6 Delightful Infused Water Recipes With Mint

July 26, 2020

I’m not going to pretend that I’m not a sucker for a tall glass of ice-cold water with ice, especially in the warmer months, but let’s be honest — isn’t plain water just that little bit more refreshing when it’s flavored with some organic fresh mint and juicy fruits or vegetables?

Yeah, sure it is! 

Sipping on cool, mint-infused water makes working from home just a tad more relaxing, super hot summer days fractionally more productive, and staying hydrated throughout the day way more possible because it’s so yummy. 

Plus, flavored waters add a touch of luxury to pretty much any occasion — especially when drunk through a pretty (recyclable!) straw and placed on a nice coaster. 

I personally consider drinking infused water as a vital part of my every day self-care routine. I feel like I’m showing myself love by treating myself to something that has been carefully prepared, is tasty and healthy. It also adds a little touch of decadence to my desk. 

Infused water is also found to be generally tastier by a lot of people and so you end up drinking way more water every day and staying wonderfully hydrated and glowy from dawn ’til dusk.

The additional benefits of vitamin C, E and trace amounts of some other vitamins and minerals may also contribute to reducing inflammation within the body and promoting better health and wellbeing overall. 

Hey, I mean, it’s also so much better than drinking a sugar-laden soda or too many caffeine-filled green teas and feeling on edge, right? 

So today, below, I’m going share six mouth-watering infused water recipes with mint. After much experimenting in the kitchen, these are the yummiest I have put together to date. 

Here we go…

As a side-note, if you’d like to know how to charge your water with energies such as love, peace, and prosperity, see my article about conditioning water. I include 5 different and super easy ways to condition water.

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Just as a reminder, for all of the following recipes, you can use still or sparkling water. I’d definitely think about trying some out with sparkling water if you’re into it because the taste is slightly more intense and you get that nice pop of bubbles on your tongue. It’s also hella classy!

I always suggest using filtered or bottled water, too as unfiltered tap water can sometimes contain a number of icky chemicals. 

1. Cucumber Lime Lemon Mint

2. Raspberry Blueberry Mint – Personal Favorite

3. Orange Grapefruit Mint

4. Pineapple lime cherry mint

5. Grapefruit lime mint 

6. Grapefruit cherry orange strawberry mint 


How long will the water stay fresh?

You can keep all of the above recipes in the fridge for at around a day before the juices start to spoil and it’s no longer safe to drink. 

What kind of mint should I use?

That’s a really good question! The recipes above use the usual mint you buy in any supermarket, which is ……. mint, but there are quite a few different types of mint to choose from.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on any of these minty water recipes! 

Comment below and let me know what you think of infused water in general. Is it something that’s inspired you to drink more water? Have you observed any significant health benefits from drinking it regularly? I look forward to hearing from you! 



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