6 Reasons Why Your Cosmic Orders Take Forever or Are Always Duds

April 2, 2020

Law of Attraction coaches often speak of us being able to deliberately create literally anything but if that were true, wouldn’t we all be Billionaires living with our ideal partners, in sprawling mansions on stunningly beautiful, remote islands?

I personally do believe that we can all manifest all that we desire; we do it in Spirit and we can also do it here, BUT, this is only on the proviso that we’re free from any blocks that may be standing in our way.

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why law of attraction doesn't work

Here are some common blocks to successful manifestation:

1. Your Karma May Be Blocking Them

Say you really desire a really fulfilling and lasting romantic relationship but all your relationships keep on failing, are somehow unsatisfying, or even outright disastrous.

Obviously, there are SO many reasons relationships fail, BUT one of the reasons may be because of karmic debt. Perhaps you were a hurtful and abusive partner in the past who was consistently unfaithful and disrespectful.

In this lifetime, you may have desired to learn what being on the receiving end of that is like for your own learning and healing journey.

Go inwards during meditation, or even while simply being seated quietly and see if any such behavior resonates with you as being something your Soul may have previously experienced.

Forgiving yourself would be the key to releasing any accumulated karma.

Any of the following methods of energy healing can aid with forgiveness of the Self:

2. You’re Holding Too Much Resistance

Aside from any karmic blocks that may exist, resistance is the next big manifestation blocker.

If you don’t truly believe that you deserve and are able to manifest a mutually fulfilling and lasting relationship, those negative, contradictory vibrations of disbelief and undeserving may also manifest and keep that great new relationship or that awesome new job, etc away.

The best place to manifest anything from is from a state of rock-solid confidence in your ability to create — despite what you might see happening in your outer reality.

Being largely indifferent to if it happens or not also helps to move you closer to attaining what it is you desire to experience.

Try to find fulfillment within yourself so you can regard whatever it is you desire to experience as the cherry on top.

Remember that everything we manifest – be it a partner, new friends, work colleagues, jobs, etc will reflect your own vibration so the more you work on clearing any negative beliefs, thoughts, and feelings, the better and more satisfying ALL your manifestations will be.

When manifesting a relationship, it’s also really vital to remove any negative feelings such as longing, unhappiness, neediness, or jealousy as you’ll just attract more people and situations to make you feel more of those feelings.

I know it’s hard (and super disappointing to hear!) but with inner work, shifts in beliefs and the way you feel about life, yourself and your desires can change for the better pretty darn quickly!

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3. You Wanted to Experience a Delay

On the other side, whatever we desire, we can manifest instantly. On Earth, there is a delay.

You might have wanted to experience this delay!

Isn’t there something fun about say, wanting to manifest a beautiful new home, yet you may not appreciate it as much if it just pops up in front of you in an instant? Experiencing feelings like earning and achievement is really lovely — and vital for Soul growth.

Yes, there are some people who seem to manifest stuff a lot faster and with greater ease but maybe they have more faith in their abilities, gained primarily through years of practice, or maybe their Souls are carrying fewer blocks or karma.

The delay also helps to build faith in the LoA and your ability to manifest. The more you practice, the more you see that it is indeed a very real thing and so you’ll be confident and patient that all your orders will come through in divine timing. This helps to release resistance, which is usually a mammoth blocker to the manifestation of any desire.

4. It Might Not Be for Your Highest Good

It’s hard to know what might be for our Soul’s highest good.

A deeply intuitive person may know but for the rest of us, this can be really tricky.

If you desire something that isn’t for your highest good, or for the highest good of anyone else involved, such as a specific home, or person, or amount of money, it may not come to pass because it may not be for your highest good — or theirs.

5. You Don’t TRULY Believe It Can Happen

If you doubt that your desires can actually come to pass in real life, then you’ll manifest more doubt and your manifestations not coming to pass because simply put, you are the creator of your reality!

Belief in the LoA can take time to build. I would suggest practicing it by manifesting really small, insignificant things that you feel indifferent towards such as empty parking spaces, free cups of coffee, free snacks and so on.

You’ll eventually build enough belief in the process that you’ll be able to place orders and visualize, with total knowing that they’ll come to pass at the right time (if they’re for your highest good and the highest good of everyone else involved). They must; it’s a Universal law.

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6. You Aren’t Visualizing in the Present Moment

I always bang on about this; the only moment the subconscious mind knows and understands is the present moment.

The past and future literally DO NOT exist according to it.

When placing your order with the Universe, always speak about your desire as though it has already happened or is currently happening, in the present moment.

For example:

  • “I am so very grateful and happy to be in a long-term, mutually fulfilling, romantic relationship with my gorgeous partner who reciprocates my love, warmth, and affection”
  • “I am so grateful that I am now experiencing a fulfilling, high paying job with great work colleagues and a reasonable, down-to-Earth employer”. 

Believe me, many aspects of my life were really disappointing until I cleared and released past life karma and worked on reprogramming my subconscious mind with positive beliefs and intentions.

Remember That It Can Definitely Be Done

Source, your guides, and angels really want the very best for you and desire to help you to create whatever it is you want to experience. With time, patience and inner work, you can absolutely do it!

AND, you really don’t have to be anywhere near angelic or perfect, either! You just have to be free from any blocks to manifesting that specific desire and you should see it come to fruition.

Happy manifesting!

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