The Aries Moon Woman

July 7, 2020

Being in the company of an Aries moon woman is anything but a run-of-the-mill experience. Lunar Arians are honestly some of the most interesting, alive, quick-witted and fast-paced people you’ll ever meet in your life.

These women are on FIRE!

Aside from how intense, passionate and straight-forward they are, they’re also loads of fun and they’re capable of achieving pretty much anything they set their sights on. 

BUT as you’re probably very well aware, there are plenty of positive and negative traits for every single astrological placement. 

Having recently studied the lunar Aries female, I’m going to throw down my observations of the good — and not-so-good, traits of this fascinating Zodiac placement below. 

As an important side-note, always remember that the moon in someone’s natal chart represents their emotional and instinctual nature. Researching someone’s lunar birth placement will give you an idea of what they’re really like if and when you get to know them pretty well. However, when someone has their moon in the sign of Aries, the ram, it can be pretty hard to hide who they truly are purely because who they really are is so energetic and explosive that it can’t really be kept under wraps.

Let’s dive in!

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She Has TONNES of Physical Energy

Aries moon woman

You’ve probably heard this one before because it’s usually the defining trait of the moon in Aries woman. The amount of physical energy these women (and men) have is absolutely astounding. 

She might view herself as a human dynamo able to operate on just 5 hours’ sleep every night — for the rest of her life. AND she’ll be raring to go every morning, too!

Keeping up with her busy schedule might prove to be challenging, especially for anyone who has their moon in an earth or water sign.

Yup, this placement may very well be the single most physically energetic astrological placement in the entire Zodiac. This is mainly because Aries is the first sign of the Zodiac and is therefore the spiritually and energetically youngest sign. It’s also in the element of fire and people with significant astrological placements in the element of fire tend to be fiery and highly animated, just like actual fire.

The Chase Is SO Much Fun for Her

OMG. These people and the thrill of the chase…

Aries sometimes just likes to see if it can attain a certain goal. So, she might see if she can attract someone or get a job that appeals to her just for the challenge. She may not necessarily be super interested in the person or job or other goal she has set her sights on. She simply wants to know if she can get it. She loves to challenge herself.

Once she meets a certain goal, whatever that goal may be, if her interest isn’t intense enough, she might view the challenge as complete and move on to a fresh, appealing new one. Sometimes, this can seem a bit cold or even cruel by ex-lovers or partners, but many people with this lunar placement feel they need to challenge themselves to stay mentally fit and to feel alive.

She’s Dauntless

fire signs of the zodiac

Have you ever watched the movie Divergent (2014)? Aside from how utterly awesome I personally think it is, I also feel that the ‘Dauntless‘ faction perfectly conveys the energy of Aries. If you haven’t watched the movie (I highly suggest that you do), Divergent is a movie set in a dystopian future.

Society has been split into five different factions (or clans) and the Dauntless faction is the most energetic, reactive and fearless of all five. They are given the task of protecting and supporting the society in which they live and the people in the other four factions.

Likewise, women with this lunar placement often demonstrate uncanny mental, emotional and physical strength. They don’t often shy away from going where others might be wary of going. 

By the way, if you ever watch Divergent, there are two sequels of the movie to also enjoy!

She’s a Natural Pioneer and Businesswoman

Loads of super successful pioneers and entrepreneurs share this strong-willed placement such as Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Kendall Jenner and Tyra Banks.

Her curiosity, determination, thirst for discovery, success and recognition is so strong that she really doesn’t mind exploring places, people and ideas that others haven’t yet — or wouldn’t even dare to.

Perhaps there’s a new vaccine that needs to be tested. She might be the perfect person to volunteer to try it out. If she doesn’t agree with vaccines, she might be inclined to search high and low for effective natural treatments. Or maybe she’s interested in archeology and she’d like to be the first to descend into a fresh dig.

Her boldness and bravery is unwavering and it helps to see her dreams, ideas, and interests through, providing that her interests are completely sincere and deep. She might just get bored and drop them if they aren’t!

She’s Driven by Pure Passion

first house astrological placement

She’s mainly driven by pure passion. She’s passionate about living well with the right creature comforts, a beautiful, spacious home, a partner who excites her and much more.

This is brilliant because it’s passion that is the fuel behind making every big life goal actually happen. Without it, life would be boring and uneventful.

That being said, when someone is driven by pure passion, decision making can jostle with logic for a positive outcome.

She Doesn’t Really Overthink Things

Depending on your outlook on life, this may be viewed as a positive or negative trait. Personally, I think it’s a highly positive trait.

Overthinking stuff comes so naturally to SO many other of the other signs; for example, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn and Aquarius are typically brilliant at over analysing and over thinking things.

However, to an Aries moon, overthinking stuff is kinda unnecessary and boring. It’s seen as a mentality that just gets in the way of getting stuff done and living well. It’s not really for her. She has so much other stuff that she’d rather be getting on with. Life is to be lived!

She Likes Things to Move Quickly

ram constellation

This lunar ram is not known for her endless patience. Her motto could be something like “the faster, the better” because she likes everything in her life to be animated, engaging and quick paced.

That goes for her relationships, too. If she really likes someone, she’ll want to get to know them and do fun and exciting things with them A.S.A.P. After all, in her eyes, life is to be lived to its fullest.

Oh, and I have to mention that unless she’s completely infatuated or in love with you, don’t expect her to ever wait around for you. That’s honestly a laughable suggestion. And it’s just not going to happen. She’s far too independent, strong-willed, and she has a healthy lust for life.

Change Isn’t Feared by Her

In fact, she welcomes it. Change means adding to her collection of life experiences so it’s desirable. Of course, big and upsetting changes such as the loss of a partner, losing money, or being made to move home are not desirable changes and I’m not referring to those.

I’m referring to positive changes such as travel opportunities or reassignments at work, and letting go of things and people that aren’t in alignment with her preferences and beliefs. She’s also ready to deal with many positive life changes all at once. She takes them in her stride and enjoys to adjusting to a new way of living or just a new daily routine.

Taking on the World Isn’t a Mere Fantasy

cardinal signs

It’s reality. Whatever this lunar ram wishes to accomplish in life, she truly can. No, sorry — she knows she can take over the world! Because the truth is, she probably can. She’ll work hard with passion and zeal until her dreams pop into her reality.

Sometimes her goals can seem a bit lofty and unrealistic but she needs the challenge and she knows deep down that she possess all the necessary tools and skills required to make it all happen.

She’s Quick to Anger But She Cools Quickly

She might be quick to blow but in a way, that’s kind of emotionally healthy. Or, if it isn’t exactly emotionally healthy, it’s far better than keeping everything bottled up inside. There’s no point in brewing nasty, pointless, boring and small-minded resentment.

Any resentment she might feel simply won’t last for long periods of time — or even a moment. She just won’t be able to hold it in. 

She’ll explode if she really doesn’t like or agree with something. She’ll let the other person or situation know exactly where she stands and then BAM, her mood will return right back to where it was before — balanced, buoyant, calm and upbeat and she’ll be looking for the next fun thing to do or task to get on with.

She’s so adept at expressing the way she feels about everything, that she’ll very likely feel like it’s a wrap and won’t hold a grudge. That’s boring in her eyes and she won’t have the time or interest in feeling vengeful or overthinking negative events. She just needed others to know her thoughts. 

Being on the Go at All Times Is Part of Her Nature

She always has to be involved in some kind of exciting project like renovating a house or attending to patients as a doctor in ER. A slow and sedate life just isn’t for her — and it never will be.

Even as she ages, she’ll still appreciate being in action. And if you get in the way of her fun, action oriented lifestyle in any way, you either won’t see her again or you’ll encounter her wrath. 

She’s Adventurous and Wild at Heart

traits of the lunar Arian female

People love her because she’s just so much fun. People are mostly drawn to other people who appear to be confident, smart, productive, and full of vitality and that’s exactly her. 

Finishing What She Starts Is Kind of Boring

The thrill of experiencing something new and seeing it pan out sounds great in theory but sometimes, the novelty of a new project or date, wears off if she’s not really feeling it. The last endeavour can get left by the way-side. Of course, this will depend on just how interested she is in something or someone. If her feelings run deep, she’ll be all in and she’ll see it all the way through, whatever it is.

Desk Jobs Aren’t Her Thing

Fire is an element that is always moving, glowing. It spreads easily and has the ability to dominate. Have you ever noticed how people who have sun, moon, rising or Mars signs in the element of fire seem a bit fidgety and are usually on the go? Yup. That’s just the way they’re configured! She bores easily and she can’t sit still for too long so yeah, desk jobs aren’t usually a great match for her.

Getting Over Stuff Swiftly is Her Forte

female fire sign astrology

This is such a HUGE gift. So many people spend years upon years ruminating over and longing for lost relationships and potential partners.

While she definitely isn’t a robot (she feels deeply), she may just want to get on with living her life as soon as possible. As she sees it, there are far more important and interesting things to be getting on with.

Lunar Aries Female FAQs

My partner/close friend has this placement. We had a big disagreement and we currently aren’t talking to each other. Will she speak to me again?

We’re all different because of the way we were raised and the experiences we had along the way. If you believe in reincarnation, the Soul’s history will also shape her personality.

As far as astrology goes towards helping you with this common query, you’d have to look at the rest of her natal chart in order to determine that. Take a look at her sun sign and what sign Mercury was in at her time of birth. Mercury is important because it offers an insight into her style of communication. Mars may also play a role. If it’s in a sign like Scorpio, she might not forgive and forget easily.

If any of the above celestial bodies are in fixed signs (Leo, Aquarius, Taurus, or Scorpio), you may have less of a chance of working things out. People with strong placements in fixed signs don’t forgive or change their minds easily.

I have this placement. I feel like I lose interest in people and projects quickly. How can I stay interested going forward?

My advice would be to stay focused on projects and people you’re absolutely crazy about. If your interest isn’t super deep from the outset, then it may wane after just a short amount of time has passed. Just be more selective in the future about what projects, jobs and people you choose to focus on.

You’re the Cool Girl Everyone Wants to Be…

traits of lunar ram ladies

You’re the ultimate go-getter who won’t let anything get in her way. 

People admire you because you’re so chock-full of fire, passion and energy. You’re the kind of person who makes stuff happen and doesn’t wait around for stuff to happen to them. Anything you wish for will be almost certainly be yours because of your overall positive and energetic outlook on life.

Your endless optimism and insatiable drive for success in all areas of life is highly attractive and super inspirational. 

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