How to Manifest Wealth When You’re Flat Broke

April 7, 2020

So here’s the thing…

Deliberately creating abundance from a state of lack is nigh-on impossible; we attract what we are being and so if we are being broke, we’ll usually manifest more situations and people into our realities that will mirror how broke we feel.

Manifesting wealth is honestly pretty effortless if your subconscious mind believes that you’re already wealthy.


You need to shift your vibration to a state of abundance in order to attract wealth. Match the vibration of abundance and wealth and prosperity will manifest in your reality.

Now, does that quite frankly sound ludicrously impossible when the bills are stacking up, you can’t afford to get a haircut, buy a decent new fridge, or get the car fixed?

Sure it does!

BUT, here’s the good news…

You don’t have to actually become wealthy first in order to manifest wealth! Follow some of the 5 tips below to get into alignment with the vibration of abundance.

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1. Practice Feeling Abundant

You can find abundance in almost everything, not just material wealth.

You can find abundance in the trees that are full of leaves, your child, mother or partner, who gives and receives warmth and love freely and your friend who is always there for you and remembers your Birthday.

You can also practice feeling wealthy by pretending to be able to afford anything you fancy. Try walking into an expensive store and feel as if you can afford anything you set your eyes on. By doing this, you’re helping to program your subconscious mind to believe you’re wealthy.

2. Make Some Adjustments to Your Wallet

If you can spare some cash, fill your wallet with some notes, preferably of high value, and organized from highest to lowest value with the highest value notes at the front of your wallet so as soon as you open it and peer inside, you’ll see high-value notes and that can help you to feel more abundant.

Try not to spend those notes any time soon. Leave them in there to help program your subconscious mind to believe you’re wealthy right now.

You might also like to opt for a wallet that’s red or green in color as these colors are said to symbolize money and abundance.

You can also try adding some silver, gold, or a slice of citrine or peridot to your wallet if there’s a place for it where it can be seen upon opening. 

Finally, make sure your wallet isn’t too worn! It definitely doesn’t have to be a designer piece, but a tidy, clean and smart wallet will help you to feel wealthier and more abundant. A ratty, tatty old one will be no bueno for helping you to feel good about your finances — and possibly even yourself!

3. Use Positive Affirmations

Spoken daily, positive affirmations can really help your subconscious mind to believe you’re already experiencing wealth.

You can repeat affirmations such as:

  • “I am incredibly grateful for the money that I am now receiving”
  • “I am an incredibly abundant and divine being”
  • “Money flows through me”
  • “Money is attracted to me”
  • “I am attracting wealth and prosperity now”

But don’t just repeat them and hope for the best! Feel that they really are true.

4. Change Your Personal Reality

Joe Dispenza says that we must change our personalities in order to change our personal realities.

I totally agree!

If you feel down or angry, you can create more things in your reality to feel down and angry about. If you’re always feeling victimized, then you can bank on consistently attracting more things, people and situations that will help you to feel victimized. 

You see, you’re loved so much by the Universe that you’ve been granted complete free will and it’s entirely your very own choice which path in life you wish to take.

So, contrastingly, if you can feel happy, carefree and abundant, you’ll manifest more of the same, providing it’s for your highest good and your subconscious mind also believes that you’re all of the above!

You’re the God of your own Universe so choose to feel and visualize wealth and abundance and it’s more likely to come to pass.

And this leads me to my next point…

5. Remove Any Limiting Beliefs Around Abundance & Wealth Creation

You’ll hear me bang on about removing limiting beliefs throughout this entire blog.

Many of us were programmed as children to believe negative things about lots of different things in life, and that absolutely includes money. We may have been told that money is bad, that it’s hard to make or keep money, that money “doesn’t grow on trees”, or that it’s wrong to have lots of money but NONE of this is remotely true.

Money, like everything else in this Universe, is just energy. That’s all it is.

Get rid of any limiting beliefs that you have around money and abundance and replace them with positive ones.

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6. Place Citrine on Your Desk

…Or wherever you spend a lot of your time when you’re awake.

Citrine is said to be a very powerful tool when it comes to manifesting wealth.

Although saying that, watch out, because there’s a ton of fake citrine out there; a lot of it is just burnt amethyst.

A piece of real citrine will be considerably more expensive than many crystals but possibly worth working with if you intuitively feel drawn to it.

A real piece will likely be very pale yellow in color or it may even look like smoky quartz. 

As a valuable side note, citrine can interfere with sleep so make sure you don’t keep it in your bedroom!

To wrap this article up, I think plenty of us have been there before…

Many of us found out about the LoA via movies like The Secret, got super excited at the seemingly magical prospect of being able to have whatever we want, and tried over and over again to manifest money, love, great friends and good health and well, eventually, we just gave up. Whatever we desired just never came to pass and never even showed any signs of coming to pass.

The secret sauce is being in alignment with your desire and that can only be achieved by clearing out the old beliefs and programs that conflict with what your conscious mind desires to create.

Once the conscious and subconscious minds are working in harmony with one another, they’ll be no stopping you.

You can just sit back and watch the magic unfold! Happy manifesting!

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