capricorn moon woman

The Capricorn Moon Woman

August 18, 2020

If you are a Capricorn moon woman, you more than likely have your life very firmly together.

Or if you don’t quite yet, your main aim in life is to have it all together. And even if it takes you years upon years, you know perfectly well that you’ll get there one day. 

Your down-to-earth, straight forward, level-headed, zero-BS, driven, fact-based outlook on life is why people admire you and why you usually get what you set your sights on. 

You’re the endlessly stable, realistic, mature, practical, pragmatic rock that everyone looks to for emotional support and life advice and guidance of all kinds. 

But there’s also a hella lot more too you — you’re far more than just a materially successful, driven and reliable person. 

You have a tremendous amount of emotional and spiritual depth and you can be prone to depressive periods because of your sensitivity and instinctive need to be reliable, present and together at all times for yourself and those around you. 

I feel like sometimes astrologers can just look at the ego aspect of this sign and relay the more superficial traits such as a need for stability through financial success and recognition in society. 

And sure, some Capricorn moons will be pretty superficial. As will some Capricorn sun and Venus signs. If their Soul age is young and they have much to learn, that can be the case. 

However, some people who have this placement will have chosen it expressly for Soul growth. Why? Because it can be a hard placement that may present many difficult life challenges. 

And those life challenges can either spur great spiritual advancement or make the individual angry, bitter and resentful if they can’t overcome them.

OK, that was pretty heavy, I get that, but let’s dive into some of the finer points of the moon in Capricorn woman’s instinctual nature. 

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A high drive for success 

zodiac lunar signs

The drive you possess to succeed in every facet of your life is astonishing. The goals you set for yourself might seem impossible or unrealistic to someone else but to you, they’re exciting and perfectly attainable. 

You just know that you can do it and in some cases, you might feel like you have to get that top level job or you have to make a certain level of high income purely to help yourself and your family or build a stable, respectable home for you and your future family. 

When you want something, you know that it’s only a matter of time before it’s yours because you’ll work steadily and diligently towards attaining that desire.

Hard life lessons 

astrological birth chart analysis

Very difficult life lessons are strongly associated with this astrological placement. The ruling planet of Capricorn is Saturn which represents restriction, structure, authority, discipline and detachment. 

A lot of women (and men) with this placement will encounter difficult situations from a young age. She may have been forced to grow up very quickly as a child or young adult. 

One of her parents may have left the family home, or perhaps her parents were chronically sick or irresponsible. She may even have found herself in foster care where she felt she was forced to look out for herself. Being a woman, any younger siblings may have fallen exclusively into her care and she may have found herself to be their mother figure from a very young age.

These people are often in survival mode for at least the first third of their lives and sometimes hard life lessons continue well past young adulthood and into old age. 

The various life lessons presented by this placement depend on the challenges set out in the pre-birth plan and what the Soul wishes to accomplish in the incarnation. 

Many of these life lessons feel like spiritual tests, because they are, and she may feel pushed to the edge of what she can endure on occasion but the strong-willed and thoroughly determined energy of this sign also helps her to push through them and learn from them. 

She’s sensitive but also resilient AF

constellation and night sky

Being refined and conservative, she might dislike my use of ‘AF’ up there but she is truly incredibly resilient. You’ve heard the saying “what doesn’t kill you makes your stronger”, right? Yep, that’s kind of her subconscious motto.

And it’s not that she isn’t sensitive, she is sensitive and she’s perfectly able to feel things deeply, but she’s also sensible and she knows how to take care of herself. 

She feels innately responsible for those around her and she feels she has to keep it all together. She might also find it difficult to articulate her feelings and externalise emotional pain through crying, screaming or accepting help from others including consolation and hugs.

She may fear that an outpouring of emotion may affect the way others view her. She might be concerned that they won’t take her as seriously after an emotional event and no longer regard her as being strong, confident and assertive. 

So she might really want to express her emotions but she might not know how to, or whom to trust with them and she might also be worried about how she will be viewed after she has volunteered deeply personal information. Being judged and disapproved of may be devastating and it may not be worth the risk. 

On the other hand, she’s amazing with helping others in need. She genuinely cares. It’s not just to look good, as some might say. If something awful happens such as a family member’s home going into foreclosure, her family know that she’ll be there come hell or high water to offer solid, grounded, well-researched, actionable advice and guidance and emotional support to get things back on track as soon as possible. 

Romantic life 

stars signs romantic life

Capricorn moon women won’t allow just anyone into their lives as a partner. She’ll need to thoroughly vet them first to see if they meet her standards and share the same life goals because her time is precious, life isn’t a game and her heart isn’t to be toyed with. 

If they don’t meet her standards, it’s with sadness and disappointment yet with an exterior of cool matter-of-factness that she ends the connection. She’s also highly unlikely to reverse her decision.

She feels she must separate the proverbial wheat from the chaff because she needs to continue being the rock everyone relies on and she needs — and wants, someone serious, stable and worth her while to build a wonderful, protective, comfortable and stable home life with and possibly even legacy or empire with. 

They way she see’s it, life is serious and it’s to be made the most of and constantly built and worked upon. Those who aren’t equally as serious, reliable, or committed to her to and the relationship simply won’t be riding with her on her journey to success. They’ll be left by the way-side as a matter of practicality. 

I would even go as far to say that lazy people who seem to just cruise through life can at times confuse and disgust her. She just can’t understand how lax they are about their entire lives and how they don’t have any goals and aims to meet.

She can be hard on herself

2nd house insights

The grind of everyday life is very real to her. It’s almost what she lives for and she can’t fully relax, enjoy and appreciate life without feeling as if she’s working towards the successful completion of one or more of her life goals. 

While working hard and meeting many amazing life goals is absolutely fantastic and an excellent use of one’s time on this planet, the burning desire for success and perpetual productivity can cause burn out. 

Her parents, particularly the mother, may have really pushed her and her siblings to accomplish great feats in life. They may have even knowingly or unknowingly placed them in constant competition with one another which would have been invariably emotionally painful and physically draining for her.

Self care is important for all of us but particularly moon signs very much including Capricorn moons as she can immerse herself in work too much for long periods on time and emotions can get pushed aside. 

Consider taking regular periods of time out for self care and a vacation now and again from everything (if possible) for a whole day or week, or longer to allow complete relaxation and allow you to come to terms with your emotions. 

She’s very conservative 

girl on internet thinking

You’ve probably heard this before. It’s a commonly discussed trait for this lunar sign but generally, astrologers tend to say that they’re emotionally conservative. 

While I personally agree with this, I would say that they’re also conservative — and sensible, with their energy, time, and resources. 

For example, they won’t invest their time or energy in a relationship that they think is unlikely to last for decades. They’ll probably consider it a poor investment decision. 

The same goes for investing in academic courses, careers, and pretty much anything else in life that requires any type or degree of investment. This trait can be seen as negative or positive, depending on how you choose to observe it. 

If they no longer wish to press forward with something, such as a relationship or friendship, that can appear as cold but to her it’s a strategic and logical decision that had to be made in order to help her survive and thrive on this tough planet.

Emotional nature

the sea goat zodiac wheel symbol

Make no mistake. Her preservation of emotion does not mean that she is cold and emotionally shallow. The symbol for Capricorn is the sea goat (as shown above). No such creature exists in reality of course but it was carefully put together in the distant past by astrologers to illustrate the two facets of this fascinating star sign. 

The goat part represents her ability and unstoppable determination to bust through obstacles and climb to the tops of mountains to achieve her aims yet the lower half, the fish tail, is seldom talked about. This is the aspect that is connected to water and water in astrology is an element that is all about sensitivity, intuition and the ethereal realms.

It means that she has two sides to her; one that is determined, sensible, strong and resilient and the other that is deeply sensitive and intuitive, but rarely seen as the fish tail is below the surface of the sea, immersed in the water. 

She can certainly find it hard to express her emotions ad that can make it difficult for her to make sense of painful situations and move on from them. 

However, being sensible and grounded, she usually finds ways to successfully overcome them. She might turn to counselling, or be drawn to spend time in nature, or take up journaling, mediation, yoga, or undergo some energy healing. Being very grounded and fact-based people don’t believe esoteric healing modalities (such as Reiki or EFT) work, although women with this placement may be more likely to believe they hold some value than men with this placement.

Low moods

We all can feel down at times for many different reasons but the moon in Capricorn woman might experience a low mood when her sense of purpose is low. 

Her sense of purpose and productivity level is extremely important to her. She feels a constant need to be excelling, growing and building in life in some way. Even if it’s simply taking in new information through a book or information found online, she’s still furthering her mind and using her time and energy well. 

Depending on her other astrological placements, she might feel down about certain situations, such as the end of a relationship or missed business opportunity for prolonged periods of time, even years.

Older age

older woman with saturnian astrological influence

Only once she feels like that her life goals have been accomplished, or are firmly on their way to manifesting, she can finally start to relax. That might be in her late twenties, 30s, or even her 40s. It all depends on how much work and effort she feels she’s put into her life so far. 

I usually break down my moon sign posts into many, fairly brief points detailing whatever I’m spiritually inspired to include but on this occasion, I was lead to go into more depth about this placement because I feel like it’s largely, grossly misunderstood. 

Those with strong Capricorn placements aren’t just about fast cars, champagne dinners, awards and designer shoes and handbags. Again, sure, some will be but for many, it’s a placement that has chosen to undergo Soul growth through harsh and sometimes, debilitating, life lessons. 

It’s a very brave placement for a Soul to chose. 

Thankfully, the strong and determined energy of this throughly admirable lunar star sign can also help to see those who possess its energy through their life lessons and emerge from them stronger and wiser than ever before. 

Positive Keywords

  • Charming
  • Loving
  • Kind
  • Loyal
  • Ambitious
  • Responsible
  • Independent
  • Resourceful
  • Capable
  • Resilient
  • Witty
  • Emotionally strong
  • Successful
  • Intelligent
  • Hard working
  • Doting
  • Faithful

Negative Keywords

  • Stubborn
  • Narrow-minded
  • Materialistic
  • Superficial
  • Perpetually unfulfilled
  • Status seeking
  • Cynical
  • Rigid
  • Miserly

I hope that you found some value in this article. Remember that many other astrological influences will also have a bearing on her personality, such as the sun sign, ascendant, aspects, and the house the moon is in, but the moon sign is a very important placement in anyone’s birth chart

Feel free to drop me a comment below with any thoughts you might have on this remarkable lunar placement. 

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