mars in aries woman

The Aries Mars Woman

October 5, 2020

So you want to explore the intense and powerful energy of the Mars in Aries woman, huh? 

OK, I’m going to be as diplomatic as possible with this article because I wouldn’t want to say anything to set any of you fiery ladies off…

Just kiddin’. 

I totally recognize and appreciate that the Mars in Aries woman can actually be super chilled, thoughtful and sweet. And that leads me to my next point…

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An important preface

As you’re probably well aware, Astrology is complex. Sure, the archetypal image of Mars in Aries woman is the female Xena princess warrior, ready to win any fight, always on the go and abundant with energy but in truth, there are SO many factors that will come into play when taking into consideration the ‘strength’ of someone’s Mars sign. 

Remember that your Sun, Moon, Mercury, rising (also knows as the Ascendant) and Venus sign will all have some bearing on your personality and the degree to which people ‘feel’ this placement will also depend on whether it is aspected or unaspected. Those with unaspected signs typically ‘feel’ them more.

Additionally, the house it is located in will be fairly important. For example, if it’s in the twelfth house, it may be considered as ‘hidden’ and may not have much of a bearing on your personality. If it’s in the 6th house, you may have also wish to look into the sign to which it correlates, which is Virgo. 

And just as importantly, our genetics and previous life experiences also influence our personalities. If you believe in reincarnation, past life experiences will also play a role in personality formation.

I firmly believe that Astrology allows us to learn more about ourselves, our relationships with others, and why certain things happen to us. It may also help us to predict some future events although Earth is a planet of free-will and most things are subject to change.

Ok, so what does Mars represent in an astrological chart anyway?

Great question!

Mars in an astrological chart (also known as the birth or natal chart) will represent your drive, basic instinct, the way you take action and the way in which you pursue things, prospective partners and goals. 

It’s how to act when dating or in love and it also represents the type of person that you are attracted to. 

It’s also the planet of passion. Representing the God of War, it’s by far the spiciest and punchiest planet in the entire solar system. There’s no doubt about it, Aries, along with Leo and Scorpio, is an intense placement for this planet.

Mars is at home in the sign of Aries as it’s the ruling sign (albeit shared with Scorpio) and will be more powerful and prominent in this particular constellation. So those who feel this particular placement, will really feel it. In fact, they might feel more Arian-like than their sun sign.

For example, you could be a laid back, chilled out Taurus sun but if your Mars sign is Aries, you’ll probably be more animated, passionate and intense than most other Taurus sun ladies.

Ok, so let’s dive into her traits.


That girl who usually knows all the answers in class before the teacher has finished asking a question? That’ll be the Aries Mars woman. The fiery, optimistic lady who starts a business during an economic downturn and turns it into a thriving legacy? Yep, that’ll also be her. 

She’s tenacious, know what she wants, knows that she deserves whatever she has set her sights on and she just goes out and gets it Her motto in life could be something like “just go for it!” or “I always win!”.

She does, however, have a tendency to get bored half way through a project or goal. She can be amazing at starting things and then if it isn’t coming along as quickly or as powerfully as she thought it would, she might just drop it and move onto something else.


You’ve probably heard that people with this zodiac placement are super competitive because it’s widely discussed trait and sure she can be tremendously competitive. 

She constantly feels she needs to challenge herself — sometimes in almost any way conceivable. She loves competing with others and competing with herself to test herself. She enjoys seeing how far she can go or how quickly she can achieve something. Any type of challenge or competition is usually welcome. It helps to keep her feeling alive.

And yet she really, really hates losing. In her mind, if she loses, that might mean she isn’t as good as she thinks she is and that can be devastating. She can’t not win. She always needs to stay on top. 

Anger storms

I’m going to be blunt. Women (and men) with this astrological placement often have explosive tempers. They are known to shout, argue with intensity and even throw things (including hands!). 

As mentioned earlier, Aries is a masculine sign and Mars is a masculine planet; the planet of War and these natives can be war-like in their nature at times.

She might get very irritated, very quickly and easily by things that she disagrees with, considers to be unjust and will take criticism very personally — especially if it’s meant to be personal. 

Or she might simply squirm in her seat or abruptly storm off if she isn’t big on emotional outbursts. When something irritates her, she’ll feel like she’ll just have to get it off her chest and it’ll just pop out in the form of a snappy comment or however she feels most appropriate at the time.

Expressing her anger or discontent can help her to feel better about certain situations, clear the air and the adrenaline rush that comes with it can be invigorating and make them feel more alive.

Issues with emotional control can be considered as one of the more negative traits of Arian energy although some Astrologers believe that Souls often choose to experience this placement before birth (in their pre-birth plans) it in order to overcome it.

There may have been some things left unsaid or unfinished in a previous incarnation that left you with ongoing feelings of rage and injustice.

One huge pro of this particular trait, however, is that the her anger rarely lasts like it does with Scorpio or Taurus energy. It must also be said that many women with this Martian sign will be absolutely be able to remove themselves from irritating or inflammatory situations before reacting. Others can also help by giving her space and allowing her to take stock of her feelings and calm down.

If you have this placement and you feel that you can’t achieve that right now, you may do so in the future. And that goes for even the most aggressive Mars in Aries women. We all have the ability to change up the way we react to things.

I actually know a couple of women with this placement who care deeply for humanity and although fiery, spicy and direct, they wouldn’t ever hurt others and usually do everything in their power to avoid conflict, however, when they were younger, they were always ready to fight. However, they’ve always been fundamentally caring and good natured people — it’s only their outlook and anger management ability that has altered.

In women, it also typically isn’t as pronounced as it is with men. This might be because women are usually conditioned by society to be peaceful and nurturing and it’s seen as less acceptable to experience outbursts of emotion.

Warrior energy

zodiac sign of the warrior female

We need warriors! From telling her child’s teacher that it’s not OK to scold them for something trivial they did to calling out dangerous predators and narcissists, we need people who are able and willing to stand up for what’s right and shout about it. 

Having the confidence and power to clearly address problematic issues is often the only way social progress can be made. If we all lived in perpetual fear of confrontation, we may still have horrific things going on in the world such as slavery and public executions. 

She isn’t afraid to speak her mind, stand up and be counted. She knows her mind. She has a good understanding between right and wrong and won’t be told what to do — especially if she thinks it’s just not worth her while or downright wrong or degrading. She’ll let you know, plainly — and probably rather forcefully, that something is wrong if she thinks it is. 


She’s a natural leader who knows her own mind. She’d be at her happiest without commitments and responsibilities in work and when beginning to date someone. 

But saying that, she isn’t a commitment-phobe at all, it’s just that in any connection, she’ll always need a good deal of personal space. She’s unlikely to be the kind of person who likes to be tied down with stuff she doesn’t want to do or views as pointless. 

For example, going out with friends to do something really fun and physical and super fun like snowboarding, might be preferred to dinner with a first date. Unless the date is super hot, you can guarantee that she’ll spend her day snowboarding. She can always go on the date on a day when something hella fun isn’t on offer instead!

Protective nature 

female with protective personality trait

If she thinks someone she cares about (or even doesn’t particularly care about) is being unnecessarily attacked or demeaned in some way, she’ll be the first to stand up and put the perpetrator firmly in their place. 

She can’t stand seeing others getting trampled on, especially sensitive people. She might even want to just scream in the bullies face or throw something at them.

Emotionally sensitive 

Okay, if you’re reading this, it might be the very first (and last) time you’ll read this about this placement. Sure, she has a ton of physical energy and gets heated and a little bit crazy at times (don’t we all), but she also has one hell of a heart.

She will defend good people and causes close to her heart passionately and intensely. Her love runs deep and it can absolutely can last — if the connection is right for her. 

She feels intensely about almost everything and that’s why she sometimes feels the impulse to lash out. She’s simply expressing that fiery energy that’s always stirring away inside her.

Fiery Entrepreneurial Spirit

If she isn’t already self-employed then she might often think about diving into it. Whatever form self-employment might come in, even it’s a simple laptop business in the form an e-commerce store or thriving Instagram account, it’s probably always at the back of her mind.

She has everything that it takes to make a business work; resilience, intelligence, determination, physical energy, ideas and assertion. Truthfully, she would probably at her happiest being self-employed because waiting around to be told what to do, as mentioned elsewhere in this article, really isn’t for her.

The only thing to look out for is burnout and getting bored of the day to day mundane stuff that comes with running a business such as accounting, business planning, and the mathematics and projections involved. Or maybe just getting bored of the business itself. 

She can avoid boredom by being absolutely passionate about her business idea from the outset and making sure that anything that’s bogging her energy down like accounting, gets sent to someone else to deal with.

She should stick to all the aspects of her business that interest her the most to make it work; all the fun and exiting bits. That way, everything will be taken care of and the business is way more likely to take off and find longterm success.

A business that involves a lot of physical movement would suit her down to the ground. She has to be constantly on the move and has to express and expel that amazing, intense physical energy.

And it doesn’t have to be intensely physical, either, although she might like that. Maybe something like an Instagram account showcasing her fitness workouts, urban exploration, travel adventures or yoga sessions would do just great.

Emotionally expressive

1st house horoscope personality

Another pro to always speaking her mind is that those around her will always know precisely where they stand with her because she simply can’t hold emotions and opinions in. When she thinks or feels something, she just has to convey it.

High risk of burnout 

This is a woman who feels she can do it all. In her eyes, life is for living. She has to squeeze the absolute most out of it so she won’t hesitate to take on an exiting new challenge and she always seems to have the energy to take care of everything and everyone around her.

Yet, despite being seen by others as some kind of she-warrior or Superwoman, in truth, she’s still human like the rest of us and she’s reminded of that when the exhaustion hits every now and again and boy, does it hit!

And as the years roll by, it may happen more often and to a greater degree. 

She isn’t particularly prone to coming down with viral infections such as the common cold, but as she ages and her responsibilities continue to mount, she can suffer from burnout. And it can be sudden.

She’ll push herself to get everything done and excel and then collapse and sometimes wonder why because she’s still running off the intense energy reserve she remembers having when she was in her teens and twenties. 

However, she can definitely continue to burn brightly for the duration of her entire life if she practices regular self-care and recognises when she’s feeling overwhelmed and tired. 

All she needs to do to continue being superwoman is some high quality time out, eat well, get enough sleep and stay away from toxic people.

She’ll probably find it easy to avoid emotional exhaustion because she’s skilled at expressing her feelings but in the event there are some inner issues that need to be dealt with, she’ll probably do very well with the right therapist or  energy healer. 

Who she’s attracted to 

Fiery and emotionally expressive people appeal to her. She probably wouldn’t entertain the mere idea of dating someone who seems emotionally repressed, quiet, or just a bit dull.

She’ll probably gravitate towards someone fiery, well-spoken, direct, bold, dynamic and interesting. Perhaps someone who is goal orientated, full of energy and loves going on adventures and accomplishing things, just like some of the most common positive traits of Aries.

Typically people soft and quiet won’t appeal to her. ‘Yes’ people who perpetually agree with her (and others) also won’t do. She needs someone who knows what they want out of life just as she does.

She respects and admires strong willed and strong minded people. She just can’t respect someone who is wishy-washy, goal-less and indecisive. She also finds people who are physically fit, work out and regularly work on their appearance very attractive.

She might even enjoy becoming embroiled in heated arguments because she enjoys passionate interactions and wants to experience regular bouts of involving, interesting situations.  

Being assertive and confident herself, she might just be courageous enough to pop up to someone she finds attractive and start chatting them up or just straight up ask them out on a date. Since a lot of her life is dedicated to just living in the moment, she wouldn’t want to allow the opportunity to date someone hot to pass her by.

While many men and women, may find this bold approach sexy, confident and super attractive, some people might find it a bit too much and be put off by it, especially conservative Earthy types such as Capricorns and Virgos. She might like to try incorporating a little mystique into her approach. 

The only thing is, this intensity can sometimes scare potential partners off or view her as being a little too easy. Playing hard to get just seems like a total waste of time to her but if she just tries a fresh approach to dating by taking it slowly and treading carefully, she might that approach works better. Or it doesn’t and she’ll stick to her up front approach instead. Life’s too short to mess around.

Romantic compatibility 

constellation in the night sky and stars shining

Compatibility can be properly assessed by taking a look at a synastry chart

Women with this placement tend to go well with other strong Mars placements that can challenge them and are just as intense, passionate, direct and fiery such as Scorpio, Leo and Sagittarius and other Aries energies, of course.

However, someone can be intense and passionate even if they have a Libra Mars sign. It’ll depend on what else is in their chart. Their Moon and Venus signs are particularly important, the houses they are in, and their aspects will play an important part.

This bold placement may not do so well with some of the quieter or more reserved signs such as Cancer, Virgo Capricorn and Pisces but again, it will depend on what else is in both charts. 

It’s also worth noting that if someone has more than four or more celestial bodies in one particular sign that is called a Stellium and they will possess more traits of that sign. 

Of course, other factors to take into consideration when assessing romantic compatibility also include any trauma or hardship experienced in past relationships and even with family and friends, especially when growing up.

What she’s like in love

She’ll frequently express her feelings for her partner and won’t be able to or even see the point in holding anything back. Life is to be lived and lived well and right now as she sees it, so why be conservative with sharing? 

She’s great at recognising and articulating her emotions. She’s not at all repressed and is happy to let her partner know what she’s feeling and thinking at all times because she’s wise and knows that it’s only by being direct about the stuff that’s bugging her that it can be worked through and settled. She also appreciates and expects her partner to do the same so they’ll always know where they stand with one another. 

Contrary to what many Astrologers think about Aries energy, those with it CAN do longterm relationships. They aren’t out of the question for her. However, that’s with the caveat that she is SUPER into her partner. She’ll have to be crazy about almost every single aspect of them. They’ll have to challenge her and be her equal in strength, intelligence, ambition and vitality otherwise her interest may just fade and vanish. So yeah, as intensely and quickly as she comes on, she might also just vanish. 

From the viewpoint of a date or partner, this might seem bizarre and they might be left wondering what on Earth they did — or didn’t do, to lose her interest so quickly. But it’s probably nothing they failed to get right. She just decided they weren’t compatible or lost interest and the prospect of a new and exciting partner might be better for her. 

Other than her intense drive and energy, something else that partners will find refreshing about her in today’s world is that she isn’t materialistic. For her, things like off-the-scale passion and frequent adventures together are way more valuable.

What she’s like in bed

Saying that she’s a passionate and ardent lover would be a massive understatement and poor representation of the intense amorous energy she possesses. 

You know those films with those super intense femme fatale characters? Picture one of those in bed with you. Times that intensity by ten. Yep, now you’re somewhat closer to getting a good idea of what she’s like in bed. 

If she’s really into you, you’ll know it. You’ll simply be told — and probably asked back to hers so she can have a great time with you. 

Because the thing is, is that she needs to be active in the bedroom (or kitchen table, patio, or roof) on a very regular basis because all of that pent-up, intense warrior energy needs to be let out and the bedroom is the most effective and pleasurable way to get that done.

Don’t be shocked if she’s more inclined to getting down to brass tacks in the bedroom with hard and fast action off the bat. 

She also might enjoy quick liaisons in the daytime, for example, and then get straight back to work — with just as much, if not more, energy than before she was intimate with you.

Positive keywords

  • Passionate
  • Bold
  • Direct 
  • Respectful 
  • Ambitious 
  • Steadfast
  • Assertive 
  • Dynamic 
  • Enthusiastic 
  • Desirous 
  • Spontaneous 
  • Adventurous 
  • Pioneering
  • Intelligent 
  • Quick
  • Productive 
  • Confident 
  • Agile
  • Responsible 
  • Ardent 
  • Heroic 
  • Fearless
  • Resolute 
  • Tenacious

Negative keywords

  • Hedonistic (ethical hedonism may be seen as a positive trait)
  • Immature 
  • Impatient
  • Impetuous
  • Fickle
  • Primitive
  • Brash
  • Insensitive
  • Rude
  • Hot-headed
  • Aggressive 
  • Opinionated 
  • Stubborn
  • Neglectful
  • Irresponsible
  • Self-focused
  • Hasty
  • Easily bored
  • Dictatorial 
  • Domineering 

Some of you reading this will think “what the heck, NONE of that was like me” and I want to tell you that I totally understand. Again, there are SO many different astrological placements to take into consideration when looking at a birth chart. 

I really wouldn’t want anyone reading this, or any other article for that matter, to think that they have anger issues because many don’t and those who do can absolutely overcome them.

Personally, I know some super fun, fierce, loyal, and impassioned women with this placement and they are just amazing. However, I also know some truly ruthless and cruel women who possess it. 

Always make sure to look at the whole chart when trying to learn more about yourself and others and always trust your intuition when meeting anyone new.

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