 

Taking action can help to speed up your manifestation and show the Universe you really are merging with the reality where you new lifestyle or desire actually exists.

So you’re much more likely to receive it, and receive it faster. 

How Often You Should Script

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Until your manifestation pops into your reality, basically! 

It feels great to give thanks and it’s a relaxing, creative and engaging activity so if you try it out and find it enjoyable, just continue to script each day until you’re actually living your script! 

Some Law of Attraction coaches suggest doing it just once, or visualising just once, and that’s OK; we all have our own views on things. And they might be saying that because that works well for them. 

If you’re a powerful manifestor with tonnes of confidence in your ability to create anything you wish in your life, you might only need to script for one day!

But, if you’re just starting out or if you haven’t had much practice with the Law of Attraction, I would personally recommend making some time each day to script until your manifestation comes to pass. 

Remember that focusing too much on wanting something, will only push your desire away as you’ll just manifest more people, things, and situations that make you feel wanting and lack. 

So, always script with joy, playfulness, belief that your manifestation is totally possible to achieve and that it’s happening now. Use it as a fun and light-hearted activity. This will help to quash resistance to actually allow your manifestation to happen!

As time goes by and you practice more often and your confidence increases, you might find that you don’t need to script as much anymore. 

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Wishing you happy manifesting! If you have any questions or you’d like to share your scripting results, I’d love it if you could leave a comment below! 

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