sagittarius moon woman

The Sagittarius Moon Woman

August 15, 2020

Have you ever wished to know someone who is exceptionally exciting, overwhelmingly optimistic, interesting, philosophical and super fun? Yeah, I’m sure you have.

The Sagittarius moon woman is all of these things and way more — all rolled into one! 

No matter what her sun sign is, her instinctual nature is influenced by and her emotions are processed through the lens of the sign of Sagittarius and in summary, that is: 

  • Fiery
  • Independent 
  • Incredibly direct and honest, sometimes blunt 
  • Intelligent 
  • Hedonistic 
  • Passionate
  • Creative
  • Strong willed
  • Impulsive
  • Expansive

Of course, bear in mind that the more spiritually evolved someone the moon in Sagittarius woman is, the more she will express the more positive characteristics of this sign (and every other sign in her astrological birth chart).

Let’s dive in… 

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She tends to look on the bright side 

Of pretty much anything. 

Heartache doesn’t tend to stick around for too long. Difficult situations at work don’t usually bog her down too much. Any issues with friendships can be ironed out and if not, maybe it’s time to simply say goodbye to them. And that’s OK because she feels fine about letting go of connections that are no longer serving her.

Even physical illnesses sometimes don’t get her down. She could have the ‘flu or even a chronic sickness and have a philosophical take on it and get on amazingly well with life, oftentimes as if she isn’t sick at all. 

The proverbial glass is always half full and she’s almost always ready for a new adventure, a party, or a new life experience. She loves to learn and make the most out of pretty much any tricky or outright challenging situation. 

Her freedom is sacred to her

Almost more than anything else in her life, she deeply values her freedom and independence. She doesn’t ever want to have to rely on someone else, especially a partner who she isn’t really into, to provide for her. 

That might be her worst nightmare. 

Being trapped and suffocated in any unsatisfactory situation, whether it’s home life or in a job or degree she’s grown tired and bored of, is just not acceptable to her. 

She’s exceptionally spiritual 

Many of us are spiritual. You’re on this website, and I write a lot about New Age topics such as the Law of Attraction and angel numbers, however, the Sagittarius moon woman might be extremely engaged in her spiritual beliefs, no matter what they are or what religion she may be. 

Now, I know what you’re thinking. Yes — there are plenty of lunar Sagittarius women out there who are Atheists, sure! But if she is an Atheist, she might be very into Atheism and possibly read about it and belong to groups on and offline who discuss it. 

That absolutely isn’t to say that she’s so far into her beliefs that she ignores and invalidates the beliefs. She’s very open minded and loves a good debate. She has friends who are of all religions. 

She claps back with intensity  

If you’re in a disagreement or you criticize her, she won’t hesitate to clap back. Her mood can go from super chilled, upbeat, light and bubbly to stern, hard and cold in an instant if she’s really angry. 

This fire sign can seem happy go lucky and carefree on the outside but she’s also hella sharp, opinionated, and always perfectly ready to give any opponent, including any friend, a good verbal thrashing. 

If you really get under her skin and accuse her of something by saying something that’s completely untrue about her, for example, you might just find yourself in a verbal showdown like no other. 

She’ll always win an argument, she’s never afraid of a fight, and she’ll enjoy flexing her mental muscle and discussion skills.

As she sees it, life is to be lived

She’s endlessly optimistic and fascinated by the world around her. She’s thirsty to see and do as much as possible before shifting off this planet. She’s aware that life is short and its there to be lived. 

She’s cultured

These women tend to be very educated, intellectual, philosophical and interested in constantly furthering their general knowledge. 

She’s totally uninterested in only ever experiencing her own culture and language. That just won’t do for her. She loves to experience the ways of other cultures; their music, food and way of life. She’s never afraid of mingling with the locals and blending in with them just to sample what it’s like to be them for a brief while. 

Maybe she’s bilingual or even trilingual. Languages could have been her forte in school.

She might also love visiting the latest art exhibitions, museums with beautiful dated artefacts, and all kind of galleries often. 

The power of persuasion is hers

Men and women with this jovial astrological placement are wonderful persuaders. They’re bubbly, charming, talkative, expressive and they know their stuff. What’s not to like? They effortlessly use their natural charisma and intellect to persuade others to see things from their perspective and encourage them to take a certain direction.

They usually get their way. And it’s nothing sinister — a lot of the time, their viewpoints are well thought out and benefit everyone involved. They have excellent common sense.

Deep down, she’s truly happy go lucky

Yes she is genuinely happy go lucky, carefree, smart open minded and the quintessential cool chick I her heart BUT she’s also easily irritated, heavy handed, and flighty, a little like Gemini can be. 

People can learn a lot from her

The older she gets, the more general knowledge and wisdom she accumulates and the more life experiences she accumulates. Yes, everyone does that, but she’s particularly perceptive and retains and recalls information with great clarity and relays her stories in exciting ways. 

You might find yourself sitting by a camp fire or at her feet as a grandchild listening to her adventures of escaping a war zone or cooking in the desert. 

She learns and collects awesome life experiences quickly, too. By the time she’s just 30, she’ll have a plethora of riveting stories to share about her travels and people she’s met over the years.

She’s good natured

Jealously is boring. It just isn’t her thing. She’s all about living her life and having fun. She’s genuinely happy for those who have 

Luck is on her side and everything is usually pretty rosy. 

That kind of thinking can sometimes put her in tricky or even dangerous positions or produce negative outcomes but heck, the way she sees it, at least she isn’t sitting at home doing nothing! 

She needs to be crazy about you to be with you 

If she isn’t, she just won’t waste her time. And she’ll hop straight into some other fascinating life experience. She isn’t worried about ending up alone like a lot of people are. She doesn’t feel a need to settle down like everyone else. She might really like to settle down, but it isn’t something she’s desperate for. 

Or if she is, the degree to which she worries about such matters won’t be crippling or intense like they would be with someone with a lot of water (Scorpio, Cancer, Pisces) in their natal chart. 

Yup — she might even be excited at the prospect of experiencing a new relationship as it’ll add to her collection of life experiences.

If she’s with you and your relationship has been confirmed and you’re even married or thinking about marriage, she’ll be with you because she’s genuinely super into you. This moon placement doesn’t do things by half. 

Just watch out for the signs of boredom. She’s fun loving and you’ll need to come up with some fun things to try out outside the home and in the bedroom if you want to keep her!

If your daily routine is repetitive and consists of waking up, going to work, coming home, eating and sleeping and doing nothing else 5-6 days a week every week, ya’ll probably won’t be very compatible in the long run. 

We all have to work and keep a roof over our heads but she needs varied and interesting experiences on a pretty regular basis to stay interested. She desires someone who she can have fun experiences with, travel with, and grow spiritually and intellectually with.

She makes stuff happen

Too many people just think about doing things in life that might be perceived by most as risky or impossible. She won’t be phased by any of that. She’ll just dive straight into an adventure. Maybe she’s looking online for a vacation and sees a few photos of a remote island. It looks beautiful and she just decides to go then and there.

She’s devoted to her causes

She might seem a bit too fiery and crazy at times but deep down, she feels deeply that people should be cared for. She’ll likely have a cause that she helps or 

The cause could also be her business. She might be a doctor and go the extra mile to make sure her patients are cared for or perhaps she’s a musician who plays for free at charitable events. She’ll feel strongly for her cause, too.

She’s generous and she makes good money. People are drawn to her and are generous with her in return. 

She’s determined 

It might be hard for her to focus on just one thing in life, like a specific career, but once she finds that one career or partner or cause that truly fires her up, she’ll put her all into it and focus on it completely. 

She can jump into big, ambitious projects with a super positive mindset. She can easily visualize her success and having lots of fun in life and that gets the Law of Attraction rolling to create whatever she desires in her life.

Due to being super positive and upbeat most of the time, things just seem to magically pan out a lot of the time for her, too. Coupled with her ambition and determination to succeed in as many facets of her life as possible, she’s unstoppable. 

She’s mastered the art of trolling

Yep, you read that right. She’s tells it like it is like a pro and some people might mistake that for trolling — but it really isn’t

The thing is, she can see straight to the core of situations and she can also see the true intentions of people. That new logo at work that the company paid big bucks for? It looks bad and it was a waste of money and she won’t hesitate one moment to let everyone know. That can sometimes come across as intimidating, aggressive and arrogant.

Those new shoes you got that were on sale but don’t fit you well? She’ll ask you why heck you bought them because they look cheap.

She’s incredibly direct and doesn’t really care at all what anyone thinks. She knows what she’s saying is the truth and a lot of the time, her blunt comments are designed to help others. So what’s the problem?

If she sees something that’s clearly true and it annoys her, she’ll just have to get it off her chest. She won’t be able to hold it in. She can also do it to cause a little ruckus if she’s bored though, so keep a look out for that. 

She’s really, really fiery 

Her fiery temperament can make things happen incredibly quickly. She can set her mind on something that most people would consider tremendously ambitious and actually get it done while others would have just given up half way through. 

On the flip side, fiery can also mean that she can be impatient and demanding at times. It can also be a bit self focused, despite being worldly, philosophical and caring. 

Because she also tends to have a lot of physical energy, earthy zodiac signs can sometimes feel slow in comparison and that can irritate her. 

Being a nomad makes her happy

Or even just fantasizing about being a nomad. 

She might frequently day dream about buying a van, gutting the back and installing an awesome little living space in the back of it while she’s photocopying at work or sitting in a boring meeting. 

Most of us today can’t do van life, can’t afford an RV, tiny home, or even camp out much so all she might ever do is day dream about living in the great outdoors, forever roaming around and seeing the world close up.

Her relationship with her mother

The moon sign also provides a rough idea of what the mother may have been like and what the connection between mother and child may have been like.

In this sign, it may be sadly somewhat detached. The mother may be exceptionally independent and strong willed and the bond between mother and daughter may never have had a chance to grow very strong. 

Girl, you’re the best intellectual nomad around

You’re direct, sharp, funny, chilled and fiery at the same time. No one can predict what you’re going to do next and you’re loved for that.

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