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Law of Attraction Specific Person Manifestation

April 20, 2020

Can you really manifest love with a specific person? Or is that just remarkably wishful thinking?

I’m going to give you my really, really short answer that you might or might not like, or agree with. 

Here it is…


Yup. Plain ol’, disappointing maybe… Because theoretically, anything is possible.

But wait — because sincerely, there’s SO much more. 

While maybe essentially means yes and no, if they really do want to be with you, following these Law of Attraction tips may very well help you to come together in a healthy way to create a lasting, fun, and mutually fulfilling relationship. 

Ok, phew — I just wanted to get that out the way because there are a lot of Law of Attraction teachers and coaches these days who state that anyone can unequivocally manifest a relationship with anyone else, and in my personal opinion, that just isn’t quite right. 

So let’s dive in…

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Can you manifest love with a specific person

We Can All Feel the Energy of Others

So if you want to create a really great relationship with someone else — anyone else, try to make sure that your energy is grounded, confident, and full of self-love because whether the majority of us know it or not, we are all psychic beings. 

We can sense when someone is interested in us, we can sense when someone is pulling away from us, and we can also sense when someone else’s energy is just too strong and unbalanced (read clingy and needy).

When one person likes another person significantly more, that unfortunate imbalance very rarely leads to the creation of happy, lasting, and healthy relationship because one person will inevitably, constantly feel repelled by the overwhelming energy of their crush or partner. 

The dynamic just can’t ever be good, and it’s pretty much doomed to fail sooner or later. 

In order for two people to come together for a good relationship to unfold between them, the emotions both people have for one another almost always have to be at a similar level.

Release Resistance to Them By Letting Them Go

You might not know it but if you’re chasing them, either with phone calls, texts, or just thinking about them non-stop, you’re pushing them away. 

The emotion and thought energy you’re consciously or subconsciously sending out is subconsciously being received by them and it’s literally repelling them.

Have you ever noticed the people who you like the least are the ones who like you A LOT? And you know what I mean by a lot… maybe too much. And it can be off-putting, right? 

So, reason with yourself as to why this connection doesn’t seem to be working out for now and then let go of them energetically — and in every other way. 

Because here’s the thingironically, letting go of someone you would like to be with, releases resistance to any potential relationship unfolding. You’ll actually be allowing them to come forward and a relationship may develop as a result.

Take Your Mind off Them

If you’ve made the choice to step away, shift your focus onto learning more about something you’re interested in, or take up a new hobby.

Or maybe go out with your friends more often. Have some serious fun. Go to a bar or three. Meet a bunch of new people, make some new friends, practice your flirting and conversation skills, and just try to put them out of your mind. 

If that kind of thing doesn’t appeal to you, I understand, as an introvert, it’s not something that I’m too into either, so perhaps just immerse yourself in a hobby or take up something new. Maybe even go back to school for a short course and learn a new skill or language!

However you choose to take your mind off them, your focus will be on the new stuff going on in your life and memories and thoughts of them should fade into the background.

Cut The Energetic Cords Between You

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If you’re thinking about a specific person all the time and you feel the connection is just too strong to break without some kind of intervention, you might need to do some cord-cutting and other energy healing work. 

Some attachments to other people can otherwise go on for years and years and that’s simply not a viable use of your time or heart energy if it presently isn’t working out.  

You can find out how to cut energetic cords yourself here. It’s free and pretty quick and simple to carry out from home. And don’t worry about them losing their interest for you! Cord-cutting simply releases the ties between you so that you can both choose to come together for all the right reasons, as opposed to the wrong ones.

Once the cords have been cut, (trust me, they will absolutely exist if your feelings for them are strong) you’ll probably, quickly notice a change in how often you think about them and the amount you long for them. Cord-cutting will really help you to detach from them and release resistance to manifesting them at the same time. So it’s a big win all around.

If you’ve been through the cord-cutting process and you still feel a strong attachment to them, some further energy healing work may be required. You can opt for the Emotion Freedom Technique, past life healing such as QHHT, meditation (such as those created by Dr. Joe Dispenza), Reiki healing, or another method of inner healing.

There are many amazing modalities out there to choose from. Energy healing can help to remove any further energies which may be binding you to them.

Cultivate a Strong Self-Love Vibe

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By consistently holding ourselves in high regard and having a healthy amount of self-love, we’re only allowing others in who value and respect us. People generally greatly value other people who value and respect themselves. 

Yep, there’s no doubt about it — being perfectly self-assured is sexy as Hell! 

Don’t get me wrong, however, because I’m not talking about becoming snooty — no, no, that’s definitely not what I’m talking about. I’m talking about working on strengthening boundaries and increasing self-love and to experience mostly positive and balanced friendships, romantic relationships, and work connections. 

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They Might Come Forward

So now you’ve released resistance to them, you’ve cut the cords between you, and you may have also had some energy healing to heal any past life traumas between you, they might just surprise you with some positive communication. 

If They Don’t…

If things don’t seem to be moving along, however, and some time has passed, despite the resistance being released, it may mean that it simply wasn’t meant to be.

BUT, I’m still going to tell you how you might be able to manifest a relationship with them — remember I said that really wanting someone can actually push them away? Yep, that’s because you’re consistently sending the signal out to the Universe that you don’t already have them, so you’ll simply keep on manifesting more of not having them. 

In order to remedy this, create scenes of you together and stop feeling like you aren’t already together, or that you can’t have them, or that you need them, because you’ll just manifest more neediness and not having them. 

Feel as if you’re already together and create little scenes, just one or two minutes long, of you both doing things together such as making dinner, going to the movies, eating with family and so on.

Visualize these scenes any time of the day, the scenes can stay the same or change, and you can visualize every day, once a week, or however long you feel is needed.

That’s it! 

Ideally, you should visualize when you’re feeling relaxed and that’s why a lot of people do it just before getting into bed, or just before falling asleep. The subconscious mind is more likely to accept the images as being true when you’re completely focused and relaxed, and therefore create the relationship in your reality. 

How Long Will Manifesting a Connection With Them Take?

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Well, that’s the thing. No one can really tell you that because everything happens in divine timing

So place your order with the Universe by visualizing, feel as if you’re already together, yet also choose how long you would like to keep on visualizing. It will be an investment of time and effort. 

If the connection isn’t making any decent progress after a reasonable amount of time has passed, you’re being divinely guided and protected. If the connection isn’t for your Highest Good, then their absence from your life may be serving you well. 

If They Were Initially Intense and Suddenly Withdrew, You May Have Been Love-Bombed

If they came on really forcefully and intensely, they may have some narcissistic traits and you may have been love-bombed. The first time I heard the term, I thought it was so odd but that was exactly what happened to me in a previous relationship. 

Love-bombing is when someone is exceptionally intense when courting begins. They might even say things like “I knew we were meant to be together” and “I love you” and even propose marriage — all within a few days or weeks of knowing you.

To most of us, this kind of behavior might come across as absurd but we also all really, really, really want to believe in THE ONE. Or someone wonderful at least, who’ll be our perfect match.

And yes, there are people who meet, hit it off super fast and even marry some months, or even weeks later, but that’s pretty rare and they both people typically remain consistent in their behavior towards one another.

More likely than not, if someone has come on very strongly, it may have simply been a love-bombing exercise that was carried out in order to win over your heart, attention, and interest, for their own validation and bizarre, miscellaneous mind games. Sadly, narcissism in men and women is on the rise, so this is something to look out for.

Always Be Kind to Yourself

I’m going to round off this article by confessing that my personal opinion on attracting an ex back is probably going to be pretty unpopular. And here it is, as succinctly put as possible: I think it’s usually best to let them go.

Let them go IF you feel you’ve already done all that you can to get their attention, make your interest in them as clear as possible, or to fix the relationship. 

Then you’ve done all that you can. I know it hurts. I know the pain can seem almost unbearable (I’ve been there too!), and even physically debilitating at times, but it might be the most sensible, grounded, and appropriate course of action in my opinion. 

If something is no longer serving you, and it’s clearly no longer for your Highest Joy, then the kindest thing you can do for yourself, and for them, is to walk away. You might be tutting at the screen and thinking that your circumstances may render you exempt from doing this, but ask yourself if you really are happy right now and if they truly make you happy. 

Of course, I would never be so arrogant to assume that I know what’s right for someone who I’ve never met once before, but if you ask yourself those questions and answer honestly, you might find that by letting them go, you’ll eventually heal and recover, and even lose interest in them soon after!

There Are SO Many People Out There For You 

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This planet is home to 7.5 billion people — that’s a LOT of people! 

What if the Universe could bring you someone with whom you can connect on a way deeper level but you’re so incredibly focused on this one person, that you’re not allowing that other person in? By letting go of a connection that’s not working out, and may never work out, we can allow someone new and possibly MUCH better into our lives and hearts.

And besides that, ultimately, if someone REALLY wants to be with you, and you want to be with them, you’ll be together. In all my years of existence on this planet, that’s something really powerful, yet also glaringly simple, that I have learned.

When I was younger, I wasn’t a very self-confident or self-loving woman but after years of cord-cutting, and spiritual healing via Emotional Freedom Therapy, my life has completely changed. I’m no longer interested in, or perturbed by a connection that isn’t going anywhere.

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Honestly, it took years of inner work but I’m now OK with things not working out. If someone doesn’t want to take a connection any further, that’s just fine. Perhaps it wasn’t meant to be, or maybe I just wasn’t their cup of tea, and maybe the Universe has something WAY better for me in store anyway. 

Sometimes you have to let go of the old to allow the new in and I think a lot of us, especially as women, can at times, get really hung up on this one guy, or that one guy, and it can waste our time, eggs, efforts, money, and literal physical energy. 

I promise you that however you might be feeling right now, there are always going to be PLENTY of great matches for you out there. Logic alone dictates that, considering how many people are on this planet. 

By letting go of anyone who isn’t playing ball, for whatever reason, you’ll allow one(or more!) of those great matches in. 

So, yes, you can manifest a specific person, if they feel the same way towards you and have similar intentions for your connection. Releasing resistance to them and to a. relationship unfolding can be done. But how long it will take? Who knows. Will they ever come around? Who knows. 

And isn’t life a little too darn short to wait around? You could be spending next weekend with someone new and exciting if you allowed yourself to look around and open your heart and mind to new possibilities — and people.

We Always Manifest What We Are & Never What We Want

The biggest takeaway I’d like to include here is that we always attract what we are being rather than what we desire. If we truly love and respect ourselves, and we feel light and happy about the prospect of a new relationship, we’ll attract someone who will mirror that vibration by respecting and loving themselves and us too, because the Universe is always just a mirror for who we really are, underneath the conscious mind and all the fluff. 

So if you’re consistently attracting people who make you feel less than in any way, it may mean that some inner work to tweak your vibration may be required. Once that’s complete, coupled with intention setting and frequent, playful visualization, you’ll start to attract truly awesome people who will match your new vibration. 

I hope that helped. I’d be so happy to hear what you think in the comments below. If you truly feel in your heart of hearts that this special person of yours is worth the wait and the effort, go for it, and if not, allow someone else in who might be more awesome than you could ever imagine. 

Much love and happy manifesting! 

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