pisces moon woman

The Pisces Moon Woman

August 30, 2020

The Pisces moon woman is very connected to the ethereal realms, even if she isn’t consciously aware of it. 

Her Soul is magical, she loves with all her heart, she cares for people and the planet has a very accepting and open mind. She is instinctually drawn to beautiful, delicate, and harmonious people, things, professions, and locations.

A little about moon signs

12th house astrology

Unless someone’s moon sign is in a fire star sign — that is, Aries, Leo, or Sagittarius, you don’t often see the traits of someone’s moon sign until you really get to know them. 

You’ll probably have to spend quite some time, maybe even years, getting to know someone to see their lunar sign as it’s the hidden side of us. It’s who we are deep down and it represents our instinctual nature. 

Astrologers also believe that it represents the Mother energy of the individual. So perhaps the Mother, or primary caregiver of a moon in Pisces woman, is a great writer, very artistic, or musical, compassionate and perhaps a bit of a dreamer and a little idealistic. 

  • Ruling planet: Neptune — the planet of dreams, illusions, psychology, psychic abilities.
  • Ruling astrological House: 12th House — associated with the subconscious, dreams, fantasy, other worlds, and dimensions.

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Occasional escapism is absolutely necessary 

You need to escapism to escape Earth and all of its mixed energies now and again. 

However you choose to escape — whether it’s through reading, painting, dancing, singing, or playing a musical instrument, you feel as though you must, otherwise, you can become overwhelmed and some lunar Piscean women who are particularly sensitive can just shut down. 

You’re probably at your happiest when you’re immersed in your artwork, a great book, listening to music, at an art exhibition, in the forest, tending to your pets (especially fish), or at a giant aquarium — essentially, wherever there is peace, gentleness, harmony and an ethereal or surreal atmosphere. 

Your intuition is outstandingly strong

Lunar Pisces female traits and eyes

And unwavering. You’ve been gifted with excellent intuition from birth, and you’ll have it until the day you leave this plane of existence. For some people, their intuition can fluctuate for all kinds of reasons, but yours is always on. However hard you might wish it could be toned down or completely turned off at times, it will always be on because it’s a fundamental part of who you are.

And that is such a wonderful gift because it can help you with things like picking good friends and deciphering good paths to follow in life. It can also help you to see why people react the way they do to certain situations or events in life. If a friend gets triggered by something someone says, a lot of the time, you’ll be able to see the emotional root cause of his or her reaction that they may not even be consciously aware of themselves!

For example, if a friend only wants to date millionaires, on the surface, that might seem shallow to some people but you intuitively pick up that she feels this way because she had a very unstable home life with a father who would consistently make poor financial choices. It left her feeling helpless, impoverished, and fearful of the world around her — and you can see that. 

At times, your intuition is so strong that you wonder why others can’t seem to see or feel the same things. The true intentions and motives of others are easily identified by you and you might get frustrated when others can’t gauge them. 

You may also be drawn to the occult or subcultures that have occult interests. Perhaps you were a Goth or Emo as a kid, or maybe you are right now! You’re intuitively drawn to the unknown and the ethereal so this could be the case, but of course, not all women with this lunar star sign will have a strong interest in occult practices.

You’re deeply empathic 

And that isn’t just because Pisces is a water sign. Not at all. 

All the water signs (so that’s also Scorpio and Cancer) are intuitive and empathic but lunar Pisceans are the most likely to be the purest. They tend to be the sweetest and most understanding. 

You’re able to place yourself in the shoes of others easier than any other sign. Even if you feel negative emotions such as jealousy, you’re stills to some degree, able to see things from their perspective and you’ll sill feel pulled to console them.

Movies, artwork, poetry, and music can really move you. While musical performances or watching movies, you feel the emotions the actors, singers and dancers are projecting intensely and you can easily sympathize and empathize with them.

Heartfelt advice and sympathy are your thing and if it isn’t, you probably know that deep down, you’re totally capable of it if you wanted to be.

Privacy and time alone are both crucial

12th house emotions and characteristics

Some might say that you’re a bit secretive or a loner but they might just not understand how sensitive you are and how you really need time alone to process your emotions, unwind, and recharge your batteries, among other things. 

And sometimes you don’t even know why you’re feeling the way you’re feeling and it can take you a while to feel better and understand what you’re feeling and why you’re feeling whatever you’re feeling.

You also know that keeping personal things about yourself is important because they can be used against you at a later time but untrustworthy people and that would be very hurtful to you. 

It can take you years to feel like you can really trust someone, open up and share your inner world, personal life and feelings with them. While that’s a great way to protect yourself, it can have its drawbacks if you’re seen as very secretive.

If go to extreme lengths to keep any of your personal feelings or information private, however, and you’re very distrustful of others, you may stand to lose out on wonderful new friendships, connections and romantic relationships and eventually even lose existing friendships and partners. 

You’re an effective, natural healer 

I always think that if you really want to heal deep emotional wounds, therapy and energy healing modalities such as EFT, should be right at the top of your list but sometimes, just chatting with a friend can really help. 

Sometimes all we need after a rough day is a friend to talk to and share our experiences with. The moon in Pisces woman will probably be your first port of call for comfort.

While being a loyal, caring and sympathetic friend is wonderful — and what we would all love to have, it’s important to avoid getting drained by other people’s problems and their energy. 

If they also aren’t able to reciprocate the help you give them, they may also be energy vampires or narcissists and should probably be avoided or contact should be reduced with them.

As an empathic person, you effortlessly attract wounded and broken people. While empathy is a wonderful gift, it can also be your greatest downfall if you allow others to suck your help, energy and time on a regular basis. 

Your empathic abilities can’t be turned off or changed, but you can find a balance between helping those you love and care about while having firm boundaries and declining conversations and interactions when you

You’re abundantly creative 

painting constellations

If you’ve been bestowed with this wonderful astrological placement, your creativity probably knows no bounds.

Some of the most beautiful and oftentimes, careful and delicate artwork, writing, and music comes from lunar Pisceans. Your work usually comes from the heart. At times you may be inspired to create beautiful works of art or music to express emotional wounds such as a breakup or emotional events such as the birth of your child.

Whatever creative modality you might work in, whether it’s painting, dancing or singing, it will very likely be executed with emotion and other people will be able to feel the emotion radiate off the canvas or in your performance. 

Whatever work you might produce, the main aim of producing it is very likely to be escapism. You might feel as though you keep on trying to recreate a dimension or ethereal place that you somehow recall or desire to exist in, but that also simply doesn’t exist here on Earth and never will (in your lifetime, at least).  

If you believe in reincarnation, you may have spent previous lifetimes in the ethereal dimensions or perhaps as a fairy here on Earth. I’m aware how far out that sounds it’s just that I think a lot of Pisces moon woman can relate to that.

If you’d like to take a creative hobby such as painting, further, and make money from it (if you don’t already have a successful creative business, that is, of course — many of you will!), you should totally give it a shot! 

With the advent of the Internet and websites like Etsy, it’s now possible to actually make a career out of selling creative items such as graphic prints, jewellery, coasters, cushions — and all sorts! If you truly desire to work in a creative field, try going for it! Consider opening an online store on Etsy selling whatever it is you enjoy creating and see how it goes. 

Sensitivity is your strength 

You’ve very likely heard that the meek will inherit the Earth?

It’s usually the people who are more chilled out, relaxed and accepting of others who get the furthest in life and retain good relationships with others. 

People who are more reactionary and aggressive than the typical lunar Piscean woman may burn more bridges and reek more havoc in their lives. 

People with very strong placements in signs such as Leo, Aries and Scorpio can burnt a hell of a lot of bridges and react aggressively to situations and comments they don’t like. You don’t do that. You’re softer, more understanding and compassionate than that. You want to keep good relations with others because you want to believe the world is a good and safe place and that people are fundamentally good.

The main drawback about being a highly sensitive person, however, is that some Piscean moons can be so sensitive that they can appear aloof, cool, and disconnected. Society can sometime compound the pain a lot of sensitive lunar Piscean women feel because that kind of demeanour isn’t easily accepted by society. 

This is usually because they feel they must protect themselves from other people, especially strangers and those who they don’t fully trust or know to be genuinely cold and unempathetic. 

They can tolerate such people to some degree, for example, for brief moments in the in the work place, but they’re very unlikely to ever allow them into their personal lives in a significant way. 

Women are usually expected to be warm, open and nurturing. If you find that putting on a cool exterior is bothering other people, there’s a simple solution; leave them to it and let them think whatever they want to think. It’s important that you always do what’s right for you. 

As humanity continues to awaken by growing spiritually and emotionally, more and more people will be born with sensitivity and more compassion for humanity and we’ll see, as a species, that it’s a great thing, and not something to chuckle at or dismiss as a negative trait. 

Kind, understanding and emotionally mature people truly keep us all afloat here in the physical world. Without people like you, and other sensitive, good natured, open minded people, our species would be in big trouble. 

Kindness and compassion comes naturally

astrology of sensitive women

Your heart always goes out to those who are facing adverse situations and your advice and guidance always comes from a good place. 

You can see their pain, effortlessly place yourself in their shoes and you feel compelled to make them feel better. You might not even like them all that much but you’ll still feel the need to help them out! Your innate desire to help is just that strong.

Fundamentally, you get on well with others 

It doesn’t really matter who they are, you can see things from their perspective, you don’t fight people on their opinions and you allow others to just be themselves and express their thoughts. 

This is essentially because you can see the good in everyone. Even if someone isn’t good, you’ll be able to see it, but you’ll also see the pain the hurt and the wounds and understand that their poor behavior probably stems from their emotional traumas. 

You’re a dreamy dreamer

natal chart reading

You love to daydream and think beautiful thoughts, often about other realms of existence, perhaps of fairer or of harmonious places where everyone gets along and there are lots of beautiful animals and children happily bouncing around. 

You might sometimes wish that you wake up one day or somehow be transported to such places, perhaps for good. 

Romance can at times also play big roles in your dreamy picture of life. You might often daydream or hold thoughts in your mind of beautiful, idealistic scenarios with someone you’re dating or would like to date or an ideal partner that you have mentally constructed. 

Many of us do this to some degree, but your visions may be very frequent, filled with intricate details and coupled with deep emotions of all kinds. 

Romance with a genuinely good, gentle, supportive, and loving partner is extremely important to you, and being a dreamer, you can often manifest great partners via the Law of Attraction

Believing in something bigger than yourself, like an afterlife, the good nature of the majority of humanity, or religion, is also very important to you. 

At the back of your mind, if you feel like you categorically believe that there’s an afterlife, or that we never die and keep on incarnating, for example, that can really help to keep you going and feeling motivated in life.

Negative thoughts 

As a sensitive person, you might sometimes experience some thoughts which aren’t for your highest good. Thoughts such as “why is the world such an aggressive, unpleasant place” and “why do I get hurt so often?”. 

You might dislike being so darn sensitive at times and wish that you could feel less deeply about everything. 

Know that your sensitivity, creativity, and dreamy personality is a wonderful gift. If only we had more people in the world like you! It would be a much gentler place. 

You’re also probably an empath and empaths are very sensitive to, well, almost everything. There are many different types of empaths but overall, it’s said that empathetic people are sensitive to the energy of others and even locations. 

They can absorb emotions and feel them as their very own. That’s why you might feel extra confused,  upset, or just unsettled at times. And remember that you can pick up any negative feelings, even jealousy! 

As someone with influential Piscean energy, you must take regular, quality time out (if possible) to take care of yourself and ground yourself to prevent you from becoming overwhelmed, withdrawing from society, or losing too much of your time on this fine planet to escapism.

You forge deep and meaningful connections

natal chart reading

Unlike someone with a lot of fire or air in their astrological chart, who may come across as being perhaps a little fickle at times, you’re a steadfast friend who pays attention and is always there for those who you love.

When you find good friends, you know — ones that don’t drain you and actually return the care and compassion you consistently offer them, you usually retain those friends for life. 

They might even feel more like family than friends because of the genuine and deep care and understanding between you. You connect on a level that most people may never even glimpse because you have the mental and emotional tools needed to forge deep and meaningful relationships. 

You likely get on well with others in general because you just want peace in your life and you’ll always strive to achieve and maintain peace, no matter what. You need to believe that the world is a fundamentally good, calm, and positive place. 

Anything that may disrupt or tarnish that illusion may be regarded as a threat and will need to be removed from your life to keep up your idealistic outlook on life. 

If you have this astrological placement, please comment below and let me know what you think!

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