leo moon woman

The Leo Moon Woman

July 6, 2020

Entering into in the world of a Leo moon woman is like being welcomed into a stunningly beautiful palace with the most opulent and comfortable surroundings you’ve ever seen. You’ll be treated to mouth-watering Michelin-starred meals and intense musical performances. 

Being close to a moon in Leo woman is an intensely thrilling and all-compassing experience that you’ll probably never forget for as long as you live. 

However, you should also be perfectly prepared to be thrown out and set on fire if things go South. And they might go South because as wonderful as she might be, she’s also pretty fiery!

That’s honestly the best way I can describe a Leo moon woman in a nutshell. 

Saying that (and it’s a lot, I know!), she is an exceptionally multi-faceted person and there’s a lot more to say about her fascinating character so read on. 

And vitally — don’t forget to take the rest of her astrological chart into consideration too. Her moon sign will be just one important piece of the puzzle that makes up her personality. 

Ok, great. Let’s dive in!

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The Moon in Leo Woman is…

Anything but Boring

As you may have guessed from my rather intense, yet brief intro, this woman just can’t be boring. Even if she tried, she wouldn’t be able to manage it. In fact, the mere suggestion of the word might repulse her.

And no doubt, those who are genuinely boring, average, and plain will probably never get close to her.

The way she sees it, the whole world is her stage, she adores life, and she goes through it expecting and experiencing as much as she can. She aims to make her experience on Earth as interesting and engaging as possible before moving on.

She Loves Hard

lunar leo

This is a woman who knows how to love. She is exceptionally warm, affectionate, and considerate in romantic relationships and she’s also very vocal about their feelings for her partner. Reservation isn’t a Leo thing so she’ll go all out and let you know she’s crazy about you — if she’s truly into you, of course.

Likewise, she’s loved as hard by others because she’s just so absolutely adorable. People have a tendency to swoon over Leo moons because they’re so wholly lovable and effortlessly radiate fun-loving, high vibe energy. 

She’s Super Generous 

She’s highly unlikely to be tight-fisted and she really dislikes miserly people. The way she sees it, life is to be lived to the max and part of that means exchanging money for nice things, gifts and life experiences.

A good chunk of the money she earns will usually be spent on partying, clothes, jewellery, and cherished friends and family. Even work colleagues might be treated to lavish gifts (if she likes them of course!). 

She’s generous with her words and her time, too. If you’re having a problem, she might be the perfect person to visit for a sympathetic shoulder to cry on, some savvy advice, and an indulgent chocolate martini to drown those sorrows and lift your mood.

She’s Massively Inspired and Creative

creative female lunar leos

She’s perpetually immersed in creative inspiration. And she doesn’t have to be a full-blown, formally trained artist to express the many creative ideas that are usually running through her mind.

She might indeed be a formally trained artist or she might simply enjoy painting, making or designing stuff in her spare time to give away to loved ones or just for the heck of making something new and interesting. 

Or maybe she enjoys giving interior design advice. She won’t need formal training to give some excellent advice for putting together a vibrant and beautiful home. She’s just naturally brilliant at creating warm, opulent and enticing spaces.

She’s Intensely Loyal and Protective

You’ll have a true friend in a woman with this astrological placement. Someone who will always have your back. Until the literal end. And that’s because this fiery sign is known to be exceptionally loyal. They’re rarely fickle and indecisive like the air moon signs can be. Once she bonds with a friend, family member, or partner, that bond will most likely last a lifetime and can’t be broken easily (unless she feels really wronged).

Yet, sadly, sometimes she can be loyal to her own detriment. If someone she loves isn’t treating her well, even if it’s just a friend or acquaintance, she might not break free from them until their behavior towards her worsens.

She Adores Drama and The Spotlight

spotlight loving lioness

Whether it’s good or bad, it doesn’t matter, there just has to be some kind of drama or big event happening. And preferably as often as possible.

It makes people with this placement feel more alive if they treat the world as their stage. And in all honesty, what isn’t perfectly fantastic about living your best life to the max? 

Many highly successful actresses such as Monica Bellucci, Julia Roberts, and Helena Bonham Carter have this placement.

She’s Remarkably Intelligent

Intelligence isn’t just reserved for the air signs. People born under all moon signs can be intelligent or well, not so intelligent. It’s just that some seem to be a tad more intelligent than others and Leo seems to be one of those signs.

She rarely feels stupid, either. If something doesn’t work out, like an exam result or relationship, she’ll probably be able to brush it off pretty quickly and either win next time ‘round or go onto something bigger and better. 

And bigger and better is always awaiting these people; they just attract great things because they feel and know their greatness.

Independence Is Totally Her Thing

characteristics of lionesses

She’s very well aware of what she wants and what she doesn’t want. She knows what she needs and wants in partners and friends and she also knows what she needs in order to live her life to the fullest. She’s self-assured, confident, direct and assertive.

She also isn’t afraid of cutting people out of her life either. Her intense loyalty and big heart might make that very difficult for her but if she thinks someone is being really disingenuous, she’ll probably just let them go. She knows that she’ll always be surrounded by people and a cull just means someone better will take their place.

Plus, cutting out any toxic people who might be dragging her down will mean that she can be that little bit freer to do as she pleases, when she pleases.

Her Pride Is Incredibly Important to Her

Just like any lioness, this queen of the jungle can be incredibly proud. She’s proud of her family, partner, friends, children… Even her pets! She’s probably proud of her Leo Moon sign, too!

She’s also proud in the sense that wounding her may result in icy silence and being cut off forever. In her opinion, staying on top by looking unaffected after a big disagreement or painful event is usually better than to risk showing that she’s hurt.

She Feels Deeply

emotional traits of leo moon females

Just like the water signs, Leo, despite their sometimes OTT exterior personalities, can wound deeply. 

Like the folktale about the lion that had a thorn in its paw, she probably won’t show her pain. Instead, she’ll probably be inclined to withdraw, thus keeping her pride in tact. She’ll lick her wounds and won’t come out again until she’s feeling much better. 

Bonus tip: If you help her to overcome a painful or difficult life event, she will never forget it and you’ll probably have a friend in her for life — just like Androcles in the folktale.

She Will Never Settle 

Settling for someone just isn’t for her. She’ll either be madly in love with her beau or she just won’t take a connection further than a handful of dates. It’s essentially all or nothing. 

If she truly likes someone, she’ll do her utmost to move that relationship forward and make it an awesome, lasting and harmonious one. 

If you’re still building your career and you’re not confident in who you are, what you want, and you’re not yet living your best, most exciting life, she might not fall for you. She just loves people who are doing exceptionally well and living their best lives. She views such people as more exciting and intriguing.

She Has the Most Amazing Locks

big stunning hair for the lunar lioness

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Although physical appearance is usually down to the rising sign, I’ve noticed that a LOT of Leo moon people have the most amazing hair. It’s literally memorable. 

Leo represents the lion of course, as mentioned above, and that means these people are often bestowed with manes that are gloriously thick and wild.

She’s Completely Authentic About Her Emotions

Leo is a frank and up front energy. If she’s genuinely happy about something or someone, she won’t hesitate to say it. Likewise, if she’s unhappy about anything, you’ll know it. 

The upside of this is that you’ll always know where you stand with her. She’ll never be fake and tell you she loves a gift, situation or person when she doesn’t.

She Always Looks on the Bright Side

happy smiling woman

She’s probably a glass half full kinda lady. Leo is a very optimistic, positive sign and it’s likely that she’ll usually look on the bright side of nearly everything. 

Having her moon in Leo will make her overall emotional nature upbeat and that will help her to get through some really hard times and see the best in difficult people and situations. 

That isn’t to say that when she’s offended by something she’ll take it lightly, however. She can also be pretty dramatic and prideful and won’t forgive easily if she’s feeling very hurt.

Compliments are Truly Appreciated By Her

Paying a lunar Leo woman a compliment is like stroking the mane of a lioness, and she’ll often react with the same appreciation and enthusiasm as a pampered lioness. She adores compliments and she’ll adore you for paying them to her.  

Careful, however. She’s not stupid. If your compliments are insincere, she’ll be able to see straight through them and she’ll be very offended. She doesn’t like to be played for a fool. Only pay her a compliment them if you know that it’s completely genuine. She’ll like you much more.

She Loves Wealth, Beauty, Pleasure and Opulence

luxury lifestyle for affluent women

Because as you probably already know, Leo is also known as the sign of glamour, riches and royalty.

So you really shouldn’t expect anything less.

She also likes to be seen as someone who is wealthy and successful. Nothing less will do. As someone with their sun sign in Leo, I can totally relate! People with significant Leo placements do seem to be drawn to shiny things and we really enjoy feeling like we’re abundant at all times. 

She’s Fun, Fiery (and Crazy at Times)

Remember that the moon sign represents emotional nature. When the moon is in any fire sign, no matter what sign that might be, whether it’s Leo, Sagittarius, or Aries, the person will undoubtedly have a fiery inner nature. 

Couple the element of fire with Leo’s unwavering desire to be adored, a deep sense of pride, and an ongoing need for fun, you’re looking a mixture that is absolutely wonderful when everything is going well and possibly a little explosive when everything seems to be going wrong.

Luckily, however, her optimistic nature, loving and dedicated friends can quickly help to pull her out of almost any difficult times.

Girl, you just stand out…

lunar leonine characteristics and traits

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You might bite someone’s hand clean off if they upset you but hell, your big heart, your expressive and fascinating nature, your big hair and irresistible sweetness make your unique self pop straight out of the crowd.

You’re the cute, fun and spicy lioness of the zodiac. You’re a keeper, you’re thoroughly lovable, and people just adore being around you.

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