11 Powerful Habits of Master Manifestors

January 12, 2019

Being a master manifestor must be AMAZING.

Personally, I’ve manifested large amounts of money, a beautiful, spacious home, a new car and a lot more but I know that I’m still nowhere CLOSE to being a master manifestor.

In all my years of study and practice, however, I’ve realized this one very important thing and that is that we’re ALL manifesting ALL the time.

We live in a Law of Attraction based universe and we create our realities moment by moment via our subconscious beliefs and vibrational signatures.

However, but if we don’t tell the Universe what it is we desire to experience, and work on cleaning up our own vibrations, we allow chance to take the reins instead and guide our life experiences.

Master manifestors go about their daily lives very differently to those who don’t direct their lives. Becoming a master manifestor takes some pretty serious study and dedication. 

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1. The Study and Practice of Deliberate Creation Never Ends

Usually, we think of learning how to manifest as something we can do in a day or week yet it actually takes years upon years of study, practice, getting into alignment, raising your core vibration. The learning never ceases.

They believe in their power to create whatever they desire because they have a good grasp of how manifestation, or deliberate creation, as I like to call it, actually works and they continually practice it.

They understand that you manifest your own vibration so you can manifest whatever it is that you desire, such as a partner or car, but if you’re carrying trauma in your subconscious, you will attract someone who will cause you further trauma or really dislike any emotional displays.

2. They Take Consistent Action to Achieve Their Desires

Can you attract a large amount of amount without doing anything or working for it? Yes, of course, you can, people do it every day by winning large amounts in the lottery and on scratch-offs.

There are gurus in India who can manifest literal precious stones from thin air. Reality is far stranger, and far more malleable that our conscious minds are aware of.

Although, here’s the thing…

When you visualize abundance and having wealth, it may not come to you in the form that you might expect.

Yes, it could come in the form of a lottery win, IF you actually play the lottery now and again but it may come in the form of an inheritance from a distant relative, a business idea or something else.

The ways in which you can become wealthy, and fairly quickly, are many and your subconscious mind and Higher Self know how you can achieve this, and in what way it would be attained for your highest good.

Once you place your order with the Universe to become wealthy, you might find that lots of new business ideas come your way, for example. In that case, you’ll need to put the effort in to make one of those ideas WORK! Dedication and persistence will be needed and should yield the wealth that you desire.

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3. They Work on Themselves

You hear about all the ‘inner work’ that people do on themselves and it really is amazing to see and experience the benefits.

Healing the subconscious mind will raise your core vibration and the higher your vibration, the easier and more effortless it becomes to deliberately create whatever you desire. They know they deserve all that they desire.

4. They Mediate Regularly

This is a BIG one.

You’ll hear me bang on and on about meditation on my blog often because the power meditation has to bring you closer to your Higher Self is immense.

It also helps to clear the mind of negative thoughts, and all that mental chatter we accumulate on a daily basis.

5. They Use Their Time Wisely

They’re very unlikely to go home after work or a long day out and watch Netflix every. single. evening. They use some of their spare time to further their knowledge of the law of attraction and how our reality works. 

They also read something that will help them to expand their awareness and further improve themselves or their manifestation skills.

6. They Invest Time in Visualizing and Setting Intentions

If you don’t clearly communicate to the Universe what it is that you desire to manifest in your reality, the Universe won’t know what to give you.

Invest time in visualizing your future, or whatever it is you desire to have or experience. If you aren’t keen on visualizing, or you can’t (maybe you have Aphantasia), then no worries! There are tonnes of different Law of Attraction techniques you can use to help reprogram your subconscious mind and communicative with the Universe.

7. They Keep Track of Their Thoughts and Words

They know that negative beliefs thought about for long enough create limiting beliefs, which will manifest in their realities.

Staying mindful of the thoughts you’re having and the words that others on a say will help you to stay on top of what you’re allowing to enter your subconscious mind.

8. They Find it Easy to Forgive Others and Themselves

They know that forgiveness benefits them just as much as the person or people they are forgiving. Forgiveness is vert powerful because it unties us from the very person or people we are feeling negatively towards. It also helps to eradicate any karmic ties, which will hopefully mean that you won’t have to repeat what took place in a future incarnation.

9. They Understand How Karma Works

They totally get the way karma works (or mostly get it, because it’s actually pretty complex). Fundamentally, they just know that what goes around, comes around so they keep their minds clear of negativity and they deal with any issues in a fair and balanced way in order to avoid accumulating more negative karma.

10. They Practice Manifesting

Practice makes perfect! It’s a kinda cheesy saying, and I definitely felt cheesy writing it, but it’s so TRUE!

NO ONE is perfect at ANYTHING in this life straight off the bat. Sure, we might have a natural talent for something, like playing the piano or playing football, but we still need to practice to hone the skill.

I was an awful manifestor when I first started out! Truly! Now I’m a lot better purely because of all the time and effort I invested into learning more about it, the process and then practicing what I had researched.

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11. They Avoid Toxic People

It’s horrible labelling people as ‘toxic’ and I don’t personally like it but it’s a term that we all understand. They don’t necessarily view others as being toxic; they understand that everyone they meet is a reflection of their own vibration.

They know, however, to keep their distance or limit their contact with people who aren’t currently quite as enlightened as them because it can bring their own vibration down or make them feel off balance.

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