The Scorpio Mars Woman

July 31, 2020

If the Scorpio Mars woman uses her extraordinary passion and powerful drive and intensity for good, there is no end to what she can accomplish in her lifetime. She’s capable of building an empire — literally. 

If the energy becomes stagnant and sours, however, she can become highly resentful and destructive towards herself and others. 

Mars in Scorpio is the most searched-for and discussed Mars placement of them all.

Why? Because it’s the most intense, psychic, passionate, driven and powerful Mars placement. 

And by far the most noticeable. 

Some astrologers think of it as the single most intense astrological placement in the entire zodiac system.

The energy of this astrological placement can be so intense that it can dominate someone’s natal chart and personality. This is especially true if Mars in this sign is unaspected.

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Aspected and Unaspected Scorpio Mars

An astrological aspect in a natal chart is the angle at which one celestial body related to another at the time of the individual’s birth. Unaspected planets did not have any connections with any other significant celestial bodies (e.g. the sun, moon, Venus etc) at the time of birth.

There are two schools of thought when it comes to how unaspected planets affect us. The first is that they have no effect on the individual whatsoever and the second is that they have an overwhelming effect. 

The latter opinion is far more popular and I personally agree with it. Having an unaspected Mars in this sign myself, and having studied astrology informally for the past two decades, I have noticed that the traits of Scorpio (both good and bad) are magnified when Mars in this constellation is unaspected. 

When it isn’t connected to any other celestial bodies in the solar system, its intense energy remains pure, intact and undiluted. It’s essentially free to be completely true to itself and the impact of it in a natal chart is stronger than a Mars in the same sign that is aspected.

Someone with this particular placement, whether it is aspected or not, (although certainly more so if unaspected), might feel Scorpionic in nature despite their sun sign not being Scorpio. This is because the energy of this placement is overwhelmingly powerful.

To find out if your Mars sign is aspected or not, pop your exact time of birth into a natal chart calculator and take a look at the aspects that will pop up in a list. 

What The Mars Sign Indicates

traits of eighth mars star sign

Mars is affiliated with warfare, sexuality, conflict, aggression, anger and action. It’s a masculine planet and it’s the masculine side of both men and women.

In an individuals natal chart, it reveals how someone instinctually pursues their goals, desires, and potential partners. It governs how they take action, their type of drive, their sexuality, and what they are passionate about. 

When it’s in the constellation of Scorpio, that will mean that they will go about achieving their goals and partners in a Scorpionic manner. So, to use some traits of the sign, that might be in an intense, intelligent, emotional, and often covert way.

As mentioned above, however, when Mars is in this intense sign, it can have a far greater impact on someone’s overall personality than any other Mars sign. It will be especially prominent, however, in terms of action, sexuality, and the way goals are set and attained. 

The Three Signs Within Scorpio 

This water sign is the only star sign in the zodiac that comprises three signs. Each sign can be viewed as a spiritual level. The least evolved being the Scorpion and the most evolved being the Phoenix. 

The Scorpion and The Eagle

The Scorpion 

scorpion zodiac symbol

At this stage in our spiritual evolution as a species, the majority of people will fall into these two signs. The Scorpion is the less evolved of the two, is highly sensitive and can wound easily.

These types experience high degrees of insecurity, jealousy, obsession, vindictiveness, obsessive rumination, narcissism and possessiveness. In extreme cases, they can be prone to bouts of violence. 

She might be forceful with her views, exceptionally opinionated, view things in black or white terms and arguments can be very intense and aggressive. She may also be very direct, selfish, unreasonable and opinionated.

Deeply unhappy people with this placement can be some of the most twisted, hateful and underhanded people you’ll ever meet in your life.

In her most heated and emotionally intense moments, she may wish to decimate her opponent and if she can’t do that, she may destroy herself. 

This placement can mean an ongoing war within the Self until she can work through what ails her and be mentally reborn as someone on a higher level of consciousness. 

The Eagle

eighth house traits and personality

The Eagle is where more people are in terms of spiritual development at this time in my opinion. They are more willing to see things from other people’s perspectives, they are far less reactive and less prone to experiencing and exhibiting the baser traits of Scorpio, as seen in the Scorpion. 

They are more self aware, self assured, sensible, reasonable, responsible, loyal, understanding, intuitive and generally pleasant. 

Note that people with strong Scorpio placements in their birth charts can sometimes oscillate between these two signs depending on how they’re feeling, the obstacles and challenges being faced, and other factors. 

An Eagle can and probably will experience feeling more like a Scorpion at times while dealing with stressful events. If a new challenge arises that is particularly difficult or painful, an Eagle might find themselves thinking and behaving like a Scorpion if they’re really struggling to cope, feel deeply unhappy and exceptionally wronged or wounded in a way they haven’t experienced before.

Eagles often experience a lot of re-birthing and many lives lived within one life. Their life may not go from point A to Z as smoothly as they might have once envisioned in their youth. They may have some huge obstacles to overcome such as issues with family, friends and physical illness. 

A Soul may have chosen to enter the body of a human born with this placement to enter into a journey of healing and transcend a lot of really difficult past life karma and situations.

The Phoenix 

floating celestial bodies

The Phoenix is a beautiful mythical bird from Ancient Greek times.

It represents the highest in terms of earthly spiritual evolution. They possess all the most wonderful traits of this transformative and powerful sign. They are deeply empathetic, understanding, kind, responsible, compassionate, generous, loyal, confident, highly intuitive, and completely sincere. 

All the most positive traits of Scorpio are amplified in them. They are wise, older Souls who have dealt with the majority of their karma and have learned very well from their Earthly incarnations. They often make fantastic healers and intuitives. They spread messages of peace through their harmonious and loving actions and words.

They may have chosen to incarnate with this placement to aid humanity, heal others, and wrap up any outstanding karma. It may also be to challenge themselves and expand their awareness by incarnating into a race or gender they haven’t experienced much of before. Or to simply experience the Earth plane again. 

They may still experience traumatic events just like the other two signs. This may be to further their spiritual growth and understanding or perhaps to challenge and test themselves by seeing how well they deal with hard earthly situations. 

They will go about attaining their goals and partners in a more loving, compassionate, down-to-earth way that is empowering to them and everyone else involved. 

Whichever of the three signs she is, decisions will mostly be made on gut instinct and out of emotion rather than logic.

Attaining Goals

She has a tendency to pursue her goals like a steam train pounding effortlessly and relentlessly through one brick wall after another. 

And actually, she absolutely loves a challenge. Opportunities to test herself and her skills and abilities are often greatly welcomed. In some cases, she’ll stop at absolutely nothing to realise a goal.

And being highly secretive, she won’t often share her goals, thoughts or ideals because she can feel other people’s energies so strongly and knows that they can impact how she feels about herself and the energy of whatever she’s just shared with others. 

If she feels other people doubt she can start a successful new business, date that hot new guy at work, or whatever, she might start to feel doubtful, and that’s just not good for manifesting desires. 

Luckily, due to be sensitive and wounding easily, she also learns how to protect herself and her ideas quickly. She only need to be badly burned once by telling the wrong people about her plans and dreams and she won’t do it again. 

They know that by keeping them private, they’re far more likely to come to fruition, because they won’t have other people’s doubtful or jealous energies directed towards them. 

If she does share her passions, goals and desires with you, it will only ever be because she trust you implicitly and thinks the friendship or relationship she has with you will last a lifetime.

Or she’s lying in order to throw you off her true plans if she’s figuring your stuff out or to somehow otherwise manipulate you. 

Another reason why she might keep her plans and ideas private is just in case she fails in attaining them to avoid embarrassment. 

This is a fixed sign, so goals and people are often obsessively pursued until they are seen all the way through. Her ability to focus is incredibly intense. It’s unmatched and unwavering. 

She won’t ever want to hear that her goals are unrealistic. She knows that she has what it takes, the drive, the stamina, the intellect, the patience and the focus, to make whatever she wishes a reality. 

Cutting People Off

female alone in desert

All three signs within this transformative sign as discussed above can detach and cut people off quickly and completely if they feel they’re being treated poorly. This is a very positive trait if the people they are disconnecting from are causing them significant and ongoing unrest and make them feel badly about themselves. 

Although in can appear cold, doing this may be a part of the re-birthing she planned to do in this incarnation. It may indicate Soul growth as she has essentially outgrown the energies she was once in alignment with herself. 

It’s also good for her to end relationships with difficult people to preserve her sensitive energy. As a highly sensitive person and natural empath, being free from the heavy energies of others will mean she can live a more harmonious life. She’ll feel the difference in herself after she removes the unhelpful energy.

Of course, cutting people off quickly and totally can happen for all kinds of reasons. She can be vindictive and cutting people off may be one way to seek revenge by causing those who wronged her to feel hurt. 

Whenever someone is cut off by her with malicious intent, that isn’t necessarily a part of Soul growth at all, however, decisions with this placement are made from emotion. Anyone with Mars in a water sign will make their decisions and take action on gut instinct and emotion because water is an emotional element. 

Their sensitivity, need for loyalty and emotional decision making is why they can sometimes go from being incredibly warm, loving, caring and attentive to vanishing completely if their trust is broken or they otherwise feel they’re being treated poorly. Some women will only need to be wounded or wronged once in order for her to detach from them. 

A Mars in Scorpio woman can either can self-destruct by focusing on avenging those who have hurt her and disliking society at large or she ca can choose to grow spiritually and live well by healing and focusing her intense energy on fulfilling positive life goals.

Great Opportunity For Spiritual Growth 

People with this zodiac placement may experience many metaphorical re-births in their lifetime as this is the sign of transformation and self growth.

A Soul might choose to incarnate into a body with this placement to work through a large amount of karma in one lifetime and to give themselves the opportunity for a huge amount of soul growth all at once. 

Such Souls are very brave and really wish to get ahead in their learning and drastically reduce the amount of negative karma accumulated in previous incarnations and break ongoing karmic cycles and negative patterns and programs of behavior.  

But it carries great risk because this is a sign of extremes. It could go really well and the Soul may repay copious amounts of karmic debt and make great strides in Soul learning, experience and growth, or the challenges it has chosen to face in life may be overwhelming well and cause her to become highly resentful, destructive, and angry towards others — and herself. 

It must be managed well in order for the individual with this placement to not only live well, but to live to her absolute highest potential aka ‘best life’.

Exceptional Intuition 

highly intuitive women with this star sign

This magnetic water sign is known for being highly intuitive, or just outright psychic. She can see through people and gauge their real thoughts and intentions very quickly, sometimes within mere, fleeting moments. 

Someone might present themselves as charming but she’ll only have to meet them for a moment to know in an instant who they really are and what their true character is like. She can see straight through people, pick up on their true intentions and almost read their thoughts. 

She may have highly developed psychic abilities such as claircognizance, clairaudience and clairsentience. Her abilities may also extend into Mediumship, so she may be able to see or otherwise communicate with those on the other side because this sign also rules the Underworld (or other side of the veil, also known as Heaven).

This is the type of placement most prone to seeing dead people in the flesh when they were children. They may relain this ability as an adult, or lose it as they grow, depending on the beliefs they absorb from their surroundings as they age. 

Her intuitive abilities extend well beyond reading people. She’s adept at reading situations and making accurate predictions. She often makes consistently excellent business decisions because her intuition is spot on and she’ll use it effortlessly to make all the right choices to make a massive success out of a business. 

Friendships Are Rarely Shallow

She might far prefer close, deep and meaningful friendships rather than superficial, fickle ones. She takes life very seriously and thoroughly dislikes idle gossip and insincerity. Being completely aware the bigger picture such trivialities irritate and annoy her. 

She’ll typically choose friends who she think are trustworthy, loyal, understanding, and have the ability to connect with her on a deeper level. 

Occult Interests

mentality of this water sign

This sign loves to investigate anything that is hidden from mainstream society and thinking. It’s a sign that is associated with death and the other side. This might encourage her to be drawn to dark and mysterious practices, decorations, music, clothing or even an alternative lifestyle. Not all people, however, with this Mars sign will be interested in the occult, or an alternative, gothic sort of lifestyle but the ones who are may be deeply drawn to it.

Exceptionally Strong Likes and Dislikes

This sign does nothing by halves. She’ll probably have a strong opinion on almost everything and if she really likes something, she’ll really like it. If she doesn’t really like it, she’ll really hate it. 

This is mainly because she feels so deeply about almost everything. She can tune into the energy of a situation, person or place and her reaction will be to either accept or reject it. 

Her Love Style

birth chart positions affecting love life

Mars is heavily associated with sexuality in a woman’s natal chart. In a man’s chart, it’s the Venus sign that indicates who what kind of woman or man he’s attracted to. 

In a female’s chart, it indicates what type of man or woman will be attracted to her and what type of man or woman she will be attracted to, so in this case that would be those with Scorpionic energy. And the more Scorpionic energy someone possesses, the deeper and more intense the attraction. 

Men and women with this placement can be exceptionally magnetic, sexy, mysterious and desirable. A single, powerful, deeply sexy Scorpionic stare can reel you in and reel others in to her. If she’s really, really into someone she might think about them non-stop and even pursue them obsessively.

These women feel immensely deeply so they’ll need to really bond and meld with their partner on all levels almost achieving a psychic bond between them and a connection that is private, completely loyal with unspoken mutual understanding through an almost (or literally) telepathic connection. 

In love, as with many aspects of their lives, it’s all or nothing for them. If they like someone’s personality but they aren’t feeling overwhelmingly attracted to them or their partner isn’t very sexual, they won’t take the relationship any further. 

They want and need to connect deeply and get to the core of who their partner is. They will need to do this before opening up themselves as they are fundamentally very private and sensitive people. If they don’t trust someone completely, they won’t reveal who they truly are to them.

Thankfully, their intuition, when in the vibration of self love and self assurance, is extremely accurate and they’ll be able to see someone’s true intentions quickly. If their intentions aren’t sincere, they’ll be out of there. 

This may sound very intense, and it is but it’s also well worth the wait and the effort. In love, these women make spectacular partners. They’re loyal, caring, affectionate, passionate and generous lovers. You’ll be in for an amazingly deep, lasting, mutually fulfilling relationship like perhaps no other you’ve ever had.

If she really likes or loves someone, she may also wait for years, if not decades, to pair up with them.

In Bed

She may be drawn to the occult and occult bedroom practices. Taboo busting playtime is not off the menu. 

She might also enjoy decorating her bedroom (or home) in dark, mysterious colours such as black, purple and burgundy with gothic styled decor. 

And you absolutely won’t be disappointed in bed with her. She’s wild, super intense, passionate and may make you feel things you never even knew you could feel. 

If she’s not that into you, she might want you as a plaything and won’t show you much affection or care at all. If she’s truly into you, being intimate with her will be mind-blowing. 

Most women with this placement will really need to trust and like you before getting into bed with you, however, as trust is incredibly important to them. 

They understand the power of sexuality and being intimate with someone and won’t usually get into bed until a solid foundation of mutual understanding is present. 

The Dark Side of Her

dark constellation in night sky

This position can be like sun sign Scorpio magnified and intensified by 1000x. 


The sheer intensity of the warrior planet Mars, coupled with the powerful and intense energy of Scorpio make women with this placement powerful, intense, transformative and fascinating people. And that can create someone who is unstoppable.

Scorpio is notorious for being exceedingly vindictive and vengeful. If she feels deeply wounded, she might go out of her way to reap some serious revenge on her adversary. If she feels betrayed, humiliated, used or otherwise hurt, her vengeful side my appear. She can turn against you and if she deems it appropriate because the wound runs very deep, she will never speak to you again. 

And she might wait years and or even decades to exact revenge and even then, she might do so in a way that you won’t know she did. 

For example, she might anonymously report you to the tax office for tax evasion, even if you aren’t hiding anything, and have you investigated — the process of which may be extremely costly and stressful. 

This Mars sign can be highly devious and underhanded and they won’t shout about their plans for revenge. Their target will get it, though. It might take a decade or more, but they’ll plan carefully and get their target in a serious and covert manner.

Depending on her level of spiritual progression, and how wounded she feels by you, she can be absolutely ruthless and unwavering in her bid to set the record straight and get revenge, as she sees fit.

And you should count yourself lucky  — a very unhappy Scorpio Mars woman might go ten steps further and find a way to take your assets or destroy your reputation. 

In business, or when they want to reach a goal, they are very ambitious. They are able to intuitively pick the right people to work with but they can also use and manipulate them into getting what they want from them. 

They can be extremely direct and brutally honest and that can cause a lot of hurt. She wouldn’t like to receive the same treatment but she can effortlessly dish it out.

Unmatched Intensity, Passion and Drive

Knowing how to use the energy of this extraordinary placement in healthy, effective, practical and productive ways is absolutely vital. 

I believe the drive of this energy to be akin to a steam train perfectly powerful enough to glide almost effortlessly through an unlimited number of brick walls without falling off its rails.

This is because it’s so powerful and intense, that if it isn’t put to good use, the energy can become highly volatile and destructive. It can decimate friendships, relationships, opportunities — and itself. 

Just like the Scorpion that stings itself to death when faced with great adversity, a Mars in Scorpio woman can also turn her anger inwards and hurt herself and outwards by lashing out at others in an attempt to preserve herself and survive as best as she can.

She also might direct her lash out in very extreme ways when feeling hurt. She can act out in explosive ways with shocking exhibitions of intense emotion, even throwing things, screaming and shouting. Some might even feel like they want to destroy their surroundings, themselves and even others. 

An unhappy person with the placement can start to self-destruct if they don’t find a way out of their unhappiness to to come to terms with their losses in life. The path of healing can be long and complicated, however so distractions such as projects or taking care of kids can help immensely can help immensely in the meantime.

Contrastingly, if her energy is focused on accomplishing goals and creating solid relationships with others, her life can be exceptionally wonderful. 

She’ll be capable of manifesting all the wealth, health, happiness and fun that she’s already so sure she can have and deserves in her life. Going from homeless to multi-millionaire businesswoman would not be any all unrealistic for her. 

If she feels really strongly about something, it may be literally to the death. It’s all or nothing.

Positive keywords summarizing this astrological position

  • Transformative 
  • Intense 
  • Sincere
  • Passionate
  • Intuitive
  • Loyal
  • Intellectual
  • Fascinating
  • Responsible
  • Sensitive
  • Compassionate
  • Self aware 
  • Self assured
  • Loving
  • Considerate 
  • Romantic 
  • Seductive
  • Unintentionally mysterious 
  • Wise

Negative keywords summarizing this astrological position 

  • Jealous 
  • Unreasonable 
  • Domineering
  • Cunning
  • Self focused
  • Vindictive
  • Exploitative
  • Promiscuous 
  • Controlling
  • Possessive
  • Manipulative 
  • Obsessive 
  • Self destructive 
  • Evasive and secretive 
  • Stubborn 
  • Black and white thinking and feeling
  • Low self awareness
  • Devious
astrological compatibility of 8th house

In summary, when the Mars in Scorpio female is passionate about something, she’ll feel very passionate about it, and may go about fulfilling her goal or desire like a Scorpio, which is in an intense, hyper-driven, passionate, secretive, obsessive way. She’ll love the challenge and may stop at nothing to achieve it. 

If the position is unaspected, she can be more Scorpionic in her overall nature. 

I’ve tried to cover as much as possible in this article about this thrilling and powerful position. If there is anything you feel I’ve missed, let me know as I’d love this to be a really helpful resource for those looking to find out more about this intense and thoroughly intriguing Mars sign. 

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  • Elizabeth Mason

    October 22, 2020 at 5:02 am

    Very accurate. I am a Mars in Scorpio woman and feel like I’ve lived many lives in this one. I have gone from many of the negative traits towards gravitating to the highest good for everyone and am a healer. I have been told that this life, which has been extremely intense and often painful, is the last one that I will have to live on earth. I can do good for others from the other side. I have also been told that I have had lives on planets in the Plieidies (sp.) and that is why my perception is more finely tuned than many others on earth.

    1. Diana

      October 29, 2020 at 6:18 pm

      Thank you very much for your kind feedback Elizabeth! I’m glad you found it to be accurate! I think it’s a fascinating and wonderful placement 🙂

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