9 Incredibly Effective Ways to Monetize Your Blog

October 2, 2019

Forget the scoffers and the skeptics; blogging can TOTALLY become your actual career.

For the foreseeable future, too!

Believe it — because it’s true. 

Not only that, but blogging full-time will mean you’ll have more freedom and more time to spend with those who matter to you the most — as and when you like.

You might even earn more money with your blog than you in your current position!

For real.

Here’s a teeny-tiny list of some of the many tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of people making excellent incomes with their blogs across the planet:


If you currently run a blog, you’ll know that whatever your niche, blogging takes up A LOT of time.

And if you’re investing large amounts of time in your work, you’re going to want — and in most cases, absolutely require, financial return relative to your investment.

Successful bloggers found in all niches with plenty of readers invest SO much time in creating high quality, unique, and engaging content for their readers. It can sometimes take days, or even weeks, to complete a well written, well researched, entertaining, genuinely valuable post!

As a busy blogger who cares about your audience, you absolutely deserve to be compensated and rewarded for your time, efforts, creativity and uniqueness!

So, let’s crack on with the list of monetization methods available for your blog:

1. Display Advertisements

This is by far the most common way people monetize their blogs.

It’s probably also the most hands-off, wonderfully passive way to make an income in general.

There are no customers or clients to deal with. You just sign up to an ad network and ads will be placed on your blog and you’ll start making money on autopilot straight away (as long as you have at least a few thousand view each month).

People often use ads to monetize their blogs alongside other monetization methods such as any of the ones listed below.

For many bloggers, however, ads consistently make up the majority of their monthly earnings.

You have a fairly wide variety of ad networks to pick from including:

  • Adsense
  • Mediavine
  • AdThrive
  • Ezoic

Plus quite a few other Ad Networks. The above ones are just some of the most popular networks.

You’ll only need some traffic to get accepted to Google Adsense so this would be the network you’ll have to start out with. Your blog will also need to meet their other guidelines, which you can read here.

Overall, however, their requirements are lower than many of the other ad networks.

The vast majority of the other Ad networks have much higher minimum monthly traffic requirements and some are higher than others.

Mediavine requires at least 25,000 sessions per month. AdThrive requires at least 100,000 pageviews per month.

Please note that there’s also a difference in the way these networks measure traffic from Google Analytics (Mediavine look at how many sessions you’re getting and AdThrive will look at how many pageviews you’re getting).

Producing high-quality content is really the only way to move from Google Adsense to one of the higher-paying Ad networks. This will also help to keep your bounce rate (the number of people who exit your site soon after visiting it) low, which means more people actually like your content and want to stick around and invest their time in reading what you’ve written.

They’re also more likely to stay longer on your blog and click on another article, which means more ad impressions (and possibly clicks, which make more than just views).

Offering content that is in some way genuinely valuable and will further someone’s knowledge, give them food for thought, or answer a specific question of theirs is always a really great way to increase your readership. People really appreciate the help and entertainment! I know I do when I’m reading posts by other bloggers.

2. Printables

If you’re good with Photoshop, or another image editing or design program and you’ve got a great eye for design and planning or organization, you can design and sell your very own printables!

Think about how you can create a printable to help people in some way. Could you create an excellent meal planner or gratitude journal?

Perhaps you could think about creating a printable that you haven’t seen for sale before such as a planner to solve or help with a unique or niche issue. Take a look at this Unicorn Dreams Vision Journal for example.

You may have the odd complaint or refund request here or there but that’s the case with any retail business. The best part is that you’ll never, ever run out of stock, either! Once your printable is done, it’s done and the number of sales it can bring in is unlimited.

Consider selling your printables on Shopify as opposed to another e-commerce platform as Sarah Titus suggests. She found that by listing her printables on Shopify, she consistently made more sales compared to another platform she tried earlier. She thought this might be down to people trusting Shopify more than other e-commerce platforms.

A lot of well known, cutting edge retailers use this platform and it’s really gained a lot of trust and popularity over recent years.

3. Consulting 

Consulting is a fantastic way to make money and it can still all be done from the comfort of your sofa, home office, kitchen or local beach online via apps like Skype or Zoom.

Make a list of topics that you enjoy and know a lot about, have acquired formal education and qualifications in, or anything that you possibly fancy expanding your knowledge on in the future.

Pick one of those ideas on your list and think about how you can compile your knowledge of that subject or interest into bite-sized consulting sessions. 

Here’s a brief list of some of the different consulting services you might like to offer (some require formal qualifications):

  • Search engine optimization consultant
  • Spiritual consultant
  • Internet marketing consultant
  • Blogging consultant
  • Legal consultant
  • IT consultant
  • Paranormal consultant
  • Online marketing consultant
  • Social media consultant 
  • Financial investment consultant

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4. Coaching 

Stefan Vladimirov / Unsplash

This is super similar to consulting. Again, sessions can be carried out from anywhere online via Skype or Zoom. You typically don’t require any formal qualifications, although those usually encourage people to signup!

  • Life coaching
  • Personal wellness coaching
  • Business coaching 
  • Health coaching
  • Law of Attraction coaching
  • Dating coaching
  • Self-confidence coaching
  • eBay seller coaching
  • Amazon private label selling coaching

You can coach on pretty much anything you can think of.

Depending on what you blog about, you can really niche down and coach on things like how to cook vegan Greek food or how to make natural scented candles at home.

There are virtually zero limitations.

I think there are some restrictions when it comes to anything regarding weight loss, but other than that, pick something you know a lot about, and can talk for hours about with many different people and give it a shot!

Consulting and coaching can both be pretty tiring but also tonnes of fun and super rewarding. It’s also a great way to meet new people, help them out, and make new friends!

If you try this method out and you don’t like it, you can always try it out later on down the line once you’re making enough from another monetization method such as ads.

FYI – Last year, I signed up for Law of Attraction coaching and it was excellent. Our sessions were actually carried out of the phone, but they were worth every cent because they really expanded my knowledge on the topic! Coaching and consulting can truly help people.

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5. Online Courses & Programs

Gabriel Porras / Unsplash

Melissa Griffin makes over $1 million dollars a year selling courses about blogging.

Online courses are perfectly scalable, fairly easy and quick to create and best of all, you’ll be making people happy by helping them out in some way!

Don’t worry about people not buying your course. People are perfectly happy to pay to learn a new skill or find a solution to a problem they’re facing.

You just need to take the time to create the course once and then you can sell that course literally thousands upon thousands of times over to people across the planet, 24 hours a day.

Selling online courses is by far the most lucrative way to earn a living from your blog, IF your course, is in demand and you actually desire to make them, that is!

Here are some examples of courses bloggers are currently selling:

  • Pinterest marketing course
  • SEO course
  • Soap making course
  • Copywriting course
  • Financial budgeting course 
  • Meal planning course

Virtually anyone in any niche can create a course on virtually anything.

Granted, some niches, such as blogging or home DIY will be more popular and may garner more sales, but there are still thousands of other people looking to learn various things in various niches.

A few examples of successful online courses:

6. Affiliate Commissions 

Michelle Schroder Gardner makes around $50,000 a month from affiliate commissions alone.

Most bloggers use affiliate links in their posts to monetize their blogs. It’s a really great (and totally passive way) to make money with your blog!

Here are some companies which have affiliate programs:

  • Amazon
  • Bluehost
  • Shopify
  • Tailwind
  • Target

There are thousands if not hundreds of thousands of affiliate networks and online stores with affiliate programs.

How can you actually make affiliate sales? You can create posts reviewing various items from Amazon, for example, or mention products from certain stores and companies in your posts and add your unique affiliate link to them.

Book review posts work especially well for Amazon affiliate commissions.

You can also be an affiliate for a course you took. Create a review post of the course, provide an honest review of it and add your affiliate link to it.

7. Sponsored Posts

Companies will sponsor you (i.e. pay you), to mention them in your posts.

You can sign up to influencer networks to find companies to sponsor you. Sometimes they also approach bloggers.

Just make sure you the brands you plan on working with are relevant to your niche otherwise you run the risk of turning some readers off (although most will likely understand you need to pay your bills somehow!).

Note: The magic of having ads on your site is that if you won’t have to get sponsored by companies you might not like or support, or who aren’t relevant to your niche!

That’s one of the many reasons I like ads so much, even if they’re fairly annoying to readers, including myself, at times. 

8. e-Books

Perfecto_Capucine / Pixabay

E-Books are fun to create and if what you’ve written can genuinely help people out in some way, such as solving a problem, you’ll be onto a winner. E-Books, just like online courses and printables, are a one-off effort (unless you choose to update now and again).

You make them and that’s it, they’re done and you can sell them over and over again, at any time of the day or year.

They’re another absolutely fantastic way to make passive income over the years via your blog.

Here are some bloggers and their ebooks:

9. Selling Physical Products

Do you have an Etsy or eBay store where you sell physical items you make, buy to resell, or print on demand? If so, you can create posts that link to your listings on those online stores.

If you have an e-commerce store of your own, such as a Shopify or Woocommerce store, you can attach a blog to it and link to your home page or product listing pages in your posts.

I just want to wrap up with this: I was totally lost when I first started my blog. The only thing I knew for sure was that I really wanted to blog full-time.

I had a bunch of things I was super into and really wanted to spend time researching, exploring and writing about.

I also knew that people were actually making very significant amounts with their blogs and I was beyond desperate to break free from my humdrum 9-5.

I’m still not quite there yet, but I’m just really enjoying writing about the stuff I love and I know I’ll be there soon.

Hopefully one or more of the methods above will appeal to you and once your blog is in the right place, you can start making money with it.

The best thing about making money with your blog is that you can continue to explore and talk about all the stuff that interests you most in life every. single. day. and wow, isn’t that a wonderful gift?! 

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